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Wrencer4Endgame? Aren't you a TRA yourself? You believe "trans women are women" and that "trans women can have vaginas too". You also said "fuck terfs for making trans ppl feel unwelcome".


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Nice catch!

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Yeah, let's rejoice such methods are used here 🙄 thought this community was above TRA's childish digging up

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I didn't go through your profile. I used Reddit search to find posts mentioning "terf(s)". There aren't many mentions these days now that the cheering has died down. Also, we visit the same subs such as LesbianActually and ActuallyLesbian.

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Nobody forced you to register with the same username you used on reddit...

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That doesn't make it okay to link it lol

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Seems it would have been impossible to link under a different name, tho...

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I just dislike this sort of attitude. Feel free to agree with those sorts of methods. But those are exactly why I left reddit, it doesn't sit right with me, and I have a right to complain. If your Instagram username was the same as your Saidit's username, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like me to link it lol

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How is choosing not to re-use the same usernames on every site an attitude?

I'm sorry you were offended, but I thought I was pointing out something common sense. Good luck to you in the future!

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I was obviously talking about the "linking to someone's profile on other platforms" attitude.

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And I was obviously mentioning one practical way to avoid those tactics, no matter which side they come from.

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"How dare you use the things I said against me?"


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This person contradicts him/her/itself.

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Lol yep, a "tragic bisexual" is what I tagged her ass. No offense to bisexual women! I love her anti-censorship stance, but she supports everyone which means she supports no one.

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You say you like me, but it's really tough love then 😂😂

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Her. And not really lol. I'm just in between opinions and I'm not the only one

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Nah, I support most trans ppl but I was never a "TRA" and I'm allowed to criticize some parts of the trans movement I disagree with. There are nuances in this whole debate lol I don't agree with some stuff on here either, but some threads are interesting, and I like knowing the 2 sides of the debate. My sub got banned for "transphobia" btw. I thought GC spaces allowed debates and slightly dissenting opinions, unlike regular feminist spaces. At least it was like that on r/truebisexuals. Also, kinda funny you of all ppl attacked me, since you were often participating on my sub. Did I disagree with most of the opinions you posted ? Yes. Did I ever censor you for having such opinions ? No. Going through my post history is kinda a TRA's thing to do btw, and I'm a bit disappointed by you tbh, thought you were kind and tolerant of other points of view. You know damn well that I'm "moderate" on the trans question. Why do you think I was on r/uncensoredLGBT ? Because my criticizing of trans ppl among other opinions on some of my posts got me banned from most spaces. I don't criticize ppl on here's opinions, but I'm allowed to participate in threads I found interesting without being totally on board with the majority. Am I still allowed to have nuances in my opinions, or do you want this to turn into a reverse TRA echo chamber?

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I was searching for all new posts with the acronym "terf" mentioned and saw your post. There was also a LesbianActually post slandering "terfs" which you were participating in. I was surprised to see you here talking about TRAs when you're one yourself, although you don't agree with everything they say. You remind me of Buck Angel who is accused of being a transphobe/terf but fully believes TWAW and TMAM. I'm not saying you shouldn't be here... as I said on Reddit, I like you and supported you being the new mod of uncensoredLGBT, even though I was new there as a refugee. Just surprised that you call us "terfs" and believe we should share spaces with "trans women" (since you believe they are women).

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The fact is that this whole situation is way more complicated than "trans women are women therefore they should be considered the same as cis women and share every space with them" (and I thought you agree with that, since you were on r/uncensoredLGBT). I used to think that, then I decided to listen to some GC girls I talk with on reddit, and there are some issues cis women need to stand for. In my comments on LesbianActually, you can see that I'm fighting the users who say that "not dating trans women is transphobic". I'm also against pushing gender non conforming ppl to transition, and to guilt lesbians into liking "girldick". I also think that some trans women have a very misogynistic vision of womanhood. As you can see on my posts on r/truebisexuals, which don't make me very popular among TRA. I like you and your comments on r/uncensoredLGBT always made me laugh, and I value your opinion as an older feminist and LGBT woman, but tbh GC isn't only about criticizing trans ppl. There are posts on here about marriage, gender stereotypes, ... I can support trans ppl and still be against gender stereotypes and in favor of cis women to have their own spaces sometimes. I didn't agree with drop the T, right wing LGBT, true lesbians and all that stuff, but I deplore any censorship. Reddit is deeply misogynistic

I agree with Buck Angel on most points, but I don't consider myself a TRA, but a feminist and LGBT and pro LGBT woman. Do you really think I'm allowed on r/lgbt, r/bisexual and all that stuff after I posted some of my controversial opinions (not even about trans ppl)?

I will not use the term "terf" in the future tho, and I'm sorry if it hurt you or anyone on here, even if I don't consider that being a trans rights activist or a trans exclusionary radical feminist are bad things. I respect radfems and some of them are entitled to exclude trans women from their vision of feminism if they want to imo.

Also, if there are no ppl like me there is no point in having a GCdebateQT sub lmao. Considering that I got upvoted, I'm probably not the only "terfy TRA" here

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Also, if there are no ppl like me there is no point in having a GCdebateQT sub lmao.

This post is on the "main" GC saidit, s/GCdebatesQT is that way

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I'm literally the OP of this thread. How is my post a "debate" one ? I was just trying to tell ppl on here that a radfem sub is targeted by AHS. How is my opinion on other stuff relevant here ? It's not like I have an hidden agenda and have posted "debatable" stuff on this sub anyway. Would you like me to post a link to a comment you made on another platform, and discredit your opinion on other issues for it? These are literally the extreme TRA you dislike that much methods btw. No nuanced opinions allowed

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I didn't call your post a debate post, and I didn't mention any of that other stuff. I certainly didn't mention a "hidden agenda."

You talked about the importance of opinions and specifically mentioned the debate sub, so I pointed out there is a version here. That's all.

Would you like me to post a link to a comment you made on another platform, and discredit your opinion on other issues for it?

You can try if that's what you want to do.

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I'm aware of the debate sub, I've already joined it, but thanks for reminding me about it.

I won't because it's not my thing to do that. I would have preferred censorshipment to DM me about it if she was upset with my post, since I know her from my sub and thought she didn't like those kinds of methods either. I interact with ppl about the comment they just posted, I engage with the comment, not with the person's post history. I don't have the time nor interest to dig up the post history of every user I interact with online. Those remind me of actuallesbians's methods, which are frowned upon when it's done by TRA, but apparently okay for some if it's a GC member...

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That's between you and censorshipment. I was only trying to get the debate sub onto more peoples' radar. (Not saying you specifically didn't know about it! Just that the comment could be viewed by others who might not be fully aware.)

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Women need to leave Reddit. It’s moderated and controlled by misogynistic trans furries. I’m not kidding. Discord is also rife with them.

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Discord is notoriously furries land lmao

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I know some people that wanted a GC type discord on there and I said “no thanks” after nuking my Reddit account

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I know that my 2 fav subs truebisexuals and febfems are on discord... But I really can't bring myself to use it lmaoo

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I was reading this thread on a different site about how certain diaper-wearing self-proclaimed transwoman was literally hacking into people's discords and banning people left and right for bizarre things. This person literally WORKED for Discord and now moderates on Reddit. That's sinister to me. Unless someone is literally posting rape/death threats, is posting terroristic stuff, blatantly posting spam and other illegal content, etc., I can see no reason for moderators to have the right to to hack/doxx/track (with masstagger) anyone.

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Sadly, the only thing that surprises me about this is the fact that sub has still been there (I figured because it was so small) Any women's space (and especially "feminist") space remaining on reddit will be run by men for men, allowing useful libfems.

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MRA take over soon

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It’s part of their terrorism manifesto— read the other post about it on this sub. They want to hack, doxx and infiltrate everything. Twitter got hacked, for example.

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Why are they still at reddit when they could be over here? I don't get it. Well i do get it unfortunately. It's a bunch of very naive and hopelessly gullible women who think that if they just keep trying, misogynistic predators will magically see the error of their ways and decide women are human, instead of support animals. It's a way for those women to remain in denial regarding how much some men hate them. EXACTLY like an abused woman who won't leave her abuser.

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Don't you think it would be hella counterproductive for reddit to ban a radical feminist sub for "transphobia" again? Some radfems aren't GC, they are allowed to have a space on reddit without being banned for being radfems (even if I saw some GC content on that sub too that could explain a future ban) Fuck censorship really

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Part of it might be addiction. There were a ton of subs that had little to do with GC anything that I enjoyed visiting frequently. Many women probably just shrug their shoulders at the whole transmoderators banning and brigading women's subs because they didn't see the whole r/PCOS debacle go down in real time, or they didn't know GC existed (I only discovered it when someone suggested it to me in a different sub).

I don't get the women who were from the targeted subs and affiliated subs who are still on there. I can see wanting to maintain your subscriber base, but that place is definitely not safe for women. Their moderator logs are being stalked. Their chats are being monitored. They're on the hit list and are going to be taken down eventually.

I feel badly in that many of the subs that were banned also had subscribers who were women from very conservative countries who had no where else to go for advice where people were respectful or had any knowledge of their situation. Ugh. The whole enforcement of gender-bending pronouns is not going to help women who use English as a second language. They'll wind up betting censored and banned.

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Instead of focusing on my reddit's profile, maybe we could, idk, support the girls at r/Radical_Feminists against censorship ?

Edit : no need to send me more vitriol about my reddit's post history, or to send me comments about how posting ppl's profiles on other platforms on a totally irrelevant thread is totally valid, I have no time in having petty fights with children who condone such methods. Sorry if ppl having nuanced opinions trigger some of you so much

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AHS will nuke that sub. It's only a matter of time. In the meantime, they're reading through your mod mail and are looking at your chats, tagging your users, and plan on nuking any subs your users migrate to.