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When pornhub starts putting transexuals in with the straight men's porn categories, lol.

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At some point, all the kids that trans ideology fucked up are going to grow up and fight back against it. It will happen eventually.

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It's tragic. Who knows what these young people could have grown up to be instead of being folded into this cult?

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I think this is one of those things where it "needs to happen to you". When I was in college over a decade ago, I was very socially progressive and supported transgender ideas and movements. But as I got older (and smarter) I learned that the trans movement is hiding a lot of things from their very own members. And I peaked only recently, once a close friend came out as trans.

But once I cut ties with that friend, now my husband and another mutual male friend have experienced this TiM's excessive narcissist behavior firsthand. And now they are both seriously rethinking their friendship with this TiM also.

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Massive drop in birth rate? I could see women being exterminated as a group in the long term if you take this ideology to the extreme. They clearly hate women.

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Think that’s the end goal really. We have seen it manifest itself in India and China. It’s only because of international outrage it isn’t as bad as it could get.

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Exposure. Find every way you can to show others what is happening. Best approach is to expose Gender Identity Campaigners in their own words and actions: screenshots of the calls to violence against women, the frequent baseball bat motifs, photos of massive male athletes posing as women.