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And no one even asked kids themselves.

As I said before - human experiments are prohibited, but here it is fine to do unstudied and untested therapies on little kids. Just because "trans card" lets you do any crimes and be unpunished.

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This is really sad. The poor boy is a pawn being used by his mother :(

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And his father. They both suck, but the father's approach sucks less because at least it would leave Luna with the option to not be Luna any more if he decides he's not a girl after all. I don't think his dad would allow him to even be a GNC boy, though. Both parents are trying to push him in extreme directions.

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What will happen when in a few years the boy decides he is no longer a girl? That the surgeries he got ruined his live? Will he sue the mother, doctor, and the judge?

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Absolutely disgusting. If I'm remembering this case correctly, didn't the kid himself say he was a boy?

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Both that kid's parents are trash. No kid should be put on puberty blockers or medically transitioned. And the father is a piece of work himself. This article comes out a little too heavily in favor of transing the kid but it's worth a read to get sides of the story the father tends to leave out.

I think "Luna" may be more gender-nonconforming than trans and should be allowed to wear a dress, have long hair, call himself Luna, but be left to make his own transition when he's of age. His parents need to back off and quit pushing him to choose between being male or female.

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I agree there are issues with both parents in this case; both have behaved badly. But please don't dehumanize people by deriding them as "trash." A rule of this sub is "no slurs."

His parents need to back off and quit pushing him to choose between being male or female.

Being male or female is not a choice; it's a fact. Sex is determined at conception. Using today's medical technologies, the sex of a human fetus can be ascertained in utero at 8 weeks, and observed and confirmed with certainty via imaging at 16 weeks.

That said, regardless of one's sex, children should be given wide latitude to dress & wear their hair the way they want, and should be allowed to play with all/any toys and pursue what interests them without being shoved into rigid "gender roles" aka sex stereotypes. But calling this child or any other child "trans" is just saddling him or her with the constricting stereotypes that regressive sexists view as fitting the opposite sex.

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children should be given wide latitude to dress & wear their hair the way they want, and should be allowed to play with all/any toys and pursue what interests them without being shoved into rigid "gender roles"

From what I've read about the case, I think the father's issue is more that it's being allowed and actively encouraged in pursuit of an agenda that actively harms the kid.

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I can't take Vox seriously as a news source, particularly on trans issues. That article is peddling the misinformation that puberty blockers are totally reversible. At best you could claim we don't know enough to know if they are totally reversible.

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What does 'reversible' even mean in this case, really.

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Oof, Vox is NOT the source you want to go to on trans (or frankly, any) issues, particularly given that they made a point of using the just-definitively-debunked reversibility of puberty blockers. Not sure why you consider the father a "piece of work" based on the Vox article or otherwise, particularly when a woman he married is trying to trans HIS child. Even if he were, if there were ever a justified case of MTGOW, it would be this case of a Munchausen syndrome by proxy ex-wife trying to trans your baby boy.

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It's the only article I've found that explains why the dad isn't a great human being, either. (I don't care for the article's, or for the overall Vox site's, stance on trans) Both parents need to back the fuck off that kid and let him figure things out without being medicalized. They're both using him as a pawn to get back at each other.

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Thanks for that. In other articles it's only mentioned that the father blocks therapy for the child, because he wouldn't be able to choose which therapist and he wants to homeschool. Both raised red flags for me and the stuff in the vox article is consitent with it. Poor kid. :(

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I understand the reason to want to homeschool. It sounds like schools these days are big on ‘celebrating’ kids in transition. It’s great if that is what the kid actually wants but fhe issue is that if the kids isn’t trans or decides to desist, there is no more attention.

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Not wanting his son ton go to a trans quack (and himself be bled dry by said trans quack, with no money for the legal battle) is a red flag? Not wanting his son to socialize as a girl and thus be locked into the eunuch pipeline is a red flag?

It's very hard to desist when you've been living a lie. He'll have to "come out" as a boy all over again and "betray" many, many adults who he thinks were exceptionally kind to him and made "personal sacrifices" to accommodate his life as a "girl". The longer the e-paper trail, the harder and more shameful it is; he won't be able to be James Younger either, he'd need the equivalent of witness protection. Adults are killing themselves over long-term lies potentally coming to light. What a brutal, senseless abuse of a child. If he were my child, I'd grab him and run to Ecuador.

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Damn I was literally just thinking about this case the other day! I thought the original judgment, where both parents have to make medical decisions together and if they can't come to an agreement then a neutral third party makes the decision, was very fair and reasonable. It's blatantly obvious that the mom has an "agenda" (wants attention for trans kid, possibly trying to 'punish' her ex since James/Luna is not her biological child) but honestly listening to the dad he has an agenda too (very bible thumping "ain't no son of mine gonna be a sissy" type attitude).

I have been looking and looking but I can't find videos of James/Luna himself talking about what he prefers. A child of that age is too young to conceptualize what biological sex and being transgender mean. Kids that age think all girls have long hair and all boys have short hair, that's their concept of genders. I remember being that age and knowing a family friend that was a woman with short hair and being absolutely mindboggled because her voice sounded like a girl but she clearly was a boy? then growing older and being like "oh, duh, she's just a woman with short hair".

My guess? The boy is probably just effeminate, possibly going to grow up to be gay, and both parents have different ideas about how to "fix" that.

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Unbelievable, and IIRC she's not even his biological mother but rather adopted the kid when she married Jeffrey Younger.

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Georgulas is not even James and Jude’s biological mother

I know this may come off as insensitive as the famed "inherent cissexism" tweet, but it's a shitty thing to say. If she gave birth to these children (instead of renting a reproductive slave and buying the slave's children), she is the mother. Shitty mothers exist.