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And they know it's all bull, or else they wouldn't go "but.. but what about the black transwomen from third world countries?" As if they give a f*ck. It absolutely infuriates me when they go using my country (Brazil) to show how much in danger they are (yes.. tots in danger an american straight white male probably upper class, so oppressed). These transwomen here are victims of homophobia, (I think the government even counts it as homophobic/LGBT hate crime) and many of them are involved with prostitution or drugs, increasing the risks of violence.

Now, the high numbers we might have here are nowhere close to the numbers of women that die everyday. You don't even need to dig, we have crime tv shows that give that info every day. One of these shows even had this thing where they would write the name of all the women that died that week, they stopped doing it after a while, it was basically just to show how many women die everyday victims of femicide and criticize the fact that their aggressors didnt stay in jail. Most are victims of domestic violence; some were killed by their neighbors, school or work friends, and even by complete strangers. Why they were killed? Simply for being women.

If TWAW then why not talk about the women being murdered in their own homes too? Suddenly there's a distinction that disappears when transwomen commit crimes and get arrested?

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These transwomen here are victims of homophobia

As always have been. In conservative countries trans people are hated for the implications, not their lifestyles.

In the same way of gay men, trans women are seen as a threat for male straightness.

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Fuck Elizabeth Warren and all the female candidates that are being trans handmaidens.

Where are all the women who care about women?

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Being silenced, threatened with rape and murder, doxed, deplatformed and fired from their jobs.

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Eighteen Black Trans Women killed in 2019...? That's equal to a rough weekend in Chicago.

America needs to get our priorities straight.

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Even in Brazil where they have the highest deaths in the world, it still pales in comparison to the amount of women who are murdered there. Women are murdered at considerably higher rates than trans people everywhere in the world, yet, no one cares about the women murdered at the hands of men. This only includes murder, it doesn't include other forms of violence that women endure at the hands of men, such as rape, sexual assault, being trafficked, domestic violence, violence in the sex industry etc. Women are the most oppressed group, not trans and they disregard our oppression through treating us like a costume and pretending male violence towards us doesn't exist.

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Bhut why should women be considered at all- they're just adjuncts to men. (/s but reading around social media: BM shoots WW = Black shoots white.
White male cop causes BW death = ACAB - no further mention of the woman.)

Elizabeth Warren, then and now, can go suck off her "girliest of friends". IMO

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Let's hope they're relieved to know this information!

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Could you provide the link to this data. It is useful to have, because when you deny that talking point, I am almost 100% sure I will be asked to cite it.

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All the sources are named in here.

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Thank you!!!

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The latest nonsense argument I've seen is we don't know how many trans people are being killed because they are forced to stay in the closet, because transphobia.

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then why would they be killed because of transphobia, if no one knows about it? 🧐

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Black & white thinking, all or nothing, is a tendency for almost everyone on Earth (I’d love to meet someone who is able to avoid it!) and it’s responsible for a lot of the behavior we see. TIMs & TIFs really...need to be center stage when it comes to ‘social justice,’ or discussion of current events. They’re always reminding the public of how marginalized trans people are, & how many trans women have been killed; as long as the public sees them as the most vulnerable, any scandal or scrutiny will be water off a duck’s back. The repetition of these same statements is to keep people convinced just enough that they truly are in danger & need help, & that’s why they got your favorite professor pulled from a conference on etymology...because they’re suffering. Side-note—this is really cynical of me, but: isn’t everyone suffering? Isn’t everyone in pain? /Nietzsche. Doesn’t everyone kinda sorta wish they had more hope for the future than they have right now? I used to think suffering was glamorized as an ideal state for social purposes; it seems sexual, financial, political gain are also part of the glamorization for TIMs. It’s not the “suffering” that is glamorous but what it gives them. Their dedication to being the sole, suffering minority could support a hypothetical desire for financial, political, & social gain—no one to share with. They’re nobody’s. Who are they to cast these sad spells? How did they come in & take something so important & precious?—because they’re men? because they already had wealth & power? because maybe some very powerful yet disturbed men want the world to be this way, & they are the ones who pull the strings in the background? TRAs have taken a lot of language & pissed on it, language that is important, that needs to mean what it means, so that we can say things when we open our mouths to speak! Of course they’ve taken language. They take words that carry weight & they use their power to change them; I can feel our fight against them with the word “woman” sometimes, like two fists connected only by the knucklebone & first three fingers. They’ve warped what it means to have PTSD & trauma...this is a red hot resentment for me. I hate how they’ve cheapened & trivialized prostitution & womanhood & the experience of being female. They never use gender & sex correctly, nor any relevant terms; the invention of new identities per every thought or feeling to emerge in someone’s head, as well as the expectation that everyone everywhere know of these abstract concepts & honor them. They’ve utilized language to a mind-numbing degree as a form of control. I don’t understand how other people who haven’t spent that much time with TRAs don’t see this. At best I feel crazy, at worst I feel like I’m on the Truman Show & even the TRAs who are “in denial” are actually aware and know that this is all a lie but they can’t renege on their deal for some reason. I digress.

TRAs see themselves as victims & anyone else who is not them is a possible aggressor; they can’t detect or tolerate nuance because if they were made aware of nuance, they would have to confront uncomfortable thoughts or feelings, & the brain works overtime to avoid pain. To avoid pain they have to lie. Lying is easy and feels good. In the beginning they spread their lie everywhere yet due to the niche nature of their ideology (cult)—mental illness—the curious ones weren’t doing their digging, & the public was only marginally enamored with the idea of TIMs as marginalized. While the public looked to the right, TRAs pocketed whatever common sense they had left, which wasn’t a whole lot. I remember thinking “how did a nation fall in love with this story so fast?” I couldn’t understand how TRAs were able to get everyone on board: politicians, press, academics, experts, scientists, lesbians, yes, I still feel hurt & betrayed by women I’ve known & loved & kissed & fucked & told my secrets to, who I feel so distant from now, women who had a belly big with fire & knew how to use it—to protect women, to fight for women, to liberate women. Now for men. And like I can guess why they do it—to avoid pain: if they confronted the truth & owned up to it, what else would they have to answer to? What would they have to take accountability for? Who would demand accountability from them except for us?—It’s difficult to say how social media & the press would adapt, only that they will adapt to whatever sells.

For some TRAs I’m sure avoidance of accountability is as good a reason as any to continue to propagate the idea that sex isn’t real (& if it were real (which it isn’t) it wouldn’t matter), women are the archetypal villain of this year’s Disney movie, & trans women LITERALLY are women, hunty. (/s) For everyone else though I truly believe a decent portion of the group knows they have a castle made of sand. They know TIMs aren’t dying at epidemic rates compared to the rest of the world but who cares? The reason why the death of these TIM prostitutes is so urgent is because it’s a validation tool, for the self & the other. The more it circulates that it’s dangerous to be trans, the more a trans individual can justify their victimhood, to themselves & possibly to other people who they are likely mistreating in some way. Every story—every lie, even though it’s a lie—being regurgitated en masse by media without any fact-checking is so fucking typical, yet it doesn’t lessen my fear. And now that grain by grain, lie by lie, they have this castle, I can see that just like a narcissist, the stories & the lies are not their focus in manipulating their victim. It’s community, us vs. them, you’re in or you’re out. Through camaraderie they established trust with other vulnerable, marginalized groups; this got them a lot of support. Aka $$$. TIMs know they’re not oppressed as men & that they’re opting into oppression by pretending to be women. Opting into this oppression, claiming it, & doing so with the empathy/support of other marginalized groups, lent TRAs credibility. That was smart of them to do. I don’t know if some of these men knew at the beginning that it wasn’t trans rights they were seeking, but a paycheck to fund, & laws to excuse, their obsessive-compulsive fetish & addiction. I’m sure some had that in mind.

What I find the most alarming is how TRAs were able to capitalize on the empathy &/or compassion others had for them. They used the nature of the community they had built, its function to connect, as a tool to create shame in others. We’ve seen this in history so many times. They didn’t invent it. But over the course of a few years, through a lot of banning, doxxing, harassing, firing, tweets, messages, late night phone calls, & nonstop texts, TRAs had built a community that had such stringent consequences for loyalty that it could hardly be considered an ideology or a human rights group. To use someone’s compassion for you as a tool to manipulate, use, & then discard when expectations are not met, is disgusting. All of this to fucking say: There’s no fucking way these men give a shit about other men dying on the street. They only care about themselves. They must. The only way any of this makes sense to me is if the majority of TRAs (so, TIMs. the men.) exhibit moderate to severe narcissistic tendencies or have APD/NPD. Some researchers believe narcissists can feel love, but choose to withhold it; others believe they feel nothing. From my experience I believe in the latter. Has anyone else (unfortunately) had extensive experience with a narcissist?

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This is study on personality disorders among trans people. Narcissism is way over represented in TIMs

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I know someone who had to work with a narcissist. The stories were gruesome, and later I spotted some similarities in a few fervent online trans activists, but of course also in the US president.

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Are you referring to a specific incident with the etymology professor? I'd love to read about it

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here's the tweet from the OP, the thread is a good read.

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Elizabeth said all the "right" things and still couldn't get far enough into the primaries (tbh I thought most of her policies were spot on and was heart broken when she dropped out). I don't give a shit that Biden is "committed" to picking a woman VP, I'm tired of scraps.

But I digress. I hate that using statistics like this will only work people up into a frothy lather before screaming YOU ARE COMMITTING VIOLENCE AGAINST TRANSWOMEN RIGHT NOW, BIGOT! I fucking hate that being "right" is predicated on having the loudest voice instead of actually being factual.

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It's amazing how fast TRAs disappear from my mentions on Twitter, when I ask for numbers. They can spend hours trying to convince me with emotional arguments, but the moment as ask for official data and statistics, they go poof! It's like an incantation against evil spirits.

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This right here is proof they aren’t women: they are still getting male privilege by being mentioned above/more than black natal women.