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Comments are all "I am like that too!". Funny how it is "I am just like you all, but not like the others!".

Now I can present myself how I want

Here is one small secret: you always could.

Gatekeeping is when someone tries to set limits and requirements on what it means to be LGBT+/queer.

Yeah, like "being homosexual is to love same sex as yourself". So much gatekeeping.

TERF destroyer

Nice flairs they have there.

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I don't get it you never had to be a feminine woman.... they put labels and restrictions on themselves.

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See, I went through the whole "I'm not like other girls" phase. Turns out I'm autistic.

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Idk why but this made me laugh out loud

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Wait, I'm not allowed to present however I want?

When did this happen?

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You are, but only if you’re NB. You have to undergo a special wokening in which you realize that you’re not like other female-bodied individuals, who all embody negative stereotypes. If you don’t do this, then you are 100% required to live as a 1950s housewife for all of your days.

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NB or Trad-wife — No in-between allowed!!! /s

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As someone born in the 1950s, I just wanna say that 1950s housewives were actually a lot less stereotypical and Stepfordy in reality than as presented in adverts and TV shows from back then. And just as the "typical" 1950s housewife was far less into performing sex stereotypes than usually portrayed, most also were far less into spending every minute of their days imposing rigid sex stereotypes onto their kids. Most of the moms back then were too busy, distracted and concerned with other things to hover over us monitoring our every move. So we all grew up with a great deal of freedom - as free range kids, so to speak. And since we spent so much of our time outside the home and outdoors, we didn't have constant consumerist propaganda bearing down on us telling us we all had to be pink and princessy and "feminine" all the time. Yeah, we had to wear skirts to school and dresses on holidays and for church/synagogue or whatever, etc - but the rest of the time we all dressed and acted like Scout in the film version of "To Kill A Mockingbird." Lots of rough and tumble, lots of adventures and physical activity, and a fair amount of mischief.

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I remember a few years ago, when I was in my early twenties, I asked my Grandma and Mom why women were so fragile back then, and how come they aren't like that now. My Grandma just blurted out "THAT WAS BULLSHIT" (typical Grandma behavior=0 fucks to be had) and my mom said "they never were". I remembered this (very short) conversation just the other day, and your comment reminded me of it again.

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My grandma (who died a few years ago in her eighties) was such a tomboy, loved hockey and would sit outside in their carport drinking beer. She never seemed 'feminine' at all to me, lol

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My Grandma died a few years ago in her eighties, too. Until I was old enough (like, 6/7), she liked to put ribbons in my hair and such, but she never forced me to do or not do certain activities. To this day, she has been the only one in my family to treat me exactly EXACTLY like my brother. She was completely and totally fair on all topics, and that's a major thing I will cherish from her.

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So many girls go NB or TIF not because they despise femininity, but because they resent that it's forced on them.

It's interesting because men seem to go NB or TIM because they fetishize femininity, precisely because it's forced on women.

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That's how I see it, women become trans to escape womanhood, and men become trans to enter womanhood.

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I don't blame them, in a way. Femininity is becoming ever more pornified. If you want to be a "fashionable" teenage girl, you have to show off your body and sexualize yourself for the male gaze. No wonder so many young girls are uncomfortable with it.

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I agree. I definitely don't blame them, either. And not only do you have to sexualize yourself, you have to look perfect while doing it. I can't imagine what it's like being a teenage girl these days, where everyone is addicted to looking at social media accounts of the few girls who were blessed with very lucky genetics, and/or are very skilled with Photoshop...

Of course models have always existed, but it's on a completely different level now than before because images of those models are now accessible 24/7. It's like how we often talk about how libfems say porn has always been around, but they don't understand the difference of the occasional Playboy magazine versus the constant, never-ending, 24/7 access to PornHub. Instagram is like the PornHub of the fashion magazines that used to hurt girls' self-esteem. Now those fashion magazines are around constantly, waiting in your pocket or purse, and girls look at them all the time and feel worse and worse about themselves.

I just hate it.

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Okay, styling yourself with shortish hair and a checkered shirt is a whole-ass identity now? Lol, god forbid they actually have to get a personality, better slap some labels on yourself instead that make you "special".

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I thought this was a parody cartoon at first. I wish these poor kids could be going through an emo/goth phase instead of something so regressive and shitty.

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When you uphold the sexist idea that women must be feminine and all have the same personalities and thought processes, but make it woke.

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It's always the same sexist shit, but woke

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Lmao they love to deny it but when it’s on their own subreddit the honesty comes out

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i guess what's kinda annoying to me her comments is that wearing girly clothes made her "dysphoric" like no that's not what dysphoria is babe it's called enjoying more comfortable clothes lol. if you don't feel significant distress at your sexual characteristics you aren't dysphoric you just have a fashion preference.

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I have short hair and wear flannel too (because grunge never dies, baby!) I must be NB as well! /s

Like I said in another thread, it's how some boring people try to make themselves "special" — by changing the "wrapper."

Malibu Stacy just got a new... uh, flannel shirt! Same boring bullshit, new shirt! CoMpLeTeLy DiFfErEnT, yOu GuYs!!!

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Almost choked on tears of laughter at this because I thought it was satire at first.

I've been rocking every kind of short hairstyle from buzzcut to bob to some weirdass early 2000-ish BS (those super "edgy" haircuts, lol), and I never once felt like an ounce of my wOmaNhOOd was taken away. Also didn't feel like a dUdeBoi. According to these dimwits I'm probably a lesbian, trans rainbow homosexual queer pancake, drizzled with some nonbinary syrup. It's anybody's guess!

How many times do we have to repeat to these poor people: dress as you like, cut your hair as you like, have whatever hobbies you like, wear make up or don't - nobody fucking cares BUT YOU. And also: you are not so fucking special. You just happen to like videogames AND painting your nails. G R O U N D B R E A K I N G ! E A R TH S H A T T E R I N G ! Nobody has ever done this before!

To these "NB people": do us all a favour and stop doing the absolutely mind-bending Buzzfeed-talk about "smashing the patriarchy!" and a at the same time thinking that being a woman is strictly the image of some 50's American housewife. YOU are the sexist idiots. Not the rest of us. Calling yourself "nonbinary" is today's way of trying to say "I am super interesting." Hint: you're fucking not. You're just as normal, regular, boring and uninteresting as the rest of us. Now live with it and stop trying to sound so annoying all the time.


Edited grammar (as usual.)

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dress as you like, cut your hair as you like, have whatever hobbies you like, wear make up or don't - nobody fucking cares BUT YOU.

Except, when you're a teenager, everyone cares: other kids at school bully you for that, random strangers in the street give you shit for that, and adults expect you to explain yourself. I'm pretty certain that when I was a teen, people around me cared how I looked much more than I did.

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That's true. I agree with you absolutely... to the point where I'm still irrationally afraid of groups of teenage girls because they might start saying mean things. (I'm getting close to 40 so you know, it's pretty silly but... yeah, totally get you.)

Teens are often mean and have a very visceral way of finding the top and bottom of the so-called food chain. By god, I think most of us have been on the receiving end (many of us even on the "giving" end, no doubt) of telling someone how stupid they look and so on. I was not very clear in my reply - I want to correct that now.

I do believe that as ADULTS we should be able to let anyone's mean comments about our fashion choices or whatever to be what they actually are - some (usually) bitter person's way of projecting their own insecurities and then pulling you down by nasty commentary. It is often very subtle so it can be hard to explain to e.g. your company's HR department etc., but the bottom line is: you won't be stoned to death if you decide to wear "manly" clothes at the office or something.

Is it fair when someone makes you feel like shit about these things? Never. Sadly, our reality is rarely fair, if ever. So sometimes it really is up to us - as adult women - to let those comments pass and give them exactly the amount of attention they require: zero.

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What a fucking joke. JFC, I looked just like that in 8th grade. These people are so fucking weak.

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Oh FFS. Everyone is like 'OMG THAT'S TOTALLY ME!'. Well news flash; teenagers are fucking stupid and most teenage girls go through something like that. So the vast majority of women and girls can relate to the first picture, it's just that most of us didn't think we had to come up with some bullshit alternative identity because of it.

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So you have to identify as "NB" to dress butch. Got it. What are these people on

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So it turns out I didn't feel like other girls because I'm non-binary!

More honest version would be: "So it turns out I didn't feel like other girls because I never bothered to ask any/many other girls how they felt - instead I just made assumptions about how other girls all think/feel.

"If I had asked, I would've found out that a lot of other girls feel exactly like me! That would be good to learn cuz it would mean I'm not the only one... But it would be bad to find out too cuz then I couldn't claim to be unique, superior and a member of a super-speshul minority group that's marginalized and oppressed and suffers like no one else."

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So much delusion

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This is just so sad. I can't even laugh at it. Feminism has completely, utterly failed if kids think that disliking femininity means you're not a girl or woman.

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I was a toothpick with no curves to be found, who wore huge baggy ass tshirts I got at provincial parks in middle school. But i was just me. Never even thought of this gender bs, thank god. I honestly feel bad for these kids (at the same time its annoying af to interact with their rightousness on twitter)

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I’m not like other girls... or boys... or really most humans for that matter. Not even (Adult)boys stand knee deep in a swamp to catch tiny fish in the middle of the city.. at least I’ve never seen anyone else do it.