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I'm glad you left.

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Ok devil's advocate--is he a bad teacher? I have in the past worked with Tims and Tifs and currently work with a Tim. I don't really care in professional contexts. I also work with people who are white supremacists, and people who think that covid-19 was made in a lab. I don't discuss those things with them.

If he was a decent teacher, who cares. If we're at a party and I can hear he's, say, telling lesbians they're missing out on ladydick, we're going to have words. We're surrounded by different people in this world. Most of them keep it secret, and I can't change their minds, just like they can't change mine.

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It is a little different with a TIM, because like as not, they are involving you unwillingly in their sexual fetish. Most of them are getting off sexually to you putting up with their behavior. They are basically one big walking sexual harassment.

So while I guess it's fine for you if that doesn't bother you, that would really bug me. I don't think I could peacefully work or learn in an environment like that. There's a reason why men (and women) are not allowed to create hostile work environments. A TIM is a walking talking hostile work environment most of the time.

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Oh no, don't get me wrong. LOTS of things bother me. I also can't control straight men looking at me and jerking off thinking about me (or when riding public transit, doing it in front of me). If not me or some other IRL woman, then they're probably watching videos of women get quadruple penetrated and choked.

I guess I take the stance that if you're professional, cool, if you're not, then I'm out or I'm reporting it. No one's going to try to lecture in a bodycon dress with an erection if I'm around. NOPE. That's hostile. But if I assume that everyone is doing thoughtcrime then I will send myself around the fucking bend. I just stay aware of my environment.

I would worry about bias in grading, but I've had so many profs exhibit that same bias at different groups of people.

I work with 99% men and they say appalling things all the time, unselfconsciously. To me, Tims are no different than most men. The one I work with doesn't sexually harass any women I know (is married to a woman) but acts like a cooze to most people so I avoid him!

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The difference between a straight male prof saying rude things in a class and a TIM showing up in a dress with his package bulging out is that the university won't hesitate to discipline the one while being scared shitless to discipline the other b/c they fear the backlash. You'll also be labeled a bigot, doxxed, harassed and most likely hounded off campus by people who would celebrate their "victory".

In the current "inclusive" environment which most universities have allowed to fester, the argument sets up pretty nicely in their favor tbh. If women can wear shirts with their boobs "bulging", why can't he wear a form fitting outfit ? Any reasonable person knows why, b/c it's gross and nobody wants to see his junk essentially on display, but they'll cry transphobia and the brainwashed woketards will line up to defend a guy who is forcing everyone to ogle his schlong.

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It's very true that there's a huge amount of hypocrisy at play here in terms of who gets pilloried. I have a kid who is in high school and afraid to go into anything but stem fields because of how censorious the current campus environment around ideas are.

I see that you're using "inclusive" in scare quotes, and I totally agree that administration and professors are now being run over, shouted down, and forced to resign if they're not participating in groupthink. How do you think this environment can be changed? What will cause a return to actual free speech and expression? Do we just have to wait until Zoomers are middle-aged and told their ideas are old fashioned?

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OK here's the difference.

You're in a mutual work environment. It's a job requirement that you tolerate TIMs and vice versa.

Whereas she is basically a customer. She doesn't have to put up with this TIM, or TIMs at all, or anyone that she isn't comfortable with for any reason.

And while this may not be going on, I had my share of profs with mental health issues. One was in immunology and this was during the AIDS crisis. Every lecture turned out to be a rambling rant against Reagan, or El Salvador, or whatever. There was not one person who could or would stand up for the students.

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I completely agree that students and customers should vote with their feet, or dollars if there's any professor or whatever-provider they don't like for whatever reason. I choose women doctors, surgeons, lawyers, teachers etc, whenever I can. I believe I'm going to get a better shake or better care with women who don't think overall that my ideas are stupid or I'm imagining my pain. It is indeed a job requirement that I tolerate Tims and the other men I work with. Oftentimes the men I work with openly express to me that I should not be there, despite the fact that I am more competent and reliable than many of them, and am protected to be there by law.

But also, I care about what I'm getting out of situations. I will choose uncomfortable feelings towards a person if I'm getting a better deal out of some transaction. I am saying personally, that if I found a professor tolerable before transition, I would give that person a try after transition before dropping the class completely. It's still the same idiot man, now they've just "come out" and put a caution label on themselves. If only all people wore scarlet letters alerting us to their kinks or personal crusades. Ha. I know I have different beliefs and tolerance levels than many people on GC, so it's fair to me that I don't shut down and homogenously lump everyone together.

What I don't think is that we can always escape comfort and make ourselves perfectly comfortable all the time. If this trend doesn't go away, according to the TRAs we will soon be surrounded by trans people who have supposedly been there all along. What do we do then, serious question? And to be clear, I do absolutely want women protected from violence, and I want women's safe/private spaces protected. But how do we deal with public life?

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I agree with you. Plus just because they are trans doesn’t mean they have AGP and it’s a fetish. There are types of trans. And also it’s not like it’s necessarily manifesting as perving on students. If the teacher is professional and kind, it doesn’t matter. There are plenty of male teachers who are outright banging their students and preying on them.

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I've been in too many abusive relationships to even want to look at a TIM, sorry. I can't stand the doublethink, I feel insane. It's not my job to go through life processing my reactions to disturbing interactions with mentally people. Make that men. It's not my job.

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That’s your right, but I don’t think trans Id people shouldn’t have jobs. That’s just cruel

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Them shoving their fetishes in everyone's face and forcing us to act like its ok is cruel.

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"Id" however you want. As a man, as a woman, as a child, as an animal, as a kitchen appliance, as military equipment, as a fictional character, as multiples of these. Don't bring this to work. Work is not daycare. If you're mentally ill, there's always the psych ward.

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Yep. I'd like to Id as an animal. Then I wouldn't have to pay taxes.

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Sink or swim. Like the rest of us.

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They are ones who claim 50% of trans are so mentally unstable that they're at imminent risk of suicide, day after day. If we take that at face value as they want us to, then they wouldn't be able to perform their job duties. And "not being able to perform job duties" is a legitimate reason not to hire someone.

(here's one source, but jesus on a cracker, that stat is bandied about all over the place by transpeople

the stat has been debunked btw, but since they use it just to guilt trip and emotionally manipulate everyone they come into contact with, i have no problem throwing it right back at them

Do you really want to hire someone who clearly has a personality disorder? Because, what else do you call someone who will go to that extreme lengths to manipulate people?

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I didn't say they shouldn't have jobs. Just don't expect me on the job to entertain their delusions that they're female. That is, I would avoid using pronouns at all for anyone on the job, and they would have to live with it. I support legislation that keeps female spaces like bathrooms female only. Etc.

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It is a little different with a TIM, because like as not, they are involving you unwillingly in their sexual fetish. Most of them are getting off sexually to you putting up with their behavior.

That's one hell of a sweeping statement! You seem to be saying that most or all transwomen are trans because of a sexual fetish, and not because of gender dysphoria. While I accept that this is true in some cases, providing some objective sources to back this up your claim would give it some credibility.

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All straight TIMs are AGPs imo. Go read for yourself what they say among themselves. The only ones who aren't doing it out of a fetish are the gay ones doing it out of self-hatred/homophobia.

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A lot of the gay ones have AGP as well. This has always been the case, and has become especially common nowadays. Gay TIMs aren't motivated to go trans solely by their AGP and associated fetishism, but with many of them it's there all the same.

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Wouldn't that imply that gender dysphoria doesn't exist? While I'm inclined to believe your explanations in some cases, there is plenty of evidence that gender dysphoria is a genuine mental condition.

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It's not either or. In males, AGP is the most common source/cause of "gender dysphoria."

Blanchard, 1989: "the major types of non-homosexual gender dysphoria (in males) constitute variant forms of one underlying disorder, which may be characterized as autogynephilic gender dysphoria."

Blanchard and other sexologists say that males with AGP, particularly AGP focused on female sexual anatomy and female sexual functions (menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, breastfeeding, etc) and what they believe to be female sexual behaviors (submissiveness, getting fucked) actually have the most intense form of "gender dysphoria."

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Can you cite your sources that "AGP is the most common source/cause of "gender dysphoria"? I'm not arguing against it, but I see this claim being made often and it's never backed up by any reputable sources.

Blanchard's hypothesis is as the name suggests; a hypothesis. It's intellectually dishonest at this stage to talk about it as if it's an established theory, even if it may end up being one. As this 2016 review into transgender brain science discusses, the hypothesis is still largely untested and more studies are needed:

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We had r/itsafetish to prove that hypothesis correct, but now it's gone... You can't do any scientific research on this in the current day and age.

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just happened across this website and thought of you. Hope this helps

Btw... was thinking about how you were so persistent that gc people must provide research to prove every single thing we say. I'm wondering if you are so persistent and insistent about being given research when a trans person is describing how biological sex is not real?

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Thanks for the link, I read it but I was looking for evidence from surveys or scientific studies rather than anecdotal evidence. Also to be clear, I accept that some straight MtF’s have ‘autogynephilia’, but having done some more reading the evidence disputes the claim that all straight MtF’s have autogynephilia. This is what I was originally questioning. I’m a scientist by trade so I also ask anyone making surprising claims for evidence. Anyone denying biological sex is just ignorant and I’m firmly against extremist TRA’s who try and invade women only spaces and promote harmful ideology. I’m not sure why you assumed I would be on their side.

Any conclusions gained from transgender studies are obviously contentious, and we need more data to make firm conclusions at present. As a sidenote, I’m also wary of salience bias when it comes to TRAS’s online, because we all tend to notice the loudest, most surreal and most dangerous behaviours and ideas coming from them and this can distort our perception of transgender people in general. I totally understand how spending time on Reddit, Saidit and Twitter etc. can make it seem like the world is full of men pretending to be females for nefarious reasons, but the reality is this is very rare.

Having done some more research, Blanchard’s hypothesis (the idea that all transwomen are either straight men who get turned on by the idea themselves as women, or gay men) doesn’t generally appear to be supported by the scientific literature. There are heaps of valid criticisms of aspects of the hypothesis and studies which refute it [1]. The main rebuttal is the idea that all straight MtF’s experience autogynephilia. While Blanchard’s own studies found that the majority of straight MtF’s experience autogynephilia, they also found that a substantial minority didn’t experience it, directly contradicting the central premise of the hypothesis. Other studies have similar findings (see links in [1]).

There are also problems with how ‘autogynephilia’ (which remember is a term coined by Blanchard) is categorised. For example, if a subject has ever reported, for example, sexual arousal whilst putting on women’s clothing, they might be classed as having autogynephilia, despite these feelings not necessarily being a consistent aspect of their sexuality. One obvious criticism I share is that his earlier research didn’t include controls to assess levels of autogynephilia amongst non-trans people. For example, the majority of straight men might also exhibit some autogynephilic tendencies according to Blanchard’s criteria, but as far as I’m aware we just don’t know. Also, the idea that autogynephilia is exclusive to males is challenged by a study that found that found over 90% of (biological) women experienced autogynephilia (using Blanchard’s criteria).[2]

[1] [2]

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gender critical people keep saying it because it tends to reflect the experience of anybody who has ever known more than one transwoman. AGP is unfortunately really common.

It seems to describe most of the transwomen i know... Most people start out very accepting and sympathetic to transpeople, which lasts until they get to know a few. Trans are their own worst enemy.

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Gender dysphoria just means you are unhappy with your gender.

It's not some magic label which makes you real trans.

AGP, internalised homophobia, social contagion, these things all create real gender dysphoria.

Most women have probably experienced gender dysphoria growing up at some point.

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No what I experienced growing up was the impact of sexism. I had sexism "dysphoria." "Gender dysphoria" is victim blaming and obscuring cause and effect.

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Right, that's great for you but playing with words and meaning isn't going to help the wider debate right now.

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I'm not "playing with words." I don't believe "most women" have "probably experienced gender dysphoria." I believe they've experienced the impact of sexism. We don't say that people suffer "racial dysphoria" due to the ways racism impacted them. Language matters. I think gender dysphoria is a dumpster fire where insight into one's one situation goes to die.

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Gender dysphoria just means you are unhappy with your gender.

It's not simply being unhappy with your gender, it's usually defined as emotional discomfort because of a mismatch between your sex and gender identity. It's a psychological disorder, and is completely different to being gender non-conforming. I think a lot of people who label themselves as transgender are just gender non-conforming, which is different to having a gender dysphoria.

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AGP is a form of "gender dysphoria", it's just not the innocent form of "dysphoria" they want you to think it is.

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I think it exists as a thing and is a genuine mental health condition or dysfunction (a mix of sociological/psychological/neurological issues) but I also tend to agree that straight most TIMs are AGPs to a greater or lesser extent depending on any underlying conditions eg. autism

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A rare one.

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Not all, but a lot do. We had plenty of receipts on r/itsafetish, but you know what happened to that.

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You can still view them here:

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AGP is a paraphilia with dramatic and life changing effects.

They don't go around permanently aroused while they're pretending to be women just like men don't have permanent erections even if they are in love.

Anne Lawrence, an AGP MtF researcher, estimated 85% of MtFs are AGP.

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NATALT. Sure. Uh huh.

Time to catch up with the rest of the class.

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No need for the condescending tone, I'm just asking for the source. I checked your link, and the statistic isn't actually referenced. Just a claim that "88% percent of the Transgender population are here: The Transvestites, Crossdressers and Autogynephiliacs." I'm not arguing against this statistic, I just want to find the source. The National Center for Transgender Equality is implicated but this isn't actually quoted or properly sourced.

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I believe the majority or all of transwomen are so because of porn.

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From a Quillette interview with Dr. Ray Blanchard, "When I looked at the relative numbers of autogynephilic and androphilic gender-dysphoric males back in 1987, the autogynephilic cases were already a majority, approaching 60 percent. The proportion had reached 75 percent by 2010, and it might be even higher now." Interview link:

Chances are very high that any TIM you come across has autogynaphilia.

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There was plenty of evidence, and then reddit nuked it. Try and look up /r/itsafetish.

Gender dysphoria wasn't a thing 20-30 years ago, and I don't believe it is truly a thing now. Mass hysteria and delusion has always been around, though.

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I have in the past worked with Tims and Tifs and currently work with a Tim. I don't really care in professional contexts. I also work with people who are white supremacists, and people who think that covid-19 was made in a lab. I don't discuss those things with them.

You're not required to affirm the white supremacist's beliefs or the COVID conspiracies, though.

OP is not comfortable being in that class anymore, and there's no issue with changing classes if she can. It's not that she needs to learn to be tolerant of different beliefs, it's that her own differing beliefs, which could slip out even if she tries to hide them, could potentially have ramifications for her as a student. Many of us know from experience that small slips like with pronouns, new names, etc. can be met with wildly disproportionate lashing out and punishment, and not even from the trans person necessarily, but their supporters vying for social capital. There's no way of knowing for sure whether the trans person or their supporters will do that or will be more live and let live. But this issue is way more heated in a university environment than in most workplaces. So why risk it?

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If he was a decent teacher, who cares.

It's not that easy though, is it. This is not just a male teacher who would like to come to work wearing a dress and make up. It's a male teacher who will expect his students to call him "she" and by his new "female name". I'd have an issue with that if I was OP as well and would leave his class.

You have to look at this like a belief system, not a sexuality or anything else actually rooted in biology.

It's like a teacher who subscribes to a certain religion that I don't subscribe to but expects me to "validate" his religious beliefs while in class. I would not accept that either. And in that case, I doubt the school would.

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Meh. There is a power-imbalance in a teacher-student relationship. Your "words" you might have with your misogynist teacher are purely hypothetical. And in the meantime if you're looking toward building a career in the field you might be working hard to develop good relationships with your teachers/professors who can help guide you, write letters on your behalf, introduce you to colleagues, etc.

Why waste all that time and effort gambling that this guy is "one of the good ones"? Especially in a field like physics where women are already pushed aside or steamrolled en masse and cheated out of accolades... why would anyone building their career or education around someone who has just now demonstrated a resounding lack of understanding of what being a woman is or how it will affect a woman's career?

Not to mention what it does to your mind to have to compartmentalize your intellectual dishonesty when you constantly have to say things you don't believe at all. What kind of academics

Honestly, if you've had good experiences working with TIMs then that's delightful for you. In my experience I've been forced to professionally interact with several and the overall dynamic has not once been professional or beneficial to women. The power imbalance alone from the "stunning and brave" and "we need to center tw because they are more oppressed than anyone" makes it impossible to interact in a normal, honest manner.

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It's not outside the realm of possibility that covid-19 was created in a lab. That topic is still completely debatable. But hey, let's just shut that down and call anyone who questions official narrative as crrrazzy. Hmmmmm....isn't that something that happens with trans ideology?
We all have a responsibility to question things and should not be lumped in with white supremacists if we do so.

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Yep. I was skeptical until someone with credentials on this matter who I respect said that the virus (paraphrasing here) showed features of having been artificially manipulated.

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Seems like there's a lot of physics teachers with autogynophilia for some reason. IT guys too.

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Autism spectrum. This is a reach, but maybe inability to understand the feelings of other people makes you more likely to try to turn yourself into your own girlfriend.

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I don't even think that's a reach, it does seem like a lot of them are on the spectrum.

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Autism is not really "not understanding feelings of other people" as in lacking empathy/being sociopathic. What autistic people don't get (or don't get without learning it like a foreign language and paying deliberate attention, while still getting it wrong more often then neurotyicals) is non-verbal interactions and social standards/conventions. Autistic people have a perfectly normal capacity for emotional empathy, their cognitive empathy is underdeveloped, however.

Being an asshole does not make somebody autistic and neither does being autistic cause somebody to be an asshole (occasionally rude, yes, that is true).

Autism does seem to increase the likelihood of both asexuality and paraphilias however (or at least both are included in questionnaires developed by researchers in the field).

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Without an understanding of the neurological mechanisms we can only speculate, but consider these facts:

  1. Autism involves difficulties in forming relationships with or understanding other people
  2. Autogynephilia involves forming a pseudo-relationship, with a fictitious female persona which you yourself try to embody
  3. Transgenders are a lot more likely to be autistic

This suggests to me at least that the same basic pathway might be disrupted in both these conditions.

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Autism involves difficulties in forming relationships with or understanding other people

That is true of a great number of different conditions.

A leading characteristic of autistics is also their intense introversion. Does this sound like the majority of TRAs/autogynophiles? True, autistics are more comfortable with "online extraversion" but the overwhelming majority prefers text based interactions. And they are generally very stingy with insencere compliments. Very much unlike the TRA echochamber.

I really think autistics are far more likely to end up as transitioned as minors plain old gender non-conforming confused kids (in other words victims of the cult) than the autogynophilic TRA cult leaders.

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“Philosophers” too.

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Oh yeah, like Nick Wynn.

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Yep. Men do this so they can get away with anything (usually sexually deviant things and boundary violations). I had a man get hired at my work and decide to be "Zoe" 3 weeks in. He now calls our clients misogynist slurs, says people can suck his dick, and brags about havgin been a 'cage fighter'. Nobody dares say anything to him bc Teflon Trans.

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Yep, that fits.

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Became a physics teacher, because he couldn’t make it in biology.

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Well, physics to males means dna manipulation and nuclearism, so dropping a little identity bomb on his work peers or woke peers, is most probably par for the course, or par for his course.

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At first I thought it was ironic that he’s a physics teacher, physics being the study of material reality, although maybe it’s not ironic given that physics today is all about quantum physics and multiverses and a whole bunch of stuff that seems reality bending.

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I know that TRAs have made it hard to look at trans people the same way we used to but I think we need to be careful not to assume stuff beforehand. GC feminism is about breaking free from gender chains, which also means accepting GNC men who want to live their lives in peace. There are trans people who acknowledge their sex and who don't want to undermine women's rights and yeah I know that they're def not the majority but I still believe we should give people the benefit of the doubt lol. Is your teacher a raging mysogynist? Has your teacher expressed views you're uncomfortable with? Or done anything to make you uncomfortable after coming out as trans?

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I reserve the right to trust my instincts and experience. I don’t care what others think. If this dude was just gnc, he wouldn’t have made a big announcement about it. AGP and narcissism seem to be highly comorbid.

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It’s not ROGD, it’s “I’ve decided to flaunt my fetish in public because I can, and not only that, in today’s climate I’ll be rewarded for flaunting my fetish in public”.

I’d drop this class if I could in this situation, because misogyny isn’t a good learning environment.

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Honestly, I would not assume that it is a fetish and that they could be telling the truth. Were they a good teacher? Because some physics teachers are really bad(I had to take the class twice because my first one was so awful). I think, after reading some of the trans subs, they do advocate ripping off the band aid at once instead of waiting.

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If he's straight it's 100% likely it's a fetish so assume away.

Being nice or a good teacher doesn't make a guy less likely to be a fetishist. Check your boundaries and red flag detector, right away.

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Glad you were able to change your class. Why did he wait? More attention for him.

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Mid-20s is the peak age for MtF transition so not all that surprising. ROGD normally describes adolescents transitioning in groups, leading to suspicion of social contagion.

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At first I thought you said you pegged him and I got so fucking confused 🤣

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Porn, once again, ruining formerly benign words.

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Probably not rapid onset. If he’s a good teacher then who cares.

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The OP cares. So do a lot of other people who don't want some creepy man's fetish shoved in their face.

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Yep, exactly.

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Are you a student in the class or a TA or...? Just slightly confused about that part of the story.

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Just to contrast, this is how you teach maths as a Trans identifying bloke, Miranda Yardley, with style,panache and humor.

Real Maths: Taking the piss out of trans

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Isn’t it kind of ironic that he’s a physics teacher? Physics being the study of material reality, although maybe it’s not ironic given that physics today is all about quantum physics and multiverses and a whole bunch of stuff that seems reality bending.