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Is it me? Or is this guy arguing that "because sex work is legal and you support its legality, you are now obligated to have sex with me and pay me for it".

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That's exactly what he's saying.

So let's say I support the rights of bakeries to do business and operate. I'm still not obligated to go buy the bread you made.

Just for the record, I don't support prostitution.

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I think he should pay them, though. If sex is between two people, they should both pay. Right? That's how it works, right?

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This is exactly how I read it. The writer feels entitled to have someone pay for it.

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Bernie Bros, male feminists and ‘good guy’ liberals all support sex work, but for some reason they aren’t paying girls like me for sex

Wow it's almost like straight guys don't like dick. shocked pikachu face

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They're so delusional 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ But it's good that they start targeting straight guys lmao!

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FYI, this is the same dude who wrote an article in Vice about how he interviewed all his past crushes about why they didn’t want to date him. He needs to form some kind of club with that Alok guy and that Jacob Tobia guy, demanding that men date them and how those who don’t are transphobic, etc., etc. The entertainment value in that sh*tshow would be awesome!

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I totally thought this was going to be one of Alok's articles on how straight men need to fuck him. It's good there's variety. 🤣

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Round 8 million of "not fucking me is transphobia." BuT ThIs NEveR HAppENs. 😕

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They did an episode of the podcast Blocked and Reported on this article. I recommend that podcast highly for just their general takes on internet culture and woke culture.

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Found it! Here's the link for anyone else who is interested. Thank you for the recommendation!

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I fell into a link on that article that is way way way too many words on buttholes, which until today I didn't think was actually possible.

I think if someone hit me up in a dm to sell me sex I'd decline too. Way sketchy.

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The entitlement is so ridiculous, they don't just want to pressure someone into fucking them, they also want to be paid by whoever they've chosen to take part in their whore kink. Probably peaking all the straight woke bros they've contacted with their "enticing offer", lol.

I'm sure they'll find a freak here or there who will pay them for a BJ, but their idea of sex work is the typical rose-tinted glasses kind of shit you see a lot these days. Where it's cushy, sexy and you only ever have to do what you're comfortable with and you're never in any danger.

Also, about the author of this article: The writing really devolves into just anecdotes about their own sex life/friends/wannabe-thotness, so their narcissism is clear. People like this just want to be paid for sex because they think it's the ultimate sign of their desirability, and they're incapable of recognizing people's unwillingness to participate in their kink for what it means (no, your "bussy" is not a valuable commodity desired by all straight men), instead they want to shame people for not being prgressive/open-minded enough.

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we romantically unpacked our traumas as he walked me home

I generally only mess with more centrist guys, but woke romance just sounds fucking exhausting. How can you enjoy sex when your head is so far up your own ass?

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If I had to guess, I'd assume both of them are straight. The way they seem utterly uninterested in actual romantic relationships with men and only seem to take pleasure from being degraded by them screams pseudobisexuality.