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I just read on the front page that one of SAIDIT's most popular subs is being shut down because the server is demanding it. It seems ( and I might be getting this wrong) that a dedicated troll(s) kept reporting the sub to the server until the server forced the SAIDIT administrators to either shutter the "offending" sub or all of SAIDIT would be closed.

The fact that it is untouchable to this kind of threat is just one of the things that is fantastic about Ovarit. I lurk there and IMO, Ovarit could well become a central meeting point for GC feminists and just women trying to figure out why our rights are being reversed.

However, while making Ovarit strong (!!!), please keep posting GC ideas here on SAIDIT, on REDDIT, on Twitter, on every social media you have access to, because we have to get GC ideas out to the general public too.

Maybe double post on Ovarit and then somewhere else?

Most people do not know what's happening to women's rights, women's sports, women's safety - and that's by design on the part of the gender lobby: they want no one to know - we have to tell them, so please, post away on Ovarit and everywhere else!

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Just out of curiosity, is the site going to stay "private" in which you need an invite to join or are you and the other mods planning to make it more public?

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We would like to go public when we're out of beta. Right now we're using invites to add women we trust while we continue to work out the kinks and add features.

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I assumed that was the plan, but I wanted to be sure. Thank you!!!

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Hey, I am seeing people on Spinster who said they haven't been able to get a valid code to sign up for Ovarit. Is there a way I can connect you up with them to sort it?

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They should message Ovarit's Spinster account for a new code - they do expire after a period of time so that might be the issue.

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Suggested as much to them earlier in fact, just wanted to mention here because they also said they'd gotten an expired code from Saidit. I don't know what's going on, maybe it's hinky, but it might be worth looking into in case there actually is a problem somewhere along the line.

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Aah hope I can get an invite someday! Thank all your glorious women for your hard work

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Message OP or the Ovarit-twitter/spinster-account.

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Can I have an invite?

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I don’t know how to PM on this site but would like a code!

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You click the person's username. This takes you to the user's profile page. Then in the right-hand column, there is "send a private message".

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Thank you!