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These are racist fucking lies. I can't believe they get away with this shit. NOBODY ever had any trouble in history telling non-white females apart from males. Witness the history of gynecology and other human experiments on slaves. When racists call black women masculine, it isn't because they can't actually tell apart men and women, it's because they're racist POS trying to insult women.

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I can't believe they get away with this shit

Well, he's getting ratioed hard for this tweet, [and the quote tweets are almost universally dunks too], so I wouldn't say he's really getting away with it at least.

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I’m glad he got dragged for this tweet. How long ago did he post it, if he didn’t delete it, I want to see for myself.

Edit: I found the post, he was not dragged nearly as much as I had hoped. All his comments were highly upvoted and at the top. To see the comments from black people dragging him for being racist, you had to scroll down and they didn’t have as many likes. I’m massively disappointed.

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Well the photo of the tweet has the date and time it was posted listed, but even in cases where a lot of info is blanked out it's pretty easy to find tweets if they still exist because twitter actually has a pretty decent search engine with a lot of tools at your disposal. You don't need to be logged in to use it, either, just go to (or just if you know what you're doing) and look it up.

And I did confirm it exists still, but I'll let you try the tool out and find it for yourself.

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I actually did find it after I wrote that comment, I edited my comment to show it. Thanks though.

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Lol, well then I should teach you something about about Twitter search that you can use to remedy your disappointment.

To see all the quote tweets for a tweet, simply plug the URL of the tweet into the search bar, like so.

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Ty, yes the comments I’m seeing here are much better.

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In Brazil, black women was commonly raped by their owners. I don't think slave owners would rape someone they saw as male...

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He's also in the comments saying he's made Terfs upset, yet there's WOC calling him out, so I guess it does not matter what WOC think! Dude claims to care about "Women" yet he's calling woc TERFS for not agreeing with him. This opinion is becoming more and more common on twitter, it's usually shut down, but I can't tell you HOW many times I've seen transwomen/Allies jump to the "What about black women in sports? What about black women?"

In their mind we look like men and if we are masculine women and still women, then why aren't transwomen considered women? Notice they don't do this to non-WOC as often. I have no idea why they have to push for WOC to be seen as most like transwomen, but no one else. I have no idea why they moved on from saying it's "Transphobic!" to using racism. I guess there's a lot of racists WOC then.

Imagine saying you care about this topic but tell actual WOC to shut the fuck up if they disagree.

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I think they are screaming 'racist' instead of 'transphobe' because they know transphobe has no meaning and it is an insult that does not stick. On the other hand, 'racist' is an incredibly powerful name to call someone and when we hear someone called racist we take notice without really enquiring further as to why they are being accused. If they continue to use 'racist' out of context they risk devaluing the word so that it loses it's importance and gravitas to become like a schoolyard jibe - meaningless and empty.

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To be honest with you I think we're already at that stage. Words like 'fascist' or 'racist' or 'transphobe' have just become Woke shorthand for 'I disagree with what you say, and am no longer going to engage'.

When maths is racist and books like White Fragility are used as corporate training manuals the words lose absolutely all currency.

Am I a transphobe for believing in biology? Am I a racist when I claim not to be when someone says I am?

Sure, why not? These words have no power any more.

edit: grammar

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"Terf" is the new "this woman is telling me something that makes me upset". Doesn't matter what you do or believe, if you're a woman you're a terf if you upset a man. A lot of similarities with "bitch" and "karen". New word, same misogyny.

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For the same reason they always tokenize "trans women of color", it's to blur the line between trans activism and black activism. The same way they use the LGBTQ to latch themselves onto and speak for/over the gay community without ever helping gay causes.

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Another point, you know who believe WOC look like men? Do you know who says that kind of shit? RACISTS.

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Saying that women of color look like men is racist nonsense. Also, masculine looking women are still women because they're biologically female.

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Yeah, that dude has a hell of a ratio going. Like 1.5k comments to 500 likes.

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Also, masculine looking women are still women because they're biologically female.

They reject the fact that biological females exist. I think this has become the mainstream TRA position over the last 3 months. It was out there before, but mainstream magazines and charities weren't saying it. Now they are.

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This is nonsense, somehow the people who kept slaves knew who to rape well enough, not to mention who to use as wet nurses and for other domestic tasks. Black women are known for having more curves, who would think they are the one you can't tell apart from men?

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This doesn't make any sense. I know the feminist critiques he's trying to reference. But those critiques are talking about stereotypes of femininity, not biological womanhood. (Lower-class white women were excluded from femininity, too. The class aspects to these critiques always gets dropped.)

There has never been a point in history when anyone literally could not tell women of color from men of color. That's part of the history of violence that he references! This was sex-specific violence and sex-segregated coerced labor.

Can he possibly believe what he's writing? Can he possibly not know how incoherent and offensive what he's saying is? And why do men always feel so comfortable defining womanhood?

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And why do men always feel so comfortable defining womanhood?

Their most revered religious tracts, the Old Testament of the Christians / the Torah of the Jews, dating from far earlier than the birth of Christ, defined women as the second created, who were created solely as companions and helpmates ("meets") for men. And to this day, as we have seen, men are trying to confine us to that role, as being solely for them and not for ourselves. This is true not only of conservative "religious" men, but of the most "progressive", left wing, atheists, "feminists", "trans women", the whole mess of men. This shows the human male sex is completely irredeemable, and we'd really be better off without them.

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Following that logic men were created as companions for all of flora and fauna, as everything was created before men, so men were created last. In the same breath they are claiming to be the apex of creation as they were created last, which would make them perfect. The problem for them here is, women were created last, which makes women the culmination - the apex of creation.

Also sidenote: Adam literally means dirt, while Eve means life. Kinda telling if you ask me. The writers of their books were onto something 🤣

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That's true, but I never knew the preachers / teachers of patriarchal religion to be logical.

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Their most revered religious tracts, the Old Testament of the Christians / the Torah of the Jews, dating from far earlier than the birth of Christ, defined women as the second created, who were created solely as companions and helpmates ("meets") for men.

That is ONE of the narrative in Genesis. There are TWO stories of the creation of humans in Genesis, one says (Genesis 1-27):

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

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So what? The version I mentioned still exists and is the model society has been built on, and is the one most people know. Besides, whichever version, it still holds a "he" as the supreme creator, which is a Supreme Ho Hum.

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So what? The version I mentioned still exists and is the model society has been built on, and is the one most people know.

Not really. Gen 1-27 is a quote very well known in many languages, for example "Homme et femme il les créa".

Besides, whichever version, it still holds a "he" as the supreme creator, which is a Supreme Ho Hum.

In the English version. Can English speaking people stop projecting issues of their own language upon the rest of the world and pretend that it is a general issue? First off, the original Hebrew does not have a pronoun subject, so your argument that "He" is written is language dependent, but I guess if it is English, then it must be for the rest of the world right? There is no subject pronoun in the original Hebrew as it is a language like Japanese and many others that does not require a subject. The subject "He" is added in English because English is a language that requires a subject.

Second, "He" refers to a male, but there are plenty of languages whose pronouns do not refer to sex, French for example, where a male can be refer to a "She" if you use a feminine word (the proper meaning of gender which is grammatical gender).

So can you please stop ascribing to humanity what is specific to English. And that should actually tell you that your argument is incorrect since Jewish and Christian beliefs developed long before English was used. So saying "the Bible says HE" so it is patriarchy, is a nonsensical argument because first it is false (there is no subject in Hebrew), and second it is an English based argument which considerably restrict its scope.

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Are you telling me that people who don't speak English don't interpret their religions patriarchally and it's just my "narrow minded projection" of "issues" peculiar to English that causes me to think they are patriarchal when they aren't? Get out of here.

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I am saying that saying that a religion is patriarchal because in English it uses he as pronoun for God is a silly argument.

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Men, on average, are incredibly dumb. I don't know how they survive daily tbh.

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This makes me sick to my stomach. I’m a WOC who has most of these characteristics, a few genetic but most because I’ve suffered from an endocrine disorder my whole life! It made my life hell. But hey, why deal with biological facts on an individual basis when you can sacrifice women of color to men larping as women?

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I hate hearing this mostly because it's a lie, I'm not saying this to be rude it's a human feature not a manly one but facial hair and strong jawlined are more prevalent in white particularly ethnic white women than black that alone means it cannot be a "woc trait", so you know good try but no. Black people are less hairy in general due to the hot climate in africa; edit: he just decided to list off all the most "masculine traits" he could think of and attributed them to non-white women because in his mind white women obviously own femininity/womanhood. Other cultures have their own ideas of gender and sexuality this kinda reminds me off the idea that black people should be seen through the lens of white culture instead of a separate culture altogether. This is no different from the stereotype that all people of a race look alike, white women share traits with white men other women don't but we don't call blond hair masculine, it's only done to black women to describe our hair and our features, it's a very strange mix of sexism too where men define the entire race. I've also heard this crap about the olympics I mean maybe woc don't compete but the truth is people making these arguments are completely ignoring the fact that white women hold the titles for weight lifting sports (it's not a bad thing and it still doesn't make weight lifters men).

Transwomen like to use woc to boost their image because if black women did it, as masculine as black women are (according to white and racist culture starting in the 1600s) why can't men? There's been some arguments over whether or not black women experience transphobia to gather pawns for their side; black women's race specific oppression has a name it's mysogynoir and it exist because our bodies are black and female, not black and trans, not black male, don't ever accept that lie because the day you do you prove them right we are too "transwomen" and now we're in their arena where transphobia is the oppression and not sexism.

Do they really not understand how racist it is to call black women (the argument usually starts with black women and ends up with woc because strength in numbers), men do they know how long this shit has been going on or why it started? It's racism and it's the same racism that gets black men killed, "black bodies are scary".

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He thinks he's so right as a "white passing" poc that 4chan and not actual woc are correcting his racist views.

I'm actually just putting these resources out for my own followers! I know that 4chan & Young alt right boy reddit boards have been creating multiple accounts to pretend to be women of colour with random profile pictures on this app for time! Show the receipts c.."

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So black women all look the same now? And that look is masculine, strong-jawed, and bearded? And the women telling him that they aren’t masculine and their race has nothing to do with their sex are silenced as terfs.

Bruh just put on the pointy white hood.

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Nope all women telling him that are NOT women of color according to him, they are TERFS, Alt-right and 4channers PRETENDING to be WOC. Not only can WOC not think differently then this man but if they DO they HAVE to be liars or some other horrible thing. Shows how these people think, they don't want to talk to WOC, they want to talk AT us. Here we have a "Cis" male telling WOC they cannot be WOC thinking the way they think. Just like LGB drop the T is full of straight white men according to people on reddit. Or SOOOOO many lesbians like transwomen and TERFS lesbians are the crazy ones, or all the straight men sucking lady cock and how everyone ELSE is crazy for thinking straight men don't want a penis'd women and lesbians don't want a penis'd women.

Notice how they assume all groups of people think exactly how they do, if not? They are TERFs or aren't what they say they are because these people KNOW how these people should think and feel.

I'm noticing a pattern, how they pretend certain ways of thinking are OUT of this world. Also, notice how many white transwomen/white people are in the comments of these kind of posts. There's always a bunch of them, sort of like they LIKE the idea of people saying this shit about WOC.

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It’s unreal how thinly veiled the racism is yet still being gobbled up by so many people.

Telling black women they are actually conservative white men because they disagree with him..idk how to even describe it. Just ew. He’s dictating what these women must think after calling them lesser women. The doubling down is just so typical of these sorts guys.

They really do act like anything that isn’t what they want in the moment is the wildest, most unrealistic bizarro world idea and it often feels like condescending gaslighting imo. Like, ~noooo silly woman you don’t know anything everyone absolutely adores cocks in frocks and you’re just a weird little bigoted prude who should doubt your own boundaries and stop murdering men by not letting them fuck you~

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He is an utterly racist asshole and an idiot, trying to hitch the trans wagon to all other causes the way I see it done all the time.

People's ideas about womanhood have always in the past been based on the female body, whatever those ideas have otherwise been (some nasty, some neutral, some objective). It's as if he is saying that our concept of what a house is has always been racialized because houses look different in different climates, say.

I hate this. It is an exploitation of women of color and a denial of their beauty, and only because he wants us to declare that a teacup is now also a house.

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And yet somehow I’ve never mistook a black woman for a man or a transwoman for an actual woman

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How does this sort of thing pass for thought?

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Yeah, I'm still back on "wtf did I just read?"

When people agree with dude, what do they think they're agreeing with? This is a hateful mess.

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I guess racism is woke now if you're defending male fetishists.

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because men in dresses are so oppressed... looks at priests and imams. yeah, my ass.

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Been noticing a trend of TRAs trying to colonize Black identity.

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TIMs don't look like masculine women. They look like the men they are.

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With the way these people use words, I get the feeling some of them don’t have an education, or some of them are high school dropouts

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Many who support these narratives are very sheltered.

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That could be it. Some of them are probably middle schoolers or high schoolers too

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just when I think they can't be more regressive, they prove me wrong.

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Oh wow, how helpful of them to point out that WE were the racist ones all along! Not, you know, the person saying that all women of color look male.

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What? What is he even saying? Who is saying 'womanhood' just means 'feminine'? Isn't that what trans ideology says...?

We're not saying 'masculine' woman aren't women, we're saying MALES aren't woman.

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This line of thought specifically sucks, but I have to turn my brain off whenever anyone claims "All X are Y." Come on, don't be that stupid.

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So... what's the reason that nearly every TiM is racist? Or TRA, it seems like? Facial hair is more common in some white women. Strong jaws are not a particular feature of black Africans. Whenever they give examples of who these "masculine black women" are, THEY NEVER LOOK MALE AT ALL.

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Ermmmm. But we're not defining men women by secondary sex characteristics such as facial shape and body hair. Our idea of womanhood is based on reproductive sex. Which, incidentally, you can't change with facial feminisation surgery or electrolysis beard removal. Not that anyone would try to 'achieve' 'womanhood' by doing that :)

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If it's any consolation, they aren't just targeting black women here - I've seen them say the same thing about Asian women, that you can't tell Asian women and men apart. They said it about that Chinese "women's" relay team that was blatantly, obviously, 75% male. (China claimed they were women and I'm sure that was true, but only by the IOC definition of woman.)

TRAs are just horrible, disgusting human beings and will say anything to discredit their opponents, however nonsensical or racist it is. Bonus points if it makes women feel bad because they hate and are jealous of women. This tweet is dual purpose, it is passive-aggression aimed at all WOC, including even devout trans handmaidens, as well as overt aggression aimed at painting the reality-based community as racist. I'm pretty sure that taking a good look at this dude's photo, if he's posted it anywhere, will help you put this post in perspective and might make you feel better. He is seethingly envious.

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I was gonna bring that up. Remember when they called us racist because we knew the Chinese runners with Adam's apples, penises, and deep male voices were men? Absolute gaslighters.

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That is very true. One of the racists comments I have always read is about South Asian women and mustaches and other body hair. Most women there don’t shave and are not pressured to shave unlike here in America but when they come here their natural hairiness is used to imply they are men by racist white men. These same men then wear wigs, shave and claim they are more woman because they are less hairy than some women esp. WOC. They are such fucking racists.

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What were NOT gonna do is stand here and pretend that Black women look like men. That has no basis in reality at all

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Neat, combining blatant racism with misogyny.

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“Trannymaxxing to get lesbians is my idea and I hope it spreads.”

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Oh yeah, it's basically impossible to tell black men from black women /s

So offensive, I can't believe people are actually saying that with a straight face

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If this were true black men would also be mistaken as black women, yet they are not.

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I've never in my life perceived women of color as masculine. And that's coming from somebody who met her first woman of color at 11 or 12.

Apparently you don't only get away with the most regressive gender sterotypes but also with 19th century racial theories if only you're woke enough...

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What the actual F????? This is so ignorant and racist. Unfortunately, I am not suprised at these deranged comments.

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What this idiot is describing are features that differ as much between black and white men as they do women.

The truth here is that sexual dimorphism looks a bit different in Europeans, Asians, Africans, etc. Hair growth patterns are more dependent on race, ethnicity and genes than on sex. End of fucking story.

The other side to this is that the culture idealizes hairlessness in women and this is unhealthy for all of us. We should not need to subject ourselves to excessive hair removal regimens. They are only further distorting our image of what women should look like.

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No one mistakes a black woman for a black man. Ever. In fact the nature of the crimes against black women vs black men prove it.

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I feel sick. That is all.

[–]motionlessoracle 7 insightful - 1 fun7 insightful - 0 fun8 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

Women of color are not masculine. I can see they are women quite easily. They are my sisters.

If men think women of color look masculine, it's because they've been pushed an image of femininity that is 100% white Barbie doll.

[–]OrneryStruggle 5 insightful - 1 fun5 insightful - 0 fun6 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

LOL woke people I know started saying black women are ~not really women or ~not feminine thus transwomen are women way back, like 5 or more years ago, and I was absolutely shocked that it was apparently now acceptable and encouraged to say something so racist. Now it's just standard leftist rhetoric. Remember when everyone was saying Serena Williams looks male? Because she has defined shoulders? LMFAO imagine being that racist.

[–]mangosplums 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

This is so disgusting. The way TRAs use black women makes me furious. I would be so livid if I were black. I just can’t describe how disgusting and racist it is. They are the ones who are racist.

[–]ophelia 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

Women of color have infinitely more similarities to white women than they do with men. Fucking male "feminists" think they can separate women with this racist gaslighting shit lmao...