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Oof, that's terrible. Reddit is really not for women. It's a shining example of what men do when spaces aren't regulated. They wonder why we want to segregate....

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Same thing in r/girlgamers before I left. It was obvious from the rules that transwomen were welcomed. All the posts with stuff like "trans setups" should have probably made it clear as well. Yet they still made posts going "am I welcome here?" So unnecessary. You're already accepted in the sub, so just contribute like any other person there.

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OMFG TIMs post "am I welcome here?" posts in literally every god damn subreddit. It's so fucking annoying!

Literally every sub's sidebar has two paragraphs dedicated to how much they all love to suck TIM dick, but that's not enough for TIMs. They still feel the need to ask that question in every sub. They know the fucking answer, they just want to force people to actively participate in their fetish by commenting on the post.

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"Am I welcome here?"="Hi everyone, please give me narcissistic supply! It's run out from 3 days ago when I asked the same thing in another female centric sub."

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Everyone goes along with it too. I remember a post on that sub where a transwoman was talking about refusing to play any male characters in a certain game even if switching would benefit the team. The commenters were supportive of this, while I'm 100% certain they would have shred a "cis" man to pieces over deciding he refused to play any female characters.

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My guy (straight as far as I know) is one that will play the woman character over the man if given an option. He said female voice actors were usually better. I think maybe watching a ladies' behind comes into play too lol

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I can add to this. So there is a game called Asassins Creed:Odyssey where they wrote the game for a female character and started early production for a female character but Ubisoft higher ups forced them to give the option to play as a man because they were scared of how a female lead AC game would sell. So the male character got retconned in and is much worse in terms of acting and writing.

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a transwoman was talking about refusing to play any male characters in a certain game even if switching would benefit the team.

Not exactly a "team player", is he?

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I feel like being trans could be classified as a mental illness on the need for validation alone. It's pathological.

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It is super annoying. And everyone on every sub is acting like the crowd in The Emperor's New Clothes. No one is willing to speak the obvious truth!

"Hi, I Am Trans Am I Welcome Here?"

Like, Dude. Of course you are welcome here. STOP FUCKING PRETENDING. YOU KNOW THE ANSWER. There is only one "CORRECT RESPONSE" allowed on the entire site. Everyone must WORSHIP YOUR TIM DICK or otherwise they get banned and silenced!

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It’s probably just a way for super mods with their sock puppet accounts to “weed out wrong thinkers”.

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Literally every sub's sidebar has two paragraphs dedicated to how much they all love to suck TIM dick, but that's not enough for TIMs.

Yeah. Since nothing's ever enough, frankly, why bother at all?

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And all the women are petrified to not oblige.

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Came here to mention r/girlgamers. I have been subbed there for years and I hate what the sub has become. It went from an interesting and female centric gaming sub to 90% of the posts being "look at my new pink mouse".
The "am I welcome here" posts are so annoying too, read the sidebar will you? Of course you are welcome, if you weren't the sub would probably be banned. A lot of the active users (and mods) are trans and so many users are men (not trans women).

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girlgamers helped me peak. What a fucking dump. Just a bunch of men orgasming over pink setups.

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Yeah that is a problem too. Last time I went over there I noticed a few people still bravely trying to post interesting content, only to go vastly underappreciated. I just gave up after that. No need to see pretty much the same post about 50 times over.

I'd love it if we could build a good community for female gamers on saidit. Like r/girlgamers used to/was supposed to be.

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That sub has become so weird. I can totally understand why some people prefer pink color. It would be normal if people occasionally show off their set-up and it happens to be pink.....However with all those regular posts centered around the PINK, the atmosphere started to look creepy at some point. The funny thing is, in reality I have never known a single girl game who has a huge fetish on pink things. Just feels like it tries way too hard on over-emphasizing false stereotypes. On top of that, I have seen countless "cheap girls" from that sub. Many people are like venting machines for being treated terribly by male gaming friends/boyfriends while still defending and normalizing their toxic behaviours. AND the voices calling out those males being garbage end up getting downvoted for not sounding nice enough. I agree that it would be nice to build a female gaming community here. Or an independent website for female gamers and make sure it is controlled by women only.

Of course you are welcome, if you weren't the sub would probably be banned.

LOL, this is so true and hilarious.

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Just feels like it tries way too hard on over-emphasizing false stereotypes.

Isn't it is the core of Gender/Queer theory?

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Oh girlgamers has been overrun with trans people for a long time. It was one of the reasons I left, it was full of TiMs squeeing and orgasming over pink setups, posting hyperbolic OMG IT'S SO CUTE nonsense oneliners and drowning out women's voices.

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The sad thing is the gaming environment is SO hostile to women that mostly male socialized people feel comfortable in it. Every time I see a "first woman wins tournament in [insert video or card game here]" I check and more often than not it's a transwoman.

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Reddit has always had more men than women, but apparently it now has so many more men than women that now there are more men pretending to be women than there are women.

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What's up with teen girls these days? Reddit: Let's ask 30 year old men larping as anime dolls.

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"How do you do, fellow girls?"

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Trans"girls" using their identity to get validation from girls/women. I wonder what they'll do once they've driven out all the "cis" women/girls/teens, who will they use for their affirmation then? Because we all know staying in their trans spaces isn't enough for them.

I'm still convinced like 90% of them are not actually trans but pathetic little proto-incels who don't feel masculine enough (despite jerking it to porn 3 times a day) and they want to get close to women by pretending they are women. Or simply older pedos who know being a pedo isn't socially acceptable so they become "cute little girly transbians" instead and browse reddit to talk to teen girls. If you looked at the PMs they send to actual girls there'd probably be a lot of sexual harassment under the guise of "girl talk".

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They honestly don't care about having real women in their circle. Lots of those people are mentally incapable incels and actually prefer a world without any women alive. Not sure if you have heard of "vtubers". It is basically men using 2D anime girl avatars to entertain other men who have a fetish for "girly talk". It has a big market out there. I am under impression that this is exactly what the TRAs want to achieve. By erasing all the real women, they want the world to consist of only regular men and those who pretend to be women.

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For some reason this world description reminded me about one blaxploitation film that was popular among LGB haters in our country. And it was mostly shown between themselves to each other with words "you want world like that? That is why we against LGB!". Movie was called pretty inapropriate, so I will change one word, "Gay<black-people> from outter space".

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They want a small group of handmaidens to validate their "womanhood" and "guide them through the girlhood they never had" (aka be their personal cheerleader/sex toy/validation machine)

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You can use a tool such as subredditstat's overlap tool to see which subs have the most cross traffic, for a lack of better word.

For example, feemagers has a rather large overlap with two trans subs, traaaaaans or whatever and the stupid egg_irl subs

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I remember leaving r/curlyhair some many months back because the TIMs were moving in there too. Like, guys, girls, anyone could post there but usually people would get a handful of upvotes/comments on any one hair pic. But if a TIM posted, no matter the state of their curls? Awards, thousands of upvotes, brave/stunning/beautiful/etc/etc/etc.

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All the makeup subs are full of them and they make the most ridiculous posts with ugly makeup that looks like a two year old found their moms makeup and get 100s of "You're so amazing" posts.

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Lmao how is it treating anyone like an equal to clap like idiots every time a tim manages to put shitty eyeliner on

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Yes! That's why I left /r/curlyhair too, it was ridiculous how many people were fawning over the TIMs in that forum. Plus they couldn't help me anyway, but that was the main reason.

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I guess if you own female identity, it follows that you will own their terrain, even when you pretend to be ever so humble & blushingly confused over possibly being an unwanted presence.

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Holy shit, I just went and looked, seems to be about 1/4 of the posts were transgender. That's insane.

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Another example being r/askteengirls where even the mods now are Tim’s.

That's fucking sick. All women need to vacate reddit immediately. just let the tim's have it.

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Let teen girls have their own spaces away from the male gaze goddammit!! I feel for girls growing up in today's misogynistic culture

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Yeah, I saw that in some gaming subs on Reddit too.

Seeing it here as well, tbh. "I am trans am I welcome here", "I don't think we need to discuss trans"... Don't be so quick to fall for it.

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Old-fashioned sexism under a new name.

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Sexism and grooming of underaged minors.

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I never was in those subreddits (as my sex is a bit opposite), so I decided to check them after reading this. I went in there and first topics I saw were:

Nice "teen girls" subreddit.

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It's a way for them to groom non-trans young people into the cult.