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Thank goodness she shared her pronouns, I never would have been able to tell if his running mate was female without that twitter bio. eyeroll

On a serious note, this just fucking sucks. I was hoping he'd pick someone who wasn't on the trans train, but it seems he picked one of the train conductors. Of course I'm hardly surprised, since he himself says "there are at least three [genders]".

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Tbh these people don’t believe in anything related to TRA

They don’t believe in anything actually

Copmala has been promoting BLM but was literally a prosecutor and built her entire career by locking black people behind bars

These people believe in nothing and say what is necessary, that is all

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These people believe in nothing and say what is necessary, that is all

I agree, but I was hoping he'd pick one of the ones who DON'T do that.

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Why? Biden is a monster and likely a sociopath, his only ideology is neoliberalism so he picked another neoliberal. Kamala Harris was the obvious choice from the DNC’s perspective so that’s who he went with. Someone who’s “woke” but also a vicious enemy to the working class and non-whites the second you scratch a drop off that shiny coat of paint neolibs spray on.

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Biden's a fucking pedophile. There were lots of copies of an incredibly creepy video of him molesting girls IN FRONT OF THEIR PARENTS. You can see some of the gifs on (don't know anything else about that site) but quite something how they managed to get all those videos on youtube taken down, or hidden at least.

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"Molesting girls" - by touching their hair? You don't know the depths of depravity that pedophiles go to.

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No he molests them by touching their chests, some of the girls move their bodies out of the way, some try to brush him away. Yes, my uncle was a pedophile thanks very much.... Like, what the fuck, am I on a fucking feminist website or not? Is it just a knee jerk partisan thing? Trump is shit too, sorry for not disclaiming?

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No one seems to care about Tara Reede anymore either. Remember when all the democrats used to yell that if their candidate was accused of assault like Trump or Kavenaugh, that they would instantly drop them, doesn’t matter who’s side? Well now we have our own white rapist dementia patient and here we are in the exact same “fall in line” boat the republicans are in

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It just shows the misogyny of the US that a credible charge of sexual assault against a presidential candidate is sort of swept under the rug by people who call themselves Progressive as long as the candidate is a Progressive.

I went to the Women's March specifically to protest Trump's contempt and possible sexual assault of women, and went to anti-Kavanagh rallies, but now just have to wonder if the other people at those rallies are demanding that the allegations against Biden be investigated.

It just proves that at the end of the day, women's issues mean very little to either party and we have to fight for ourselves.

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LOL. Just lol. the cows are laughing. lollllll...

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Honestly, you have to hear yourself. You are enabling Trump. You did this in 2016 too based on your sickening misogyny. YOUR BOT-BASED BOTHSIDESISM IS A VOTE FOR TRUMP. A sociopath who has just let hundreds of thousands of Americans die. My contempt for your fake socialism — I happen to be a real one — couldn’t be greater.

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We will never have anything close to socialism in the US. For one thing because both parties are the WAR parties, and we will never have a real social safety net, or universal health care, much less decent schools and roads, if we continue to spend a huge percentage of our dollars on endless wars.

Obama bombed Yemen and destroyed Libya. Both Bushes attacked Iraq. Clinton and Serbia. Johnson and Vietnam. Nixon and Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Trump assassinating Soleimani in an attempt to goad Iran into war, Trump and Syria, and continuing the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc., and ad nauseam.

I agree that Donald Dump is a sociopath and is heavily responsible for the insane number of COVID deaths in the US, but the US elects a sociopath almost every time we elect a president.

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To add, wars pretty much destroy the rights of the women under our bombs, as well as their safety, so I think judging a candidate by the likelihood of if they will get us into war is compatible with feminism.

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No, Biden is genuinely a monster, and if you’re a socialist you’d recognize he’s as much a part of the capitalist creeping death machine as Trump.

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LOL, uh huh.

At least Trump knows that women are real and not a feeling in a man's head.

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More of a monster than Trump? Fucking please. I did NOT want Harris as the VP pick, but then again I didn't want Biden. However, records do show that Harris has voted much more progressively than most people assume (I believe she voted around 93% in line with Bernie, for any other progressives here). And more importantly, neither Biden nor Harris will pack the SC with anti-choice shills. RBG is hanging on by a thread. We NEED a democrat as POTUS.

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I don't know if you're paying attention to the trans demands cases in front of the Supreme Court, but the Democratic-appointed judges including Bader Ginsburg, do not appear to be GC feminists. It's really sad given that she has done so much for women's rights.

So yeah, we might keep abortion rights, but the Democratic-pushed Equality Act, and the Democratic SCOTUS judges, might strip almost every other right away from women. As well as our ability to go to the gym without worrying about our naked bodies being used as live porn by some AGP in the women's locker room.

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It's not "might keep abortion rights", we WILL keep our right to body autonomy. Abortion is already incredibly difficult to access in some southern states, our rights are bleeding away now, not in some nebulous future where the SC is full of TRAs.

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I haven't been able to keep up with the trans demands Supreme Court (SCOTUS) cases, but there were a few that will directly affect women's rights if ruled in favor of the transgender side. One has been ruled on, and GC feminists are divided on whether the result was good for women.

IIRC there are two cases still in front of the Supreme Court, and the rulings will have a significant impact on whether women can be considered a distinct legal category. That will affect our reproductive rights, because if the legal definition of "woman", includes women plus everyone who thinks they're a woman, it will mean women's share of the healthcare funding pie has to be shared with TIMs; it means that abortion has to share the spotlight with other new women's health issues like prostate cancer and it means that it will be very hard to write laws tailored to women's specific needs.

The trans demands lobby is also attacking women's rights on the legislative side with the full backing of the Democratic party. If the Democratic-backed Equality Act, which every single Democrat in Congress supports, and Joe Biden calls his Number One legislative priority, is signed into law, women as a distinct legal category will cease to exist, and the many of the laws written to protect women's rights on the basis of sex will be cast into limbo. Gays too.

So it's not about the Democrats putting TRAs on the Supreme Court - they're already there. Kagan, Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and some of the other justices, sympathize with trans demand activism too.

tl;dr women can't fight for our rights, including our reproductive rights, if we can't define ourselves as a distinct legal category.

The Democrats are trying their best to destroy women as a distinct legal category and Democratic-appointed judges already on the Supreme Court are TRA sympathizers.

As well, the Democrats are attacking women's rights legislatively.

tl;dr tl;dr Women are screwed no matter who wins.

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I don’t think a blue nuke blowing up Iran, Russia, or China is better than a red nuke doing it

I don’t think a blue cop bashing my brains in is better than a red cop doing it

I don’t think a blue private firm gutting my wages is better than a red private firm doing it

I don’t choose a side because I won’t accept the elites’ demand that I submit to war, fascism, and poverty

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Do you have a uterus?

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Are you asking if he is a woman?

LOL, jfc.

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LOL, are you a russian bot? You want four more years of Trump? It is to laugh, the absurdity.

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Russian bot

Four more years of Trump

No, this is just a spectacle, I have no interest in participating

Both parties support increasing military aggression with Russia and China therefore putting us on a footing for an apocalyptic war (as demonstrated by your immediate accusation that not pledging loyalty to the Democratic Party makes me a “Russian bot” or means I want four more years of Trump)

Both parties are more or less guaranteed to “solve” the economic crisis by just...cutting some taxes doing a shit ton more stimulus, committing brutal austerity, and funneling more power to a select few monopolies

The choice of Kamala Harris specifically makes it clear Biden intends to be entirely as brutal in response to the current BLM movement as Trump has been, given Harris’s built up political career in prosecuting and jailing poor and working class people; the only difference is that this brutal crackdown will now be immune to criticism unlike with Trump

Considering the political fiasco of the last four years I have no faith that the Democratic Party aren’t equally as likely to institute some form of dictatorship in the not-so distant future, among them a conspiracy theory fostered by the US intelligence agencies to simultaneously increase tensions on a foreign rival and depose a domestic political opponent. It looks to me, as a leftist who has no stake in a fight between two far-right liberal parties, that America’s inevitable path is either some fascistic dictatorship, civil war, or collapse; what’s most baffling is the near total lack of difference between either party when the media spotlit political theatre is torn away to reveal the actions and backers of each.

The American political system has already told you you either get a Red Trump or a Blue Trump as it were, if you go along with their demands you’re basically accepting the sorry state of affairs we’re in. Don’t accept it.

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I agree that we shouldn't discount an apocalyptic war in the near future. Elements of both parties have been jonesing for an attack on Iran for decades.

But I don't think the Democratic party as it is today would institute a dictatorship. They're not that far gone. For that matter, I don't think the GOP would either.

However, the slow creep of totalitarianism by the Far, Far Left, (as evidenced by Trans, Inc.) combined with Trump and his cult's desire for Trump to be Dictator for Life means that we in the middle have to be on guard.

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The Democrats as they exist today would totally institute a dictatorship, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the ultimate proof of this. For the past four years the Democrats have heavily increased tensions with Russia abroad (whom we already had heightening tensions with due to the Donbass Proxy War) while also creating a vast conspiracy theory to attack their political enemies at home, up to the point of trying to unseat the sitting administration with assistance from the CIA and FBI. Perhaps for elements of the middle or upper middle class whose livelihoods are tied to this struggle for power between the GOP and DNC all of this is incredibly vital, but for me, as a working class person this is terrifying. Both parties are more or less angling for a dictatorship of some form in the near future, were this not the case the DNC wouldn’t have anointed the most far-right nominees in the entire DNC primary as their candidates, both of these candidates are well known for helping to build the modern police-state, Biden himself was sinisterly involved in arming and funding neo-nazis in Ukraine during the proxy war with Russia under the Obama administration. Like, this shit is pretty bad. I have no clue what the working class is meant to gain here, from the man that created so many of the draconian drug laws of the 1980s that ruined so many lives, and the woman that raised the conviction rates in Cali as a DA by over 25%.

I think pointing a finger at Trump as the ultimate evil that demands ultimate submission to the DNC is a mistake. When does this ever end? Let’s say we “save the world” by making Joe Biden president in 2020, what then about 2024? We have to do it again? And then in 2028? Forever? And yet every single year each party will be worse? What then when the democrats in the future are the republicans now (though I’d say beyond rhetoric they’re hardly very different)? I promise you the people that control both parties won’t hesitate to exterminate the working class when the time comes, when the economy tumbles for good or the ecosystem goes kaput the curtains will finally fall and the ugly truth of everything will come out in the open. And let me tell you, the DNC and the people that own them are every bit as ruthless, merciless, and without remorse as the other party; these people Have regularly killed children and felt nothing, those children just happen to be overseas or poor.

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I'm with you on a lot of this. My job used to involve paying attention to events both in the US and overseas, and that meant paying attention to politics. The political landscape globally is very sinister, and seems somewhat interconnected, at least to some extent. I'm still trying to figure out what is happening, even though I'm not sure anyone can.

The rise of gender ideology is very deliberate. If we can't even describe ourselves in the most basic biological terms, how can we make sense of the world around us.

As I keep saying, some GC feminists are saying that the end goal of gender ideology is transhumanism, and, I can see how, with the rise of automation, which will take most jobs by 2030 or so, humans might become "Useless Eaters" to the 0.01% and what you describe might happen.

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lol the humor is ripe!

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I've already had two arguments with people I love over Harris being picked and it just happened!

I have a few things against Harris - like her almost immediately abandoning the state of California's 40 million residents to run for president, leaving only corrupt war-and-COVID profiteer Feinstein.

And Harris's Twitter support for transgender creeps like Janet Mock and Charlotte Clymer really, really angers me.

Especially because I have spoken at length about GC concerns with Harris's staff multiple times, including with staffers who are relatively high up. They said that they would bring up GC concerns in meetings with Harris, so she must know the GC arguments.

And even if her staffers didn't tell her, she's not dumb: GC feminists don't need to spell out for Harris or for Warren or for any of the candidates why allowing men in women's hospital rooms or sports would be disastrous.

I can only conclude that she doesn't care about women, or thinks that Democratic women will value a Trump/Republican defeat over their own rights and safety.

And Joe Biden saying that the passage of the Equality Act was his number one legislative priority?!?!?

This was before COVID, but there was a shit ton going on in the US and the world that should have concerned a presidential candidate more than guaranteeing that women's locker rooms become peep shows.

That's like when Bill Maher asked Mayor Pete what his priorities were and Pete said (I think first) that transgender children being able to pee in the school bathroom of their choice was a priority.

To give Maher the little credit that he's due, he called Mayor Pete out on that lunacy.

But the Democratic candidates endless pandering to the transgender lobby signals very clearly that there is serious power behind Trans, Inc. Women are the backbone of the Democratic party and yet the Democrats are willing to throw us under the bus for what is, to anyone who looks at it at all closely, a men's rights movement.

It's unfathomable how this complete craziness has gotten as far as it has. Really, an alternate universe.

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../Democratic candidates endless pandering to the transgender lobby signals very clearly that there is serious power behind Trans, Inc.

Oh yes there's very serious power behind this. Have you read this in-depth investigative piece? If not, it is a must

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As a Californian I am not celebrating. This woman is odious - someone who wanted keep minor offenders in prison so that prisons had a ready source of cheap labor. I have a feeling the right-wing establishment will have a field day with her.

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To say nothing that she sort of half heartedly fought that San Quentin murderer having SRS.

She'll be right behind that California bill Weiner's sponsoring saying TIMs no longer have to have SRS, I assure you. And this time there won't be a TIF. No TiF wants to go to Avenal, or Corcoran or San Quentin when they can go to CCWF. That's why the TIMs want to go there too.

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So the Biden platform is trans, trans, and more trans? Although Trump himself was openly supportive of Bruce Jenner, I can see the Trans issue really being played up by the GOP because it's such a turn-off to the mainstream. And that means the Left is going to go even more insane in defense of it and try to link it with "homophobia" -- which it's not. LGB need to divorce the TQ+ now. TQ+ is a barnacle that needs to be scraped off. Does Harris support the "Equality" (ie Erasure of Women) Act? It's the erasure of men too. You can't erase reality!

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I can see the Trans issue really being played up by the GOP because it's such a turn-off to the mainstream.

I think Trump is really going to play up Biden's and Harris's support for trans. I believe it already started when someone in the Admin publicly misgendered a health official. The proverbial shot across the bow

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It was lucky for Biden that the summer Olympics didn't happen. I don't think most people in the US are currently aware of the state of men competing in women's sports. A summer Olympics filled with Rachel McKinnons would have peaked so many people.

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I instantly went to her Twitter profile when Biden made that announcement, to see if she had "she/her" written in her bio. Yet another strike for Mrs. Harris.

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The fact they bought into the trans Kool aid wholesale, I’m now a firm believer that I can’t trust the left either— they’ll suck up to whomever has the more powerful and wealthy lobbyists, even if that means allowing rapists into women’s prisons and allowing healthy children to drug and butcher themselves to “validate” identities social media has groomed them to embrace.

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She’s less of a TRA than Elizebeth Warren and I’m ok with that.

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Makes me sad that HRC wasnt good enough for some people. She defended women's reproductive rights while still being openly critical of transgenderism. The only other female politician that was similar to her in that regard was Klobuchar, who was cut early on from the list of possible picks.

No, Bernie Sanders was terrible. He's said a lot of gross shit about women, voted for those crime bills everyone blamed Clinton for, endorsed pro-life candidates over pro-choice ones simply because one was a bit more socially economic than the other. TBH, I think he's popular here because he promise a lot of free shit, while giving lip service to women's issues but ignoring transgenderism, but in reality, wrote everything off as "identity politics".

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TIL healthcare for those who need it that doesn't bankrupt people and specifically women who dare to give birth is "free shit".

The healthcare system in the US is deeply immoral.

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A lot of us don't know what we're missing out on. It's not treated like a necessity, but a commodity.

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Yeah, a woman not wanting to receive a $30,000 bill after a C-section or, worse, a several hundred thousand dollar bill if the child had to be in the NICU, just wants free shit. If you don't want a cancer diagnosis to bankrupt people (including those that do have health insurance), you're just a freeloader. You got cancer or type 1 diabetes? Just deal with it, don't ask for free treatment!

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Klobuchar as a presidential candidate, was also on the trans train, but it could have been just pressure from other Democrats because they all were. Even Sanders had to murmur something in support of trans, but I doubt he actually believed it.

And she was really friggin' clueless on Iran, which would be very dangerous in a president.

Hilary Clinton was an incredibly intelligent woman, and I know that she deeply cared about healthcare when she was First Lady, but she was a hawk in terms of US foreign policy - but then they all are...

The thing about Clinton and Warren, and even Harris, is that they would all know, especially the first two, how much women have had to fight for their rights, so it really irritated me when Warren went so overboard on the Trans Train. I lost a lot of respect for her, even though I think she's done some great things. Sigh.

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If it's freedom from Trump vs having a bathroom women can peacefully use the world has really gone to the pits.

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I mostly like her and think there's no chance she wrote that herself. Or believes any of this shit. Can a woman in politics not play the TRA game and get away with it?

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Women politicians in the UK have stood up for women. They received a lot of abuse from trans demands activists, and the UK's progressive parties, which, like here are completely bought and sold by Trans, Inc., but they stood strong.

That could be because the UK doesn't have an extremely powerful pharmaceutical lobby like the US does, but Trans, Inc., has other powerful funders besides Big Pharma, so maybe female politicians in the UK are just braver than ours.

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Literal agent of US capital that made an entire career out of destroying the lives of working class and poor people that I’ll be told is the “woke” choice in this meaningless election

People are gonna try to guilt me into voting for a cop

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Yeah, I don't want 4 more years of Trump.

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It's the middle Biden has to worry about voting for him, not the left, if they vote at all.

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One of the major complaints I've been hearing about her is that she's "anti-trans"

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Because she as AG had to defend California from TRAs who wanted free SRS for TIMs in male prisons. The case lost. It's now state policy to provide free SRS if hormones and underwear don't mitigate their feelings. There's a state bill Scott Weiner has out now saying that no-ops should just be transferred into women's prison because Their Identity.

There are 33 prisons in California, 30 of them exclusively male and one, Mule Creek, which is mostly TIMs as it is.

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Personally, i'm going to continue voting for democrats as the lesser evil :(

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I'm sure it will make a huge difference.

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The whole Democratic establishment toe this line. It's why I'm politically homeless.

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Also, i predict that supporters of Harris will sprinkle the ground around her with constant iterations of the word "misogynoir" as a defensive minefield-- which in turn will eventually make it harder to call out real instances of it.

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Is there any truth to the rumor that she had an affair with a married man? If she did then I'm further disappointed and I will never trust her. I can never understand any woman who betrays another woman this way. If the man is attached to another woman, don't touch. It's that simple.

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She was SF Mayor Willie Brown's gf in the 1990s. He was technically married but had been separated for years, and he was dating quite a few women in that time period.

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I will not be voting for these horrible people.