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I don't get it...what happens after women no longer have the right to be women anymore? What comes next?

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More of the same oppression, enslavement and death.

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Gilead. In tencho-Gilead they implant our reproductive organs in themselves.

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Harris is such a fraud.

I don't think Biden will last a year, much less his term, so, if he wins, we get Kamala the Handmaiden as the most powerful Individual With a Cervix in the world.

We need to trail Harris on campaign stops with GC signs. We need to get in her face, NOW. Call her office.

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Absolutely. Radfems/GC need to start campaigning in the ways other political movements do. Another marginalized movement I'm a part of followed various candidates and made a big spectacle with banners and speech interruptions to be heard. We need to be more vocal and out there like other movements that demand to be heard.

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The California nurses association (can't remember the exact name) used to follow Arnold Schwarzenegger around when he was running for governor and maybe even after he was elected and they were fearless and hilarious.

Not that it helped, the meathead was still elected, but I do think that women, and allies, who want to save women's rights need to organize on the local level and make local politicians lives hell.

Like the governor of New Jersey just retweeting "transwomen are women" - New Jersey women - RAISE HELL.

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I WILL NOT click on PenisNews links. ARCHIVE PENISNEWS, please.

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All I need to know about Ms. Harris:

<She also co-sponsored the Equality Act, which during her campaign she vowed to initiate on her first day in the White House.>

I hate Orwellian language. "Equality" -- the Female Erasure Act.