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Oh god I saw this earlier and am simply disgusted and want someone to remove this child from their unstable home. They even post about being sexually aroused by crossdressing yeah it’s totally not a fetish.

And that book I am Jazz ?! Jazz is a poor child groomed by their mother to get a sex change to female so young they never went through male puberty and will NEVER experience sexual arousal. They had a vaginaplasty and after the reality set in that they will have to dilate it for the rest of their life(their vile mother bragged about waking them up at night to dilate it wtf) that it looks nothing like what they fantasized, and they will never experience sexual arousal or desire they disappeared from social media in the last few months citing depression so bad they couldn’t start college. I feel awful for Jazz if you watch their videos “her” eyes are dead inside and “she’s” gained so much weight from being depressed and manipulated by a mother who admitted she cried when Jazz was born male.

The trans woman OP post so much mentally unstable shit let alone They are grooming a CHILD-who would tell you they want to grow up to be a dinosaur if you told them they could.

What disgusting and rigid gender roles they’re imposing to say a little child who wears certain clothes or likes sparkles mUsT bE a GiRl.

If you go through the trans woman’s history they also post a photo saying “perk of being lesbian is not feeling weird to be a capable woman ” like doing construction work-what a sexist garbage notion something a MAN would think of women and lesbians.

My friend and mother of 3 was pregnant and the most feminine woman alive doing construction on her home with her husband until her water broke-what kind of sexist garbage are you perpetrating that straight bio women have to feel shame for being strong or doing hard labor?! Oh right because you’re a MAN and you think women are weak stereotypes.

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they also post a photo saying “perk of being lesbian is not feeling weird to be a capable woman ”

Ugh yes, I saw that and it pissed me off so. much. Just....I want to smack him, what the actual fuck is that??? How tone-deaf can a person actually be?

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Friend of my husband is a middle-aged straight woman who does nothing but construction work in her free time.

On the subject of grooming children. I know a "them" (nonbinary person who insists on this pronoun, born female) in my outer social circle. All references to her 8-year-old son are first-initial only (so as not to reveal gender), and on FB she celebrates every non-gender-conforming activity/behavior this poor kid engages in, nothing else. I fear that the treatment of her child is borderline abuse.

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This person is a frequent poster on AL commenting about their struggles as "a lesbian family" and such. He posted on r/mtf about being irritated because one of his kids 'misgendering' him in public i e calling him daddy 3 months ago. Which kid, yeah this 5 year old.

I don't have a degree in child psychology but I would venture a guess that the kid notices all the changes, the irritation when he fails to call his dad 'mama' and now tries to please his dad by also 'becoming a girl' and perhaps regain some feeling of control or the world making sense. But of course for the trans parent it's 'innate gender identity' and let's change pronouns!

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As a social worker, this hits the nail on the head for me. Very attachment-y, not gender dysphoria. "Please notice me. Please approve of me. Please be nice to me."

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Also from his post history: "One of the major perks of being a lesbian: not feeling weird about being a capable woman!" Wow, fuck off mate.

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This puts me in mind of my most hated thing: the fact that these males are taking standard feminist discourse about empowerment and not being silenced etc and using it to TALK OVER US because they're a woman too. It jars violently. No matter how genuinely dysphoric they are they just can't DO that. They have the voice and the power that we've been fighting for automatically.

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This is one of the first things that peaked me, and it's one of the worst aspects of the way that they treat women. They're so blind with male entitlement, it's almost baffling.

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Aside from what everyone else has stated, I'm sorry but no five year old speaks like that. If they do, they're most likely headed for Harvard by the age of 14. This is a child who has seen a parent transition and, if anything, is parroting bullshit they've heard. The odds are that their narcissistic TiM of a father has been all me, me, me and they feel neglected. The kid probably noticed they get more attention and praise from their father when they say and do certain things so they keep doing it. The poor kid's probably going to need therapy.

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This guy says "It honestly wouldn't surprise me too much really. I'm pretty convinced that I've got a mutation in how I process sex hormones, so it wouldn't be so surprising if I passed it on. Seems reasonable that my AMAB kids would be more likely to be trans..."

This is disgusting. Being" trans" is not an inherited trait, like your fucking hair color. I'm no scientist, but I'm preeeeeeetty sure that's not how it works. Just more examples of how trans people try to deny basic science.

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The entire thread including the comments made me ill. Saw a lot of celebration "Oh there are two trans in the family how amazing!" Like this KID IS 5. Good lord my sons as traditionally boyish as they come but even he loved playing in my makeup at a young age. Honestly to me this is absolutely him leading his poor son to be like him.

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There are actually quite a few of those "Genderqueer families" where the parents and the kids are all just "coincidentally" trans/nonbinary/whatever. Trans kids are like vegan cats...

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Look at their post history, I feel really bad for them. HRT gave them bottom dysphoria which wasn't present before, also they started as "bigender"? Like they had two personalities? It is really fucked up and I don't think their therapist is giving appropriate help

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They also seem to think they get PMS and cramping. I'm not sure exactly what is supposed to cramp mind

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Strict gender roles, religious parents, software engineer, wants bottom surgery after a year... I don't think it's going to end well

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No and I see that a lot too. Especially in the teens. :(

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I think this is a way to archive links and not link directly: (this could be the wrong one though, I've only archived a thread once before and that one got deleted in the reddit purge)

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Ill try this next time thanks! I felt icky giving reddit clicks to people who dont want to go over there.

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I will burn this goddamn house to the ground. This is that exploding star rage that someone commented happening when you first peak and go terven.

At the very least, I save shit like this to peak others. This is what my liberal but not brain-dead woke friends need to see.

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I am afraid for this child :-(

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Am I right in thinking they ordered a spinny skirt for this child to test out his reactions? If VERY spinny, proceed to I Am Jazz and question leadingly.

At least some of those posters are suggesting just letting the kid be and seeing what happens.

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They STILL confuse stereotypes with sex, goddammit. Yes, your kid likes glitter, rainbows and skirts, SO WHAT??? Many girls don't like them, and they are not less girls for it.

If your kid doesn't like the traditional role for its gender, then let he be! Teaching him that he is not a boy because of his tastes is so goddammit backwards and plain stupid.