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A few highlights:

Don’t ask for or publish a person’s criminal history unless it’s completely relevant. Be aware that trans people are disproportionately criminalized and policed. If the person you’re reporting on has a criminal record, reporting that information could have consequences for that person. For instance, it could make it harder for an individual to find work. Reporting on that criminal record also perpetuates stereotypes about trans people. If that history is not relevant to the story, you should not report it. If it is, you should consult with the individual about whether they are comfortable with that information being published. Before proceeding, discuss the potential negative impact publishing such information could have on them. You may need to find a different source or give the source anonymity if you cannot proceed with the story without publishing their criminal history. Publishing such information is rarely in the public interest. Consider killing a story if you have no alternatives.

Need to publish a trans person's criminal history because it's relevant to the story? Well, better kill the story instead. That's not censoring at all, what do you mean?

report carefully on anti-trans hate Like anti–gay rights groups or climate science deniers, anti–trans rights groups and individuals push a fringe, radical agenda. Leading medical and psychology organizations like the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association affirm trans people exist; these organizations also state that trans people need access to gender-affirming care, gender-appropriate public resources, and jobs where they can be themselves. Giving anti–trans groups a platform isn’t being unbiased, but rather giving fringe ideology outsized influence. When reporting on these groups or quoting people with this ideology, take care to fact-check their claims within the article. Do not spread disinformation.

Instead of spreading misinformation, consider saying things like "biological sex is a spectrum", "there isn't that much of a difference between a clitoris and a penis" and "transwomen menstruate too".

avoid giving a platform to TERFs or so-called “gender critical feminists”
Some anti-trans rights groups and individuals use the euphemism “gender critical feminism” to describe their hateful ideology. They are also sometimes called “trans exclusionary radical feminists” or TERFs. This ideology should not be elevated in the press. When reporting on fringe groups and hate groups, instead of calling them TERFs or gender critical feminists, use language like transphobic, anti-trans, etc. Avoid referring to anyone as a feminist when they are spreading anti-trans hate.

Don't refer to the people advocating for women's rights and equal treatment as feminists, please. That's just self-evident.

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Be aware that trans people are disproportionately criminalized and policed

I don't know why. Maybe because 48% of trans-prisoners are rapists, and 44% did violent crimes?

referring to anyone as a feminist when they are spreading anti-trans

"If someone is not calling for trans right - they are not feminist". I thought that feminist is one who advocates for women and women rights. Seems not anymore.

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Do you have a source for those statistics? I'd like to save it somewhere for the next time someone asks for numbers.

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I don't remember where exactly I got those statistics. Maybe there some links on "Did You Know", as they have links to everything.


And that is dated by 2017 year, so it was even before this big boom with AGP. So now % must be higher. Sadly now transwomen crimes in UK are written just as women crimes into statistics, so you can't tell for sure anymore.

That is statistics for prisoners only, not for general population, but seeing their behaviour, maybe about general population too.

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Thank you! That "Did You Know" page is a great resource