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My opinion? Straight white men aren't "cool" and found a way to be socially relevant.

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My take is that some straight white men aren't into masculine gender roles and think that therefore they're women instead.

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Being comfortable and coming from privilege and money isn't cool right now. The white kids with a vacation home are snapchatting their self harm and gender politics to feel relevant.

Take this for what you will, i'm white and grew up with mixed family and was always the minority at school race-wise. The non-white community I grew up with had its share of non-gender conforming people, lots of black gay women who presented male, and effeminate black men with a female nickname, and we just live and let live with them. Bi people and gays in my experience were accepted without question by the majority of the black community ( I can only speak for the one I grew up in). And gender non-conforming clothing was also more culturally acceptable imho than in the white circles.

BUT when I transferred to a majority white school, it felt like many white kids who, like myself, come from a comfortable middle class or higher really struggle to define themselves and have to ANNOUNCE to everyone when they're depressed, when they're a different sexuality, as a core personality trait instead of just one facet of their being.

Even now the non-whites I know who are gay/lesbian and yes trans, they don't make a big deal about it. They come out, they are activists in their real life community, but they aren't hateful or as loud and obnoxious as the white TRA crowd. I can't say why; maybe being a minority and all the challenges they face mutes any desire to play the oppression olympics?

A lot of TRA activity online, if you do some quick snooping, is perpetrated by really young white kids, like, as young as 13. People who are currently still growing up (generalizing bear with me) in relative comfort who need both a sense of community/identity and struggle to cling to to give themselves purpose.

Also, being white means you can be much more violent, obnoxious, and attention-seeking without consequences (I cannot stress how much this is from personal experiences; white people can come from poverty but they're not buying steroids and hormones are they hmm...)

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maybe being a minority and all the challenges they face mutes any desire to play the oppression olympics?

It seems like it has to do with that "opression points" idea. Nowadays being "oppressed" is cool, so they are coming up with something "not like others" and now they are oppressed. And because there no real violence or oppression is made against them at all, they need to find something that can be branded as oppression or violence - like misgendering. And then they played this too much, and started believing in their own made-up stuff massively.

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Your points with class and age are very important factors to consider when having this discussion.

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And why most trans people are middle or high class wtih decent amount of money?

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And male, let's not forget male.

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Most trans and enbies are girls/women though.

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Yes, but you rarely hear about them, it's all about transwomen all the time. It's almost like male privilege doesn't end when a man transitions!

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Just because you rarely hear from them doesn't mean they don't exist and don't have an impact, imo.

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Men dominate this cult and we all know it.

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those who aren't are making gofundmes to beg for donations to their transitioning campaign...

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It's an upper class, first world based movement. Of course it's white. Edit: I'm not talking about people with sex dysphoria at large, I'm talking about tumblr politics and ""oppressed"" nonbinary trust fund kids.

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I don’t know the answer to OP’s question but Dave Chappelle said something about this in 2017:

But if I’m honest… my problem has never been with transgender people. My problem has always been with the dialogue about transgender people. I just feel like these things should not be discussed in front of the blacks. It’s fucking insulting, all this talk about how these people feel inside. Since when has America given a fuck how any of us feel inside? And I cannot shake this awful suspicion that the only reason everybody is talking about transgenders is because white men want to do it. That’s right. I just said that. If it was just women that felt that way or black dudes and Mexican dudes being like, “Hey, ya’ll, we feel like girls inside.” They’d be like, “Shut up, nigger. No one asked you how you felt. Come on, everybody, we have strawberries to pick.” It reeks of white privilege. You never asked yourself why it was easier for Bruce Jenner to change his gender than it was for Cassius Clay to change his fucking name?

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Oh man. He hit the nail on the head. It’s interesting hearing about these things from someone with an outside perspective.

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OP, I don't think it's accurate to say "most trans people are white" and that "being trans is most prevalent in the white community."

Yes, in countries such as the USA, Canada and the UK, the bulk of heterosexual AGPs who come out as trans in midlife have always been predominantly white and fairly well off. This seems to be the case for so many of today's young TIFs in those countries as well.

But in Asia, pretty much all the gay guys who for generations have identified, or been stigmatized and shunted into a special second-class sex caste, as lady boys, Fa'afafine, Hijra and other "third genders" have always been non-white. Because in the parts of the world they come from, being white is not the norm.

Similarly, a very large proportion of the the gay males in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa who in the past were transvestites and drag queens - and today are likely to identify as transwomen - have always been of races other than white.

Many of the most prominent, powerful and highly celebrated trans activists in the US and UK today are men of non-white ethnicity: Laverne Cox, Munroe Bergdorf; Eliz Warren campaign aide Ashlee Marie Preston; Human Rights Campaign women's HIV ambassador Blossom Brown; Shea Diamond; "Latinx trans activist" Bamby Salcedo; Andree Jenkins; Alok Vain Menon; Amarou and tons of others. The new communications director for the USA's Ms. Foundation is a young black male who IDs as a transwoman.

In the USA, the TIM athletes to have made the biggest inroads into women's sports at the HS and NCAA uni/college level so far have been black males: Cece Telfer, Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood. These guys have been widely celebrated in the mainstream media, and by organizations such as the ACLU, for "bravely" being the first boys/men to trounce women in sports.

Fallon Fox, the misogynistic MMA fighter who boasts about nearly killing a woman in the ring with his fists and male body, is bi-racial.

Kricket Thunderpussy Nimmons, the TIM career petty criminal whose taxpayer-funded "transition" was chronicled in fawning front-page coverage in the NY Times in 2015, is a black male.

Pearl Love, who got a great deal of attention from the Democrats - including Hillary Clinton - and the press in 2016 when Love complained of experiencing transphobia on the NYC subway, is Asian - not white.

Today, black TIMs in particular are being centered, given the spotlight, and portrayed as the "natural leaders" in BLM, USA Democratic party politics and a wide variety of other "social justice" causes:

In Western countries where there is racial diversity, a good number of girls and young women "of color" have gotten caught up in trans ideology and have identified as trans. In part because they often come from religious backgrounds and specific subcultures that are extremely sexist and anti-lesbian.

The young woman in the UK who is currently taking legal action against the NHS for putting her on puberty blockers, testosterone and encouraging her to have her breasts removed, is AFIAK of mixed-race or "of color."

In the US and other countries, there are TONs of non-white young people of both sexes caught up in transmania.

YouTube has tons of videos about black transmen. Here are just a few:

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I agree with this. There is a really sexist, homophobic strain of creepy white dudes with anime profile pics identifying as "trans" nowadays, but many different cultures have terms for what GC would call "HSTS" trans people -- though some of the terms, like hijra, are quite derogatory and in general these "third gender" males (never heard of one for AFAB people) are afforded a low status in society.

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You bring up really great points and resources. Do you have any idea why other racial and ethnic groups transition? I'm sure in the middle east it stems from homophobia. I'm not too sure of other places like Thailand.

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In most of these countries, these third genders are used on men who aren’t masculine enough to be considered real men. It isn’t some progressive thing, it’s an example of men like gay men being excluded by other men. They are given a low status and they are not seen as truly another sex, they’re seen as lesser men.

It’s really frustrating for me to see people use things like Hijra as evidence when Indians don’t even really support gay people. They generally think gay is caused by hormonal issues and that trans is an example of crazy white people. No one in India really believes that there are all these other genders, in fact they laugh at what places like the US do.

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THIS IS SOMETHING I'VE NOTICED TOO! This especially applied to the nonbinary and genderfluids too. I feel like so many white men tried to find a way "to be oppressed" so they don't have to acknowledge their privileges. It's also SOOO interesting to see that black trans women are the specific demographic being pushed to the forefront while their actual population is quite low- much lower than the white population.

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It's also SOOO interesting to see that black trans women are the specific demographic being pushed to the forefront while their actual population is quite low- much lower than the white population.

Oh shit I never realised this. That's so disgusting.

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This may be perceived as somewhat racist but it isn't meant to be, it's a big generalization and just my thoughts.

Most of this trans cult shit is happening in the western world where people are comparatively priveleged, to the rest of the world. (There are for example Ladyboys and hijras and things in other parts of the world, but I don't think they have this sort of cult mentality...)

People who have to fight for their day to day existence don't have time for this.

White people are often at the top of the list when it comes to privelege, and white men are the top of the top. This is some new fucked up fetish that is being taken up by usually ugly white men who don't feel they fit the archetype that a powerful white man should, and they probably have one or two twisted fantasties from porn, that they're trying to live out, thrown in there.

And probably has also alot to do with nerdy white guys spending too much time on the internet to ruminante in all this and then eventually lose touch with reality. Once I did a bit of a deep dive into the mtf subs on Reddit and most of the guys on there had on their activity history mainly porn and gaming related activity, along with the trans stuff.

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I think a lot of people with means can afford to go to a doctor and get prescribed voluntary hormone treatment. I hear it's quite expensive, and it's a lifelong thing.

Also if the stereotype of the ROGD tech bro is true, then that's someone with insurance, a stable career, an environment that would be more open to a trans co-worker I'd imagine. In my time in West coast tech i encountered a lot of wokebros and Libertarian types.

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Based on my experience, the trans people are mostly white racists. They attack not only women, but other ethnic groups that generally see TRAS' ideology as bullshits.

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I've read studies that say the trans population is actually more diverse than the US population, so I'm not sure that it really is more prevalent in the white community. I think it's just the transbians that are more prevalent in the white community, and they're very loud about wanting people to like girldicks so they seem more prevalent.

I think most of the TIMs that are gay men actually want to go stealth.

And that's not even addressing the massive increase is TIFs.

And I think most of the toxic allies are white because... unfortunately... feminism. Feminism got twisted in to some "make men feel good about anything they do" movement and so here we are.

So I do think you're just noticing the obnoxious, loud, minority. Which I do know is their argument. But they've decided to let the obnoxious, loud minority lead their movement, so what else can a person notice?

If the sane trans people, that realize TIMs are still biologically men, wanted to lead the movement, we probably wouldn't even be having this conversation. But they've either decided or have been drown out by the people who think calling their penis a vagina magically literally turns it in to a vagina. So here we are.

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"Sane trans people", LOL, that's a good one.

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It's boring, but the most likely answer? 72% of the US and 82% of the UK is white, so at lest in those two places, the fact that white people are the overwhelming majority probably explains why there are more white trans people that you're observing. Also, at least in the US, white people tend to have better health insurance and more money that can help them with therapy, transition, etc.

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Why indeed. Shame and the new white man's burden mentality if you ask me.

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Idk if there’s actually more trans people that are white or if it just seems that way because they are the most vocal. White TIMs grew up with white and male privilege so makes sense they would be the most toxic and entitled.

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Men claiming to be women and demanding we all pretend along with them is the ultimate in white male privilege.

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White guilt or something similar to that. Being told that you are bad and not special results in wanting to be protected and special? I suspect it has something to do with turning yourself into a minority to avoid the scrutiny of the majority. The real answer is to ignore the instigations of white guilt (as a form of white supremacy) and move on so we can work on fixing real problems.

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I don't have a link because I didn't save it, but quite a few months ago (maybe even in 2019), someone in reddit's gendercritical posted a link showing that black and Latino boys and men were OVER represented for receiving GRS , while white boys and men were UNDER represented . IOW and IIRC , the black and latino males were 2-3 % (or 3-4%) more likely to get GRS than is their percentage of the US population, while white males were about that percentage LESS likely to get GRS. Where white males overwhelmingly seem to dominate (especially online) is in being "transtrenders"/autogynephiliacs, who choose to define themselves as "feeling like a woman"/renaming their penises as "lady dicks"/"girl dicks"/threatening lesbians and bisexual women with being called Bad Words if they don't perform sex acts with their 'girl dicks'/threatening women with violence for not accepting them as women, and hence welcome in changing rooms, shower rooms, etc etc etc. IOW, white men are overrepresented (especially online) for being exceptionally violent, entitled, rape-y heterosexual men. While I did email quite a few articles and studies I saw posted to r/gc, I did NOT send this one to myself or I would post the link ; hopefully someone else has it handy.

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What does "IOW" mean?

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In other words.