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All the people doing well at my age(30) who are stable, successful, and well humble too have nothing to do with trans activism or gender politics. Like zero mention in social media or acknowledgment irl which is so refreshing.

I don’t think I know anyone who is a genderspecial who isn’t also a failure-to-launch; like, in many old HS and college mates I’ve followed over the years there is a clear divide between who is obviously happy and who is obviously still mad taking AP classes and shaving their head to “rebel” against gender norms didn’t mean happiness, love, acceptance, and success would be handed to them on a plate.

But gender politics really do attract the bottom barrel-people who have really low self esteem, weight issues, toxic attitudes and excuses for not getting out of their first entry level job or their shitty hometown.

Like theyre 30 and posting about having pride in being depressed and how hard it is to be a genderspecial- yet theyre almost always living with parents or living off an equally unsuccessful partner posting about each other’s psychotic breaks and suicide attempts for internet attention...fuck, everyone deals with mental health shit-at our age you have to SEEK HELP and stop trying to glorify your criminally average and widespread mental health problems.

Being apathetic about debilitating weight gain or having low self esteem because you have no hobbies as an adult outside tumblr is an embarrassment. High school really never ends.

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This is FACTS. All the genderspecial people I know are depressed, physically unhealthy, always talking about suicide, and just vehemently hateful.

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stop trying to glorify your criminally average and widespread mental health problems.

THAT was a great rant! You summed it up well.

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Thank you I definitely was ranting feels good sometimes haha

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On a scale of 1-10, how hard is it to not post "I'm Only Happy When it Rains" by Garbage to the attention-posters on your social media?

To OP: Unfortunately I've not met people irl that carry the sword for those beliefs that don't crumble under the most menial shit. I've also not met any that were successful, as in even middle-management levels. I can't throw stones, my life isn't figured out either--but alas.

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I think in certain circles, they'd do BETTER than most people. For example, certain communities (such as the tech and art communities) are obsessed with all things woke right now.

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Yeah my husbands 7 trans friends are all in tech.

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Are you serious? Your husband is friends with 7 trans people? Or do you mean he knows 7 trans people?

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I think real life is meant by many wokes to be held in perpetual abeyance. And born under digitialism, it might be possible.

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Real life for many people lasts a very long time. In much of the West, the average life expectancy for males and females alike is circa 82, with women tending to outlive men by several years on average. My impression is that those who are woke today might succeed in the short term, but they won't do very well over the long haul.

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Totally depends on what circles your "real life" is... Academia, for instance, is covered with this kind of thinking. I think politics, journalism, media, the arts, are all going to expect it. Law or medicine? can't be too outside that loop as they're influenced by academics.

Plenty of people who think this way may be failures, but there are others who get shuffled thru or given leeway when they can't handle things, and end up in positions of influence. That's how these ideas have kept spreading.

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I would say except for one person almost no one I know displays the trans flag thing. They all change their profiles for pride but not for trans rights. The only person I know who was militant about it was my husband sadly. Not sure why I am still married to him.

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What the fuuuuck... Does your husband know you're a TERF? I honestly can't be around TRAs at ALL. I've cut off contact with every one I knew, so I can't imagine being married to one...

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I would say, in general, no.

Woke people feel this internal driving need to be angry at everything, all the time. The way a house is built, the way a woman is walking down the street with her dog, the way the cashier at the gas station rings you up for your purchase, the way you are carded at the bar, the way you get a parking ticket for overstaying your parking meter, the way you receive your packages - everything can be interpreted as a message of oppression. If Event X is about X, it can still be considered oppressive because it does not explicitly mention or make itself about Y. A is inherently oppressive because she is not B. A is both at fault for being oppressive, and cannot change her oppressiveness, no matter how she tries.

They look for things to be angry about everywhere. Think of the recent TIM deciding to “call out” GWOM on Twitter for some absolute bullshit about “not being inclusive of transwomen”, like there are just so many great transwomen in mathematics and GWOM is explicitly making a point of ignoring them. Did that TIM have nothing to do that day besides get pissed off at random Twitter accounts that have done him literally no wrong? And getting even angrier when they don’t respond within three minutes to his demands? They live to start shit, which is why they generally have problems getting along with other people. They tend to be employed in niche industries that either make excuses and room for shitty behavior (such as academia) or that allow a great deal of independence and isolation (such as tech). That’s when they’re employed at all - many of them simply waste time blaming all their life’s problems on everyone else, claiming their constant shifting from low-paying job to unemployment to another low-paying job in a perpetual cycle, is another example of their victimhood, and not at all a case of their causing issues at every place they’ve worked or walking off the job any time they get told something they don’t want to hear. Some of my old friends seem compelled to stay impoverished, because of a subconscious belief that if they’re able to pay their bills, they automatically turn into evil capitalists or something.

Many of them do suffer from mental illness, but it seems largely to be tinged by narcissism, which is notoriously difficult to treat. I say this because one, studies have flat-out shown it - not merely among TRAs, but sadly, Millennials, and among virtue-signaling people in general. It’s concerned with “looking good” and “see what excellent progressive deeds I’m doing here”, when in fact those deeds require very little effort, and do give the narcissist the relish they so love of seeing someone who has angered them get “consequences” for it. There’s also the air of self-righteousness, and critical theory itself largely rests on the notion of “I’m right because I know I’m right, and you just need to shut up if you disagree with me”.

Hell, there are friends I had in college that while I still maintain a contact with via Facebook, I definitely don’t wanna hang out with them anymore, because 90% of being woke is appearances, so whenever we did get together, they’d just talk about wokeness and only wokeness and how angry they were all the time about everything and so much of it was nonsensical - facts about any particular situation mattered far less than a Hierarchy of Rightness, which determined the merits of each person’s case on their gender identity, race, sexual orientation, ethnic/national origin, religion, economic status, and mental (but oddly, not physical) atypicality or disability. They might argue for one minute that rape, for example, shouldn’t at all be considered a result of what the victim was wearing - but then, wish to discuss the different socio-economic, racial, and religious backgrounds of the victim and perpetrator, ultimately coming to the conclusion that while Perpetrator probably shouldn’t have done it, Victim isn’t entirely innocent - not of perhaps asking for rape exactly, but rather of asking for the enraged punishment of lifelong oppression and inequality from one of the sufferers of her in-born prejudice and resource hoarding.

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wow i got a headache just reading that.. woke people sound stressfull lmao

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Yes some do extremely well. It’s not about their inability to cope with reality, it’s about power. Look at Caitlin Jenner. Woman of the Year! Right after taking someone’s life in a car accident and receiving no punishment for it at all!

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yes but that's not someone who was woke before or had those ideas previously though right?