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That is one of reasons why TQ+ must be dropped from LGB.

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agree, it's only doing us LGB a disservice

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Two years ago at Pride, McBride was the Grand Marshall and gave a speech about trans this and trans that. Unreal.

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For a minute there I thought you said 'McPride' and thought that if McDonalds are offering rainbow food now we've really gone too far.

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hahahah! I beed a good laugh, thank you! Seriously, thank you!

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That's why we should either drop the TQ etc crowd from the community or at least get the L (maybe the G too unless they're don't care/help the TRAs) out ourselves.

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I've been spending some time reading LGBDropTheT (they are a lovely group), and it's been noted that the subreddit AskGayBros has been peaking recently. Apparently with all the gender critical/terfy/etc. subs banned, the T have been targeting that sub.

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It wasn't only "terfy" things that got banned. Truelesbians was also banned, which was a sub created by and for female only lesbians (because apparently that needs to be specified these days), because the ladymenz simply can't allow women to have a penis free space for any reason whatsoever. /r/JoanneRowling was created after the original JKRowling sub went a transpositive route, and basically decided not to allow positive support for JK after her "transphobic" tweets. It was banned after only about two weeks of existence. It's ridiculous as this point.

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Agreed it's all completely ridiculous.

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It's certainly been interesting to watch - I'm dumbfounded that they can be like "YOu stupid cunt, you're not a gay man, you're a brainwashed yaoi slashfic tumblrkweer - now go rub one out and cry about it to your proxrgendr friends," like good on them maximizing that male privilege.

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It seems like a compulsion to always have to castigate one group or another about how they're doing it wrong.

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I'm so glad I grew up in the 90's before the LGBT+ went full batshit insane. I seriously think I would have been "forced" into thinking I was a trans man rather than what I am a demisexual women. Growing up I developed breasts early on at age 10 and they were huge 34G at age 14. The leers I got from older men and other unwanted comments from women and my peers made me hate my breasts. I dressed like a guy to avoid the looks and comments. Just because you dress like a man doesn't make you a man. Just because you don't like men doesn't make you a man. Just because you have internalized issues about your tits doesn't make you a man. How about we stop throwing 'trans' labels on every youth that walks though the LGBT+ door and actually let them figure it out.

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LGB is about sexual orientation. All the rest is just a bunch of personality nonsense. Like "nonbinary". We used to call that androgynous, and basically, nobody cares. We get it, you're straight and you don't (or do) like to wear makeup. Nobody cares.

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I reckon they think they are heavily lesbian, as most TiM announce they're "lesbians," right?

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Tax money given to trans, gays and lesbians ignored.

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They've just replaced all the lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals with the trans uncanny valley versions Stepford Wives style. But like uglier and less well-behaved. LGBs are now transbians, fujoshis, and pseudobisexual AGPs. Forget LGBTQ. It's now TFPTQ.

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What the fuck is a fujoshi?

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A significant portion of the population of straight girls who transition to become gay men, whom they fetishize.

And in action:

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I don't think most TRAs even consider gays and lesbians to be minorities, in need of help or oppressed at all. For the trans "women", being lesbian is just a fetish anyway, and many TiFs apparently fetishize gay sex as well.

Basically anyone "cis" is only interesting and worthy of attention as long as they get something out of them (sex or validation or an enemy to fight), they don't care about helping cis gay/bi/lesbian people, those are supposed to be there as background/supporting characters in the show they consider themselves the big star of.

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They probably think homophobia is gone now that gay marriage is legal.

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Agreed, so many organizations have centered trans people that it's ridiculous. It stems beyond LGBTQ+ organizations too. Camps/clubs for girls/women in STEM? Must include transgirls/transwomen or else. Much like every news article's comment section six years ago eventually blaming Obama for breathing, every damn thing posted has to relate to transpeople every time, especially TiMs.

There was a discussion on another forum the other day about a post someone made shaming muscular women, saying that women shouldn't have abs and men have primal instincts to be attracted to curvy women only. Of course, our retort was "That's false, as everyone has different preferences, but really who cares what men find attractive? Why should that be our baseline for our appearance? Why are we constantly body shaming women no matter what?" Of course, in comes the brigade, "Well, MORE IMPORTANTLY, it's transphobic!" No, not more importantly. This was a post written by a woman shaming other women; we're not going to center transpeople yet again. Also, there is a big difference between a man being attracted to a woman with defined abs and a man being attracted to a man with defined abs.

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the fact that some TRAs think that a man imitating an exaggerated version of womanhood is more important and valid than actual woman is insane.

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I feel sorry for plain old homosexuals these daya.