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They think that not letting them into places erases them, so it makes sense that they'd think not letting us into places should erase us.

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This is an important thing to realize. They are not actually happy that the spaces disappeared because all that happened was that many women left reddit to a space where they cannot be included it. We exposed the fact that we still do not accept them as women, and they are still left out.

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Lurkers: You banning us from online spaces makes occasional or accidental TERFS turn into TURBO-TERFS. Honestly, I didn't think much of anything negative about trans people at all until June 29, 2020. I have a profoundly different opinion now.

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The whining that pussy hats were transphobic made me sit up, take notice, and stop supporting trans causes. The behaviour toward Vancouver Rape Relief got me back to the range for the first time in years. The TWAW mantra and language-policing kicked off my donations of serious money, time, and lobbying efforts against trans causes. I shared the bats and axes photos and all the death threats on twitter with my friends and the guy I was dating and moved them over to my side. Trans activists really are their own worst enemies.

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A movement driven by self-deception and narcissism will inevitably derail itself.

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My fear is that big corporate and men as a group will promote them because they embody and support "porn culture". These types of activists want there to be no boundaries to porn, sexual kinks, pedophilia, etc., which is appealing to a great deal of men as well as corporate entities that are sure to profit.

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I was so in disbelief over that. My mother and I went to the marches wearing those. My conservative father is the one who informed us that some people were offended by "the pink hats". My mom spat back at him, "they aren't literal pussies!" appalled that some Christian moralizers might be thinking we were wearing literal vagina hats. I did see a couple of literal vagina hats though, ha ha. Anyway, my father said that some people were saying not all women have vaginas or uteruses and that's what the big deal was. We just ignored him. Get off Infowars Papa. We'd been to the marches and there were lots of pink hats and signs with uteruses on them. Clearly no one was actually offended.

I still just can't fucking believe it. It made such a great image, to see a sea of pink on the news! It was so fun seeing other pussy hats of all ages at local businesses after the marches. Yeah sister! It was so fun wearing those hats. Super cute! Now you never see them, good job you soulless fucking ghouls.

This was only four years ago too. So many gals were wearing them, not once thinking it might be "exclusive." Some of those women must now be on the TRA side of things. What did they do with their hats, burn 'em? Idiots.

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At least where I am, the march coordinators emailed us and told us not to wear them to subsequent marches, TWAW, and if you disagree don't come. Then they asked why attendance had plummeted.

One of the march groups also got embezzeled by a TIM who they had let into their leadership. I couldn't believe they would fracture the movement so easily to appease men and I will never forgive them. I'll never fully trust women again to support our own interests in the face of pressure from men, and I don't call myself a feminist anymore (haven't for years but that sealed it.)

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That's the one. It was even more infuriating to see him referred to as a woman, which portrays the movement as totally incompetent to casual viewers.

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It made my stomach turn to read that. That is truly a stab in the back.

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Tbh I wanted to donate money to trans charities but I'm not so sure now

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Hell no. They have plenty of rich tech dude bros and corporations on their side. I'm sure they can provide the dough for their charities.

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I was thinking exactly this yesterday. The more they try to shut down women who disagree with them, trying to get them sacked or defriended or whatever, the more they create angry women with nothing to lose.

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Exactly. A great deal of us have very little to lose.

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Me too. I now actually hate their entire community.

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Hard to have sympathy for people who shout abuse at you when you simply bring up the concerns of women.

I had no problem with trans people until I saw what happened to women who spoke out about their concerns.

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Same here, even if I support trans rights and say that trans women are women, I still get called a terf, so, tbh, at this point... 98% of humanity is a terf according to them

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Anybody who ever questions a trans or ever "mis-genders" them, even by accident, is an automatic "TERF who needs to be punched!"

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Yeah, what's the point in supporting them now anyway ?

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This a million times! I am pretty far left and I have done so much to try to make the inconsistencies of trans ideology make sense. Preferred pronouns? Ok! 52 genders? Sure! I have no problem with people altering their own bodies. My true feelings were slowly simmering and I started lurking r/gendercritical just to get a dose of sanity. I feel like the left has gone crazy. So when I saw that r/gendercritical was banned it just sent me over the edge. I truly tried to see their perspective. Now I truly DGAF.

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I mean, it takes a lot for me to question my generally left-of-center opinions. This is beyond belief, and the fact so many left-wing organizations are putting transwomen on a pedestal is terrifying to me on so many levels. These activists represent porn/kink culture, normalizing prostitution, normalizing pedophilia, obliterating the concept of sexual consent-- all things that directly harm women and children. It's beyond comprehension that they can't SEE that.

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Same here.

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Same. I didn't really give a lot of thought to trans stuff but I've been gender critical ever since I really thought about this stuff (decades). I have trans friends, am generally pretty left leaning and tend to tolerate anyone who is different than me until they prove themselves harmful or threatening to me. Guess what the ban proved about TRAs? I am radicalized now, and every feeling I had about transitioning being a mass hysteria has been strongly confirmed.

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The christian church I was a part of as a kid that believed homosexuality was an abomination, the end of the world was coming soon, women shouldn't have any position of authority over a man, and that even things like a woman wearing pants, cutting their hair short, wearing excessive jewelry, etc were wrong seemed way less like a cult than the tq+ part of lgbtq+.

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I think the T part is super sinister, and there’s a huge overlap between how they see women and how the hard right traditionalists see women. It’s two sides of the same shit-coin, major upside to the left are abortion rights and birth control access.

I think there’s a group of gay men in particular who are right wing, particularly the wealthy ones. Not sure how much real risk gay people face if wealthy gay men are able to donate money to political campaigns and elections. I could be wrong about that, of course.

At this point, I can tell the left gives no shits about women if they seek out brownie points from the rich white male techie trans crowd and their misogynistic followers. Money is the bottom line. The trans agenda has a shit load of cash behind it, more than all the fundie US churches combined. Big tech loves trans women, as does big Pharma, medical, the beauty industry.

There will be people (not saying myself) who will veer right out of disgust for people who believe children should be allowed to independently butcher themselves/take hormones without parental consent— for example. If the right wing blasts those kinds of things in the T agenda, makes a point it’s happened in the UK, and that the US left supports it, many people who are centrist working class rural (etc) will react poorly to it.

Remember pizzagate? That story broke shortly before the 2016 election. This (or some scandal related to this) could be the kind of ticking info b0mb they could release right before the election.

Sorry I keep editing. I hate mobile.

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GC being banned actually made me more active. I started posting and commenting on Facebook pages and other places that I had only lurked on.

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Same I hadn't commented on gender critical in like 2 years because it was driving me insane hearing about men forcing there way into women's prison after reading a comment like "it's prison why should women's prison be any better than the men's" I had to take a long break but lurking kept me sane realizing I wasn't the only one seeing female erasure masked as inclusivity.

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I spent over a year lurking (and upvoting, just not commenting) on GC and several of the other cancelled subs on reddit, not posting because I didn't want to compromise my main account which was several years old and didn't want do deal with the stream of harassment in private messages. Now...screw it. And with reddit, etc.'s move--we're now spending more over the internet, it's gaining some attention (of course JKR is helping), and more and more people are peaking. Of course, with the amount of narcissism in the TRA community---it's not like narcissists are known for consequential thinking, empathy, or impulse control.....more and more are peaking.

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Made me sign up on twitter.

They think that their echo-chambers are what people IRL think. They are going to be so disappointed when the bubble bursts. Ü

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I was shocked when I realized on Twitter (which I hadn't been on before) how profound this problem is in the UK and surrounding countries. Holy crap, talk about dystopia.

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I've told people IRL about this crap. They're baffled and freaked out by it. I tell them to look up JKR and how she's being attacked. Peaking people left right and upside down.

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Yeah, we ain't going anywhere.

Sorry, kids, that no-platforming sophomoric bullshit doesn't actually silence brains. 😎

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Kinda gleeful that my post history is gone, troll opportunity. We should peak more people, stealth mode activated.

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I only joined reddit for the conversation lol im happy to move tables and carry on!

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Been seeing them complain that “terfs” are popping up in other subreddits like...what exactly did you expect? That people with dissenting opinions magically convert or disappear if you destroy their meeting spot? Even people who disagree with GC have been commenting a LOT on how banning the subreddit for us is both counter intuitive and uninclusive.

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Just had 3 very interesting convos with like minded girls on r/ActuallyLesbian.

Erasing GC spaces won't remove GC girls !

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I just moved over to Twitter instead.

Having a lot of laughs finding other GC people out in the world.

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Btw, in their gloating about the ban posts, there are always comments like "all the downvotes are from terfs lurking, they're too scared to comment so they downvote"

  1. I commented and I wasn't deleted/banned because I made sense in my comment
  2. I didn't bother downvoting anyone. Are they that narcissistic that they think their opinions are unchallengeable, and that regular redditors just downvote them because they're spitting nonsense ? Not everyone is fond of censorship.

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Still out here, angrier than ever.

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Yep. Homosexuality isn't a fucking disease or a "problematic" opinion that can just be gotten rid of by silencing people or with therapy, it's how you're born.

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The extremists want to erase us. They hate us and see us as "competition" for men--- they're the ultimate "pick-me" types who'll throw their own "sisters" under the bus to please a man. They want to harvest our wombs, make us their breeding handmaidens until that time comes, they want to displace us in workplaces everywhere, erase our legal rights, erase our speech, erase our privacy, brainwash our children...