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Cause they are dudes, often not different from your typical World of Warcraft incel basement dweller, and dudes are the majority in computer science education, that's all there is to it. Also for silicon valley startups, these dudes count as "women hires" and so these businesses can then boast about how diverse they are.

It also means that they’re going to be receiving women’s STEM scholarships and such, in addition to LGBT recognition.

Exactly, you nailed it. That's the whole absurdity of that thing, there is the need for more women in STEM, so the silicon valley prefer to hire these dudes than actual women.

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So... as a woman in tech for decades now, I think there are a few things going on.

First, a lot of us nerds were horrifically bullied growing up. I think it may in some ways be easier to say that people didn't like us because of something specific than to feel that people bullied us for, well, us. Retconning into a persecuted minority is tempting.

Second, a lot of them are kind of incels, or at least tend that way. I guess enough yelling about how women have it so much better in life makes some of them want to literally try it out. This is especially obvious in their weird concepts of what a woman actually is and should feel and act like.

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Boys/men seem to have a tech-to-trans pipeline and girls/women seem to have a tumblr-to-trans pipeline...

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I did want to state that most men in tech that I've worked with are generally decent people. With a very few exceptions I have been treated very well by my male coworkers once I've displayed my competency. A lot of them are socially awkward but I am too so it generally works out.

The fact that I've been married for my whole career probably helped, honestly. Even the more incel ones grok the concept of "she's taken".

I guess understand though that when you're bullied severely over time, you reach a point where you wish you could be someone else, anyone else. The goal isn't even to get people to be nice to you, it would be enough if they would just leave you alone. I think there's a dissociation from self there, further exacerbated by the fact that often, our refuge is to literally escape into being someone else... through books, through video games, through imagination if other options are unavailable.

So when someone says you can literally become someone else, and maybe you secretly already are and that's why you're in so much emotional anguish... it's tempting. So very very tempting.

Add to that the general social awkward (when everyone around you mocks everything you ever do it's difficult to figure out how to properly relate to other people), and the fact that the only girls they've been allowed to observe or interact with without ridicule are in anime and porn, well... spreads hands

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Too much sympathy for the undeserving. Their unexamined sexism is often off the charts.

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They're full of self-pity and the first ones to step on anyone they perceive to be weaker. Whether they used to be treated unfairly or not, they are a danger to women and have way too much power in their hands currently.

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They aren’t just in tech. They are in positions of power within tech. They are overwhelmingly white too. They are engineering managers or senior developers, or directors etc. It’s very rare to see white women in those positions, let alone black or Latina women. I’ll admit there are plenty of South Asian women in those positions.

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I’m curious, would you have any insight or observations at all about how TiMs interact with South Asian women? I always wondered how TiMs (esp. white ones) treat women of different ethnicities.

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Honestly I haven’t paid attention to the interaction. I do notice that white men are not as condescending towards trans women as much as they are to the South Asian women even though those women are in managerial roles.

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Spending too much time on computers and being exposed to the depravity that exists on the internet at a young age probably explains most of the correlation.

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I have no fucking idea but it appears to me that their obsession with tech is 99% of the reason their ideology has spread so far. They run everything. Reddit, google, twitter, wikipedia, and apparently even now.

If I had to guess I'd say that they all have years of experience hiding porn folders and deleting their browsing histories, so that's why they love computers so much?

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One big reason Elizebeth Warren wouldn’t shut up about Trans rights is because she was overwhelming funded by West coast tech douche Bros.

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Because tech bros are shut ins, fetishists, and pedophiles more often than not.

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I’d guess they’re more prone to transhumanism generally than, say, landscapers or camp counselors who have regular contact with people and the outside world.

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There are a lot of men in tech who are socially backwards. My bf is in tech and has to work with entire teams of mouth breathing, forever alone dudes that I had the displeasure of meeting at the company holiday party. I’m surprised none have come out as transwomen yet.

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Assholes need therapy, but think real men don't get into therapy. Fuck them and the damage they do to women in their lives.

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Yup, they suffer from idealizing toxic masculinity and do zero self care physically fit and mentally but want a fit and mentally well woman to take care of them.

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They're autistic incel male nerds and degenerates, that's why.

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Not that other people do not suffer from these things, but majority of TiMs have boderline personality disorder, combined with some spot on the ASD spectrum, as well as generalized anxiety disorder--especially agoraphobia and social anxiety. Combine this with having dismissive avoidant attachment trauma (cannot hold relationship space--cannot be intimate, AT ALL), and talking to people is just not an option. They lack the skills to speak to people. They prefer online communication. They identify as submissive. It is comfortable to hide behind a screen. Also, not just trans do this, but anyone in the group I just talked about above. It's an easy way to exist on the periphery of society without having to mingle with people.

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Autism is mentioned a couple of times in this thread, with a link to transgenderism implied or stated. The idea that autistic brains are more male is unfortunately popular because it gives existing prejudices a sciency sheen. "Women like talking, because ladybrain. Men like doing, because manbrain. Male-brained man said so. Has big forehead. Must be true."

The extreme male brain hypothesis comes from probably the most prominent autism researcher, Simon Baron-Cohen. It relies on the assumption that most autistics are male and its gender essentialism has been criticised:

Baron-Cohen is misled by an unpersuasive gendering of certain capacities or aptitudes in the human population.

Baron-Cohen and his team also conducted one of the largest studies into autism and gender dysphoria which claimed there is a link. However, it suffered from obvious selection bias: the participants were self-selecting Cambridge students. Many other studies also claiming to find the same link also suffer from weak methodology: small size, self-selecting, self-reporting, etc. I have not read the entire corpus of research in depth but the evidence for a link between autism and gender dysphoria looks unconvincing to me.

I'm an autistic male. It's precisely because I'm autistic that I see gender as a system of absurd and unjust rules. Autistics tend to have big problems when forced to do things that don't make sense. I have a feeling that what researchers see as gender dysphoria in autistic subjects may often simply be us doing our thing.

Whatever you think about TRAs in tech, please don't use 'autistic' as a synonym for 'asshole'.

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On the flip side, how many do you see becoming MDs? Whew! (it is because most cannot--see not being able to deal with humans).

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During casual conversation with peers and colleagues (all male, aside from myself) the topic of sexism in STEM fields came up. They asked about my experience. I said yes, I had experienced a lot of sexism in university, during hiring, and even after. A trans women I had gone to university with stated that women made it up or exaggerated it, and they had experienced no sexism in university, nor had they any difficulty getting a job for the optimum pay. They had transitioned after graduation, after getting a job. I hated them, so much, in that moment.

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Institutional capture. I would be surprised if young men interested in tech are specifically deliberately targetted by trans ideology propaganda. This crap didn't just spring up by accident. There are powerful people like Pritzker and Rothblatt behind it.

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probably to gain power behind the scenes to silence their foes.