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I was on the original GC and lurked for 2 years. This is sub is the same members, and topically aligned. By seedier I assume you mean the look and feel of the site is run down. Of course it is. This is not reddit (which was built over years by thousands of techbros into a porn/men's rules paradise it is today). We are essentially wandering in the wilderness until a GC platform is built. Spinister is not a good substitute for reddit or saidit. And yes we are more "aggressive" ... because we are fucking furious about what happened and are freer to speak out here. SaidIt is ... very small and wild west, but it's fine for now.

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Well, for one, most people here joined as refugees after being forcibly and unfairly evicted from reddit. That comes with a certain amount of feelings.

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Yes. I rarely thought about the TRA issue until the recent pogroms. My posts have been super salty since then.

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I think it's because people are mad about getting banned on Reddit. It felt like a punch in the gut to see all GC subs banned and then to see PCOS and pregnancy taken over because they weren't "inclusive" enough.

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r/GC was far bigger, far more established, and had more name recognition/prestige in the sense that reddit is to social media what amazon is the online shopping (well, not quite, but...) Also, one developed a certain effective posting rhythm over time which is missed. But this place is, I think, similar enough given its short time span. And in one way it is far superior, as far as this radical is concerned: it disallows down-voting, which means to me, that the twenty or so topics &/or positions I learned to avoid or needed to self-censor, I can speak out on here, and let what I said, stay without the public shaming. This, to me is the opposite of "seediness," or class.

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Same. Removal of downvoting also removed the possibility of downvote/upvoting brigade from the TRAs. They would swamp reddit and downvote sane, thoughtful comments and upvote hateful, inflammatory comments. It served their purposes nicely. One side of that equation is balanced now as long as we upvote thoughtful content.

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Yes. I wrote reddit suggesting a -10 maximum for downvoting, which wd relieve commenters from having to check their rear view mirror after every challenging or unpopular comment, but (as expected) no response. And yes, many of my most downvoted posts (under -50) were rather long and relatively complex.

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There definitely is a different feel to it, and here's why. 1. We're more pissed off than usual. The way Reddit treated us was bullshit. 2. Radfems, Libfems, Culturalfems, and separately affiliated gender critics are coming here and occasionally butting heads because of ideological differences. Not everyone who's a gender critic is a radfem. You can be a wide array of political and social beliefs and still be gender critical for entirely different reasons. That's what I believe is happening here.

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I am over the top livid at the censorship that has just crashed down on women from Twitter, Reddit, Google... you name it. They're all drinking the transwomen kool aide, with the help of all the big bucks being pandered in the name of "progress" from big tech, medicine, media, you name it.

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The mods of the original r/gendercritical are building a new site for this community, a website owned and managed by women. Keep your eye out on Twitter gendercritical (mobbed by TRAs most of the time, but see pinned posts by our old GC mods) and Spinster for updates.

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That seems good, but also it seems like it will make it more difficult to spread the message to people who aren't already on-board. The virtue of being on a site like this is being able to have people randomly come across the content and learn about gender critical feminism.

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I don't think there needs to be only one place to discuss GC feminism. The new platform, Saidit, and Spinster will all have their roles to play.

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The best way to change the vibe is to stick around and post with positivity. If you don't have time in your life for that, I get it. But there is some talk of bad actors coming on here trying to contaminate the site with extremism. There have been a lot of attacks on the site, and I think it's worth preserving, especially in terms of having a space where people who aren't specifically here to see gender critical ideas might come across them randomly.

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Is every fucking post today going to be about how we're such mean bitter harpies, because this is getting beyond tiresome. I've been on here for like 15 minutes and I swear this is the 8th post I've seen like this.

I notice you've been on saidit for 4 whole hours and this is the only thing you've written so why on earth would you bother unless you are a troll. If you don't like it move on.

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The community on Saidit has only existed for about a month. A little less than a month. All of my stuff from reddit got wiped when the bans happened. I don't believe it's unreasonable or suspicious for new users to come into Saidit every day. Also, I don't think you're a "bitter harpy" and I don't want to argue. I wanted to look into Spinster and wanted to see how many here have tried it. I hear it's similar to Twitter.

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It is suspicious because Saidit is currently under a False Flag attack and a DDOS Attack ended just the day before yesterday.

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One was a forum of free speech before censorship and this is after!

Hundreds of thousands of people subbed to the old GC and only a handful have followed it over here- we are the people who are most bitter about the recent censorship and couldn’t just shut up and move on so we’re more vitriol. I know many, many people who are just shutting up on social media despite feeling uncomfortable with the trans movement and general misogyny. They’re there but they just focus and participate in other parts of life now and talk privately-keeping trans and gender politics at arms length.

You know the social shaming we saw when BLM started “white friends I’m paying attention to your silence” well that’s happening now, look at your friends/social media followers who are simply stopping the conversation in public. Yes they took down many female centric spots but now many women are peaking because of it and avoiding the spaces the transactivists have appropriated completely. I’ve had more real life conversations with other women about the toxicity of gender politics than before because real life is what’s left!

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Yeah, on reddit everyone was watching their words, because nobody wanted gc to get banned. And people are still angry.

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Women who are silenced and backed into a corner might get a little more aggressive. Be the change you want to see perhaps? I also suspect TRAs are trying to poke the bear and make us out to be what they claim we are.

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We're missing ~63,000 women so no surprises the vibe is different. Plus I think illusions that these people can be reasoned with are gone.

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On Reddit we had to toe the line and be polite because of trying to avoid being banned and so many others coming from other subreddits. Here we don't.

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This is unfortunate, but somewhat inevitable given the much smaller community, the opportunists seeing a chance to interact with the community while it regains traction, and the overall tone of the platform of saidit.

We're doing what we can to moderate this community to the same standard as our Reddit community. If you prefer, Spinster is another option for you. Give it a shot. Only you can determine if it's a site for you. A team of the original GC mods are also currently working on creating a GC specific site.

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What everyone else has said. We're tired, pissed, still regrouping, still gathering archived data from r/GC, waiting on the new GC website (last I heard it was in alph-testing), it's hot (in the northern hemisphere), SaidIt just survived a huge DDOS -- everyone's crankier than usual.

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I don't like the way spinster is set up. It seems impossible to find any continuity with any posts. It's like a bunch of people screaming into the void.

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Yeah I'm not a huge fan either. It's pretty much twitter. not the greatest for having conversations or spreading news.

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It's because we're angry now. We were kind and civil before and we STILL got shit on and banned. Being "nice" isn't going to guarantee our rights when we're saying things men don't like.

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Honestly - the lack of down-voting means I'm a lot more free to post what I'm thinking, and not worry so much that someone might take it the wrong way.

I also don't have to worry about posting something that will "get us in trouble".

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Personally, I find Saidit GC nicer. I’d witnessed an intolerance towards pet ownership and a general dislike of animals in Reddit GC.

These opinions were definitely in the minority and not unexpected considering the amount of members the site attracted, especially from poorer nations where animals were often in competition with food sources, but I often felt hollow after reading some comments and my interest in the site faded.

So far so good here, as far as I’m concerned - I hope it remains primarily women focused with limited interest from anti-pet activists.

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Other people have chimed in about this site, but I'll say I like Spinster...a lot. It's like Twitter, except (thankfully) not. I have the same handle over there.