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I kind of hope they do so it peaks more people with it's own ridiculousness.

I want a 40 year old woman with no twitter account to pick up a pack of tampons with Yaniv's pedo face on it and ask herself... "where the fuck does he shove the tampon" then it becomes the joke that it is.

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i don't doubt it, but i think it's unlikely. although that would mean selling more products. i know of tims who use tampons just to 'feel it inside', which is pretty weird to say the least.

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Oh, jesus. I know that there's post-surgical bleeding for a while, but aren't they not supposed to put anything in there aside from the dilation stick things til it heals entirely? God. The understanding of the feeling of a completely dry tampon being removed. God, why?

For OP, we've had TIFs on one of them already, but I don't remember the brand. There's probably been a few at this point.

Nonbinary people could probably get a pass on that, since no one knows what flavor of the day gender identity they'll want to choose.

For TiMs, probably period underwear for the post-surgical bleeding or hell... maybe just to be "empowering".

I wish we had a period subsaiddit.

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When TIMs brag about using tampons, they're usually talking about putting them up their asses. The vast majority of TIMs - 90% in 2015, though probably a much higher % today - have not had any genital surgery, nor do they ever intend to get any. So very few TIMs have to deal with the post-surgical bleeding and dilation sticks you speak of.

Also, many TIMs carry a big bunch of pads and tampons in their purses so that whenever they open them in public - to pay for a purchase or for a drink at a bar, say or to get a tissue or their lipstick - other people will see the san products and become further convinced that these guys are "real" women. Or at least that's what they hope. In addition, many TIMs say they always carry a lot of sanpro with them in case a random girl or woman asks them for one in the ladies loo - which in TIM fantasies is something that happens all the time LOL.

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Ew. Holy fuck, there's even less moisture in your butt. Can't that damage the integrity of the colon? It's not even the same feeling, and wouldn't you feel like you needed to poop while you had it in just casually walking? Can't it migrate upward into the colon too, since there's nothing to block it from going further?

I sort of hold a feeling of sadness for the ones that carry them around for women to try to offer that aren't trying to be nasty, but only helpful. Blame my period for that breach in emotional conduct.

Edited for more questions.

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Men have prostate glands, which are highly erogenous and are located right next to the rectum; that makes sticking things up their butts pleasurable for many of them in ways that females can't imagine. Which is why butt plugs and "anal stimulators" are such popular sex toys.

Of course, sticking things up the ass for sexual pleasure is not confined to TIMs - or to gay men either. Here's a straight guy who uses tampons in his ass as a masturbatory aid:

Butt plugs and "anal play" are also not confined to men, especially not nowadays. In the past couple of years, publications such as Cosmo, Shape, Allure, Women's Health, and Teen Vogue have been making major efforts to convince girls and young women to use butt plugs as well. It's part of the campaign to indoctrinate girls & young women into accepting anal sex as both normal and a must.

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Yeah, but tampons are meant to expand and they suck all of the moisture out of an area, couldn't a tampon be damaging if it's removed dry from the anus?

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Of course! But some guys will fuck sheep, dogs, pigs, chicken, holes in the wall, etc - and they've also been known to do all sorts of things that can damage their anuses, rectums and colons for sexual pleasure - so I wouldn't put it past them. Also, the whole trans trend seems to be one big exercise in self-harm - and for men, going trans is always motivated by a desire to achieve maximum male sexual pleasure.

BTW, the advice I've read for men who want to try using tampons in their asses is always, "don't do it - but if you must, use plenty of lube." But nowadays, "use plenty of lube" seems to be offered as a general answer to doing things that might cause discomfort or damage - for both sexes.

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I sort of hold a feeling of sadness for the ones that carry them around for women to try to offer that aren't trying to be nasty, but only helpful.

nah don't, this is part of the fetish. It's easiest to see when you look at J.Yaniv who fantasises about helping a ten year old girl put a tampon in, but the ones carrying tampons in the hopes that some woman will ask them for one have the same fetish-y reasons for it.

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Giving yourself IBS is not the same as menstruation.

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Not the same thing, but South African runner Caster Semenya is the "brand ambassador" for SA-made Princess D menstrual cups, and Semenya's face is prominently displayed on the packaging and other promotional materials for the brand. This despite the fact that Semenya has never had a period, or ever could, because Semenya is an XY male with fully functioning testes and no ovaries or other female organs.

Semenya has a male-only DSD, 5-ARD, which affects development of the external male genitals in utero, often causing boys with the condition to have external genitals that look atypical for males at the time of birth. But aside from the appearance of the outer genitals, there is no difference between males with 5-ARD and other males except for lack of facial and body hair later in life. Males with 5-ARD go through male puberty, at which time it usually becomes clear that those who were mistakenly "assigned" female at birth are, in fact, male.

South African authorities and Semenya have known that Semenya is a male with 5-ARD since before Semenya was introduced to the world as South Africa's "golden girl" athlete in 2009, as Semenya was medically checked out by SA physicians back then and 5-ARD was already a well-understood condition at the time.

Semenya - a two-time Olympic gold medallist in the women's 800m and many times women's world champion in the event- is fully aware that having testes and male levels of testosterone gives Semenya and all males enormous advantages over females in athletics. Yet Semenya has doggedly fought for Semenya's "human right" to participate in female sports anyway, based entirely on the claim that lack of a normal penis means Semenya is a woman - and that Semenya has a birth certificate and other official ID documents that say "female."

(What often gets glossed over in the Semenya story is the fact that Semenya wasn't issued a SA birth certificate until age 16, after Semenya had already been singled out by SA officials as an athlete with the potential to break records in women's sports and bring considerable attention and glory to South Africa.)

Given Semenya's demonstrated lack of ethics in sports, it's not surprising - to me at least - that in 2018 Semenya had the audacity to agree to become the public face of a South African brand of menstrual cups.

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Semenya had the audacity to agree to become the public face of a South African brand of menstrual cups.

wtf. do people think Semenya can menstruate?

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More likely a TIF, so that they can push the idea that "men" can have periods too.

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Tim's believe the infected leakage from their dick mutilation counts as "menstruation", so not long.

I will say though, if they go through with the surgery then they will need those products, as insurance often doesn't pay for them, nor do doctors provide an adequate amount of product for recovery. I'm okay with giving them free pads to catch the leaking of post op trauma, but its NOT menstruation. This is 100% because the American health system is shit shit shit and I feel for those who need basic supplies.

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I mean, if there is pressure to have them check their cervix, I don't doubt they will be featured as "menstruators" or even pregnant "people".

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I don't think that will happen. TIMs give people the ick. Even a lot of woke people.The more blatantly fetish-y they are the more they ick people out. The TIM period fetish grosses out almost everyone.

Nobody will want to put a product in or around their vulva that's been advertised with a TIM's face.