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If I were to broach this subject among my female university classmates, and allowed to give evidence, I would guess that close to 100% would be GC.

But we are of a generation in which girls especially were allowed to be who they were. We could wear jeans, or wear makeup, or climb trees, or major in physics, or English Lit. - be as "feminine" or as non-"feminine" as we wanted, and while jokes might have been made, society for the most part let us do as we wished.

Looking at your age group, OP, and the pressure put on you by horrific porn, this gender nonsense, sexting, seemingly compulsive plastic surgery, etc., it's no wonder so many young women your age want to become men. I truly feel for you, OP.

We need to get back to Second Wave feminism, teach both young men and young women that it's OK to be who you are.

Maybe Second Wave feminists should hold seminars? Offer to go into schools? Any thoughts?

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BEB and others, please tell us second wavers which tactics /methods/approaches you'd think would work best to get our message/POV across to young women.

Used to be, we second wave feminists wrote books, articles, gave speeches and made appearances on media (TV, radio). But nowadays most of us can't get our books or articles published, we're all no-platformed, and we're frozen out by all media old and new.

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Last Saturday, there was that international, virtual meeting of GC feminists and others who are concerned with the transitioning of children, Can I Get A Witness - we need more of those kinds of conferences.

We also need to start local groups to just bug the fuck out of politicians in our own states. Here and on OVARIT, I see that there are a lot of Californians. Perhaps there's a way to organize Californians, because of Harris, and because the state often starts global trends, maybe CA can be the birthplace of the populist GC movement - make it hip among the young and trendy.

I honestly think, given the young people in my own life, that the T trend is almost over. And if you remember on r/gendercritical many of the posters were very, very young. So maybe we can make second wave feminism trendy again.

I just saw on the LGB Drop the T SAIDIT, that there's going to be a chapter of the LGB Alliance in the US!!!! Even if you are not gay, making sure that LGB ALLIANCE is pushed out to the front of the popular conscience is the best way to stop Trans, Inc. because so much of its support comes from people misguidedly think they're supporting LGB.

In terms of you, yourself, the "Intellectual Dark Web" - which I disagree with on other things - is giving GC feminists a platform. Weren't you an author? Have you tried to write a piece for Quillette? There's also Unherd and UnCommon Ground Media. Maybe, for you, write an article for one of these?

Do you have enough credentials to go onto a podcast?

I think we need to mobilize. Gender Critical Action Center used to list actions with templates, but I think they're taking a break, so maybe start something like it?

Or even use this forum. I don't know how to PM the mods, but maybe ask them to pin action alerts?

If you know how to PM, would you please PM me? Thanks! And do think about writing for those outlets, because the Intellectual Dark Web seems to be where a lot of disillusioned Leftists have headed.

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Thank you for your reply. I'm still fairly new to radical feminism, and I wouldn't say I'm the most educated person, so I don't know how we could get back to second wave feminism and teach it. Especially since TRAs have successfully forced/scared women into silence in fear of comprising their career and putting their safety at risk. It honestly brings tears to my eyes just thinking about how they've done this to us women.

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I don't know much about Radical Feminism (shoot me now) but from what I do know I don't feel that it's exactly same as Second Wave feminism. Can someone who does know radical feminism and Second Wave feminism help out here?

And I didn't even know until recently that the feminism of my youth had a name (Second Wave) or that there was a third wave of feminism. In my sphere, we just called it "feminism."

When I was young, (this is my perception, and other women probably have their own) there were hardcore feminists who were into the theory, like the radical feminists of today, but most women and girls who considered themselves feminists were just average females, who wanted the same civil rights and opportunities as men, and many also wanted reproductive rights.

Younger women today - I'd say those under maybe 45 - have no idea how bad it was for women in the 1970s and even early 80s, and how hard women older than yourselves had to fight for what you take for granted today.

In the mid-late 1970s, feminism was a very popular movement and many women, who weren't even too much on the Left politically, felt as if they were part of it. Then the Right successfully made the word "feminist" into a slur by taking the most extreme examples of the most extreme feminists and holding them up for public ridicule, and the more moderate women pulled out of feminism because they didn't want to be called a "femi-nazi" or a "bra-burner."

But feminism had made some serious gains, and women were pouring into the workforce and changing things by their very presence.

And then, I don't know how because my contemporaries and I were busy working and raising families, Women's Studies became "Gender Studies" and now "Queer" whatever. And from women being allowed to be who they are, relatively free to choose sex or turn it down (and anal sex was never asked for, much less demanded - at least in my world), free to dress as we wished, we have a culture where young women are shamed if they refuse anal sex, sexting, violent and rapey porn acts, plumping up their lips and breasts as a matter of course, prostitution as a career choice and BDSM(!!!) - and yet still call themselves "feminists."

So, my guess is that women became too powerful, and so we had to be kept down, while kept thinking that we were choosing our own re-subjugation.

But r/gendercritical gave me hope, because so many of the posters did seem so very young, and didn't even seem to know that another world - the world of Second Wave feminism - had ever existed.

As I've typed before, I think the whole "Karen" meme and transgender activists commenting so often on GC women's age is because trans demands activists are terrified that women in their 50s + are going to wake up (like I have) and start burning their shit down. They don't scare us, and they know it.

So, young ladies, we might have wrinkles, gray hair, saggy bosoms, but listen to us. We have seen a better world for women and we can help you get it back.

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To add, I'm talking about the US above, so my apologies to women from other countries for not making that clear, because I'm sure we've had vastly different experiences and timelines.

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These last ten years I've seen so much conformity among young people it's shocking. The Woke Cult has to be the scariest movement of the past fifty years. Zero diversity of thought. Zero critical thinking. Zero respect for other views ever. Constantly screeching made-up words that end in "phobe" at everyone. It's China's Red Guard all over again. It's going to take some really brave young people to stand up all alone and say NO. Slowly another person in the crowd might get the courage to also say the emperor has no clothes. What shocks me most is how the older people in political power are changing laws for this. I can see young people whose brains are not fully formed getting into a fad, but grown experienced adults can't understand men and women are two separate sexes?

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It is a lot easier to pander to the critical theory/gender cult than to pass meaningful legislation to address the deep economic and environmental problems we face.

Why are corporations stomping at the bit to stand by the trans cult? It doesn't cost them economically. Same with all the other critical theory offshoots, they just require word salad and social media posts, then they can keep exploiting people, but now there is no class solidarity because every race, sex, genderspecial sees the other groups as their oppressors.

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I call them "micro-identities" and definitely they're meant to Divide & Conquer so we can't unite against our overlords.

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I know right!! It's absolutely mind boggling!! How is this a thing? I feel like I'm living in a different, twisted reality/nightmare.

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In the US, many of the older people changing laws understand, they're just getting paid with lobbyists dollars to throw women's rights away. "Feminists" like Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Jackie Speier, Pramila Jayapal - they're all very smart women and they're all throwing us under the bus.

I call it Trans, Inc., because that's what it is. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being poured into transgender demands activism. I still can't decide if the destruction of women's rights is a side-effect or if it's the goal.

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I know several young women of your age who are gender critical radical feminists but only one who is comfortable being open about her views. She (20 years old, like yourself) has been given a hard time for it at college, but also receives a lot of silent support.

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props to her for being open and honest. Hopefully she doesn't get hurt or affected negatively.

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This phrase gets thrown around a lot, but it's true: she's incredible brave. Women are losing their jobs and future careers over these views. It's absolutely insane. I hope she stays safe and I'm so glad there's more of us out there.

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Yeah I feel completely alone too :/ I'm 21 and literally all my friends are coming out as trans..... It's exhausting.

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I'm so glad there's more of us!! It makes me want to cry seeing so many people, especially women, fall for this crap. Since I live in SoCal, I feel like there's no avoiding this crap and any friends that I will make will believe in this bs. I'm so sorry that you feel completely alone in this. Please know that you're not alone and that you have fellow radfem sisters here to support you! I'm so grateful for this wonderful community.

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It's really hard to know, esp in the time of deepened isolation, whether the cult's influence is as wide as it seems online or not. I believe it's not, but this might be wishful thinking as in my sense that it's on the wane. One thing for sure, there's nothing that makes one more a YES person than giving into this cult... so do hold out.

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I'm with you, sister! I feel like I'm going insane! I'll try to hold it together. Thank you for your reply!

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The cult has a lot of influence because there is a tremendous amount of money being poured into transgender demands activism worldwide, and they've positioned it as a Progressive movement under the aegis of LGB, so politicians are doing their bidding.

Normal people think it's nuts.

But what we have to watch out for and stop is that children are being indoctrinated in schools. In the US, a group called Gender Spectrum, which is allied with Joe Biden's foundation, are actively going into schools and indoctrinating very young children into gender ideology.

And the US largest teachers union, the National Education Association partnered with LGBT group (now openly T) HRC to read "I AM JAZZ" to pre-K to 5th grade nationwide, every year. Next year will be the 5th reading of "I AM JAZZ" to schoolchildren across the US.

So, in the US, the teachers' union is in on the gender lobby indoctrination too.

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This info is so important.

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It is, and we need to spread word far and wide that US school children are being indoctrinated into gender ideology.

If you are a US parent, and Gender Spectrum is coming into the school, or "I AM JAZZ" is being read to your child in school, talk to your school administrators and voice your strong objections.

I can't figure out how to link, but an endocrinologist has done a thorough critique of "I AM JAZZ" that you could forward to your school administration. I will find it and link it separately.

Also, if your library held Drag Queen Story Hour, pls call and object, even if it's not open right now. Trans, Inc., never sleeps - they're out there changing laws and lobbying libraries right now, so it's important to get your voices heard even during this downtime.

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There'll be more of you than you think, keeping quiet, asking themselves the same questions. I admire you younger GC folk so much. I was innoculated when young with second wave feminism, so I knew this for misogynist BS the moment I came into contact with it. You haven't had that luxury, but you've still seen through it. Well done.

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Thank you so much for your comment. It means a lot.

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Totally agree. We "Second Wavers" are so lucky, because we were "innoculated" - GREAT choice of words!

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16 here, also feel really alone.

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Talk to us. A lot of us older women have women your age in our lives, so we won't bite.

I do think us "Olds" are going to have to be the ones to break down the walls, because if we're retired we don't have to worry about losing our jobs and health insurance (in the US._

Retired women - you are needed!

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Wow, you're so young! I'm glad you're here! If you ever need to talk, feel free to message me.

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Hi TheMoon. Check out The Coddling of the American Mind. It's a great book that talks about how we got here to believing such harmful lies. They also talk about how to use rhetoric to get people to use their heads again instead of just bleating.

I think one of the best things a critical thinker can do is not remain silent when the mob attempts to cancel a professor or visitor to a university. Let the administration know that not all students want to reject free speech and different viewpoints.

I feel you... My daughter feels alone in her high school. We talk about gender critical ideas and don't pretend that men are women and get to trample our rights. Stay strong. Get on spinster if you have time.

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Thank you for the suggestion and your comment! I'm so proud of your daughter for not falling for this bs and I'm glad she has you, a fellow radical feminist, as her mother. Stay safe and thank you again!!

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It's probably not true or at least I hope so. I mean, I think that there would be more openly GC young women if society didn't cancel/punish them for telling the truth.

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I hope that you're right. I want you to be right! At the same time, it sucks that we have to have these thoughts in silence, or else, we get punished. It's so fucked up!

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I lurk here occasionally, not sure if I really count as a GC. But I am close to your age and I don't believe in this stuff.

I am not sure if you are in college, but I know a bunch of people from college who don't believe in it but it's kind of a secret-- even though college campuses are quite liberal and arguably the centers of gender ideology. There's a surprising amount of people who question it, believe me. You sort of drop a couple hints, e.g. questioning the pronouns of a man who wants to be called "it" (knew someone like that, no joke) and you figure it out.

In our age group, at least where I've lived, there are real social consequences for openly opposing this stuff. I would bet a lot that even in SoCal there'a a similar thing, that there are tons of people who don't believe it but are quiet about it. I grew to (unintentionally) build a mini-support network of people this way. If someone is very relaxed about pronoun usage, for example, it's worth a shot probing a little more to see how they feel.

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Thank you for your input. I absolutely agree with you and I'm glad to hear we might just not be as alone as I thought we were. It sucks how we have to suffer in silence. I really try to avoid taking classes on campus cause of this stuff. Thank you, again.

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It sucks how we have to suffer in silence.

It does really suck. It's trippy how pervasive the censoring is. I kept most of my views to myself while I was on campus.

No problem :) if you want to talk more about it, feel free to message me.