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A "TLDR" list of quick to reference issues (note that these are just some of the ones mentioned on the thread, as there were so, so many):

• Sex selective abortions • Sex selective/female infanticide • Female genital mutilation (FGM) • Girls sold as brides • Period huts • Teen pregnancy • Period stigma • Not being able to afford menstrual products • Breast ironing/flattening • Unplanned pregnancies • Few countries have proper abortion rights • Miscarriages • Inappropriate gynecologists / obstetric violence • Sex selective IVF procedures for gay couples • Workplace maternity discrimination • Breastfeeding stigma • Foot binding • Women in prison can’t afford menstrual products • PMS / PMDD • Post-natal depression and baby blues • Racial discrimination during child birth • Ectopic pregnancies • Menopause + stigma • Ovarian issues (e.g. PCOS) • Uterine fibroids • Tampon tax • Higher risk of autoimmune disease • Underdiagnosed autism / ADHD • Illnesses mistaken for periods • Femicide • Endometriosis (common but often undiagnosed) • Harmful widowhood rites • Being denied elective sterilization • The husband stitch • Prolapse • Vaginismus • World built for male bodies • Hyperemesis gravidarum • Uterine adhesion • Animals were granted protection 20 years before women in the UK

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There also issues in general about health, because women bodies are different to men bodies. I have very weak health and I have heart attacks every 1-2 years. And I once almost died because I had an attack in different city. Doctor who was checking me, was mostly treating men, so he tried to treat me and nothing was working. Good that I was with friend there, and he insisted on another doctor from another hospital. Second doctor actually saved my life there. And it is all because heart and veins are positioned a bit differently, heart attack effects on body are different in men and women bodies, and a lot of other small differences. This makes medicine and practices that work on men - to not work on women. And I am pretty sure that heart diseases is not the only time when it is different between two sexes.

Animals were granted protection 20 years before women in the UK

That's rough. I read somewhere that some middle east countries has more rights given to thoroughbred dogs and horses than to women, or had. I don't remember where it was. However, I don't know if it is true (most likely it is).

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I liked how the counter arguments to this was very weak and mostly from white douche Bros.