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All the Karen subreddits are chock full of misogyny. I spent a couple of hours reading them the other day. Many seem to enjoy finding that it is acceptable to openly bash at least middle-aged white women with certain hair-cuts, while far worse behavior by men goes unmentioned or at least is never generalized the same way.

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The thing I hate the most about the Karen shit is that when people ask why there is no male equivalent, there are always 50 comments claiming there is, each one of them supplying a different name.

"Kevin!" "Chad!" "Ken!" "Brent!" "Keith!" Etc.

Oh, yeah? So where are the news headlines using those names? Because I've seen "Karen" used in every major news source, but every time a male exhibits the same behavior, it just says "Man Does [Insert Horrible Thing Here]" whereas if it's a woman, it's "Karen Does [Insert Horrible Thing Here]".

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The only thing liberals and conservatives can agree on these days is "fuck white women".

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Right! So ridiculous. Cant be a liberal because they've gone crazy and cant be a conservative cause they have always hated women.

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"Karen" is a misogynistic slur.

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I really hate the fact that I'm the "cool person to hate" this US election. I'm not quite middle aged, but close enough to qualify.

Historically speaking, I always resented the high-maintenance highly-entitled women who'd get power trips over eviscerating low-level employees, but the term is being used on all women over 30 who have anything to say.

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OMG those are actual groups? That really scares me because those men do occasionally leave their basement cave to venture out for food or other necessities and they might be in line behind me. Those men are dangerous to female health.

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I think MGTOW and Redpill are quarantined, so men can still read those threads.

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Reddit has never cared one bit about getting rid of misogyny. Even the worst incel sub of all was only banned after its users told a guy to kill himself. The fatphobia sub was only booted after people there harassed imgur staff. The pedophilia sub thrived for years and it took Anderson Cooper reporting on it for the admins to act. The unmeasurable damage subs like these did directly & indirectly to women & girls, and how they messed up male psyches forever...

Now the feminist/gender critical subs that never hurt anyone? Gone in the blink of an eye just because some TRAs campaigned against it.

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Speaking of “Karens,” Stephen Colbert’s intro last night did a really nasty video attack on anti-mask Karens... most in-store situations “exposing” about a dozen different screaming, me-first, entitled low-life white women basically tearing into everyone around them and telling the world to fuck off with its conspiracy shit. What the video really said, in no uncertain terms, is that women are monsters.

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I love that the all these anti-mask entitled people complaints and content are women. And yet, overwhelmingly when I go out it isn't white women without masks but men. Reminds me of the anti-vaxx movement being attributed to women when men are just as susceptible.

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Of course women get to be the mascot of entitled customer despite men be just as, if not more, shitty to customer service employees. The amount of grown men I've seen throw hissy fits over the slightest thing going wrong...

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Oh heavens yes. Retail sales escapee here, I'd say 60-70% of terrible customers I had were men. Most of the women who came in looking for a fight were actually able to be de-escalated. The men just seemed unreachable in comparison.

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Yes, its definitely men who don't wear masks, but evidence doesn't stop the viral stereotypes.

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And in the videos were people have anti-mask temper tantrums, it's men who get physical over it. I'd rather be ranted at than shoved around.

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If I had all the time in the world, I'd be writing letters slamming everyone who uses this schtick. It's obviously used to dehumanize women as a group, not just specific people. The men are the ones who can't seem to grasp wearing masks.

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It was clearly aimed at all women. And Colbert does his home show with his wife right in the wings as a sort of prop (we rarely see her on his home camera). And this arrangement could never be reversed.

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It will never happen. The trans brigade of pedos and furries have taken over Reddit, with Reddit's blessing.

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The double standards are so obvious. How many stories have you heard of middle-aged men being creeps to customer service workers, but there seems to be no name for those people. And if there was a name that stood for every young muslim male that goes to a western country and harasses white women for daring to walk around with their elbows exposed the mass-media outrage would never end. And that outrage would come mainly from women as well. That's just how it works, women stand up for all other groups and men don't. As our reward we get to read about how much we suck on mainstream websites everyday while men are free to walk around acting like assholes and perverts all day long. No special name mocking them, no endless video compilations of their crappy behavior.

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Tell that to reddit admins. They don't care.

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don't care

Or worse - maybe they created those subs.

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There are as many or most likely, more, white women standing on the street being shot for demanding racial equality than there are videos of white women screaming at people. White women arent a monolith anymore than any other group.

Its very clear to me that this is just a resurrection of misogyny masked in woke language. The tides have turned on social justice, whether people want to admit it or not, its social suicide today to go on the attack against marginalized people. Its excited the mainstream(good riddance). You cant just hate women.

So they hate white women as a whole and blame every white woman for the actions of others. They would blame all women if they could.