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Wow. Thanks so much for your firsthand description and thanks for standing up for women! What an experience!

There's a video on Ovarit that shows the BLM activists harassing the GC women. Posie is a superstar: she kept calm and towered above everyone on her stool (?) while that crowd could have turned uglier.

You have to wonder at these young women who think it's OK to yell at other women, especially older women. And especially on behalf of men. I can't wait to see the backside of this whole woman-hating movement...

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"I can't wait to see the backside of this whole woman-hating movement..." Really? I just see asses all over the place.

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Oh god, lol. Exactly. The backside of libfem movement is LITERALLY their butts. That's feminism for you, baby! Asses! Asses everywhere! Freedom and Equality - those are the names of my buttcheeks!

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You're killing me lol

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I just saw the video on youtube........ They're are totally lunatics. I'm not from USA or UK and in my country it's still will take a while. I just hope it won't ever get to this point. I'm shocked. What.the.hell. I keep peaking more and more. They literally can't have any discussion and all they know is shouting, shouting, filming, harassing, vandalizing,... I already knew this, but I just... keep peaking more somehow.

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As I walked into the park I looked back and saw a sign that said "9 out of 10 trans people commit suicide".

About three years ago, I noted on gendercritical Reddit that the percentage of trans people being claimed to commit suicide had increased from 40% to fucking 50%. Fifty percent! And it was being parrotted around everywhere without question, even by paid journalists. Then the percentage went up to 60% (it had been 40% two years previously) and I said that at the rate they were going, in a few short years they would be saying it was 100%. I was joking!

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It was 30% 6 years ago

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And from what I remember, the original claim was "N% of trans people have had thoughts of self-harm".

Which in itself is of course not great, but a) it is completely different from actually attempting suicide and b) quite common among confused teenagers with mental health issues.

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Well I've seen trans people saying that they purposely fill in such surveys saying they are depressed and self harming (also happier than they actually are with the surgery they get) because they know it helps their cause. The Tavistock surveys of young patients gets very different results. Minimal self harming but rates go up after treatment, especially in girls.

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About a year ago, there was this Heartbeat RPG on sale on Steam and TRAs were getting mad that it was 37% off because apparently that was the percentage of trans people committing suicide.

Bullshit all round.

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"PAID" journalists describes exactly what's happened to journalism in the US.

Trans activists are behind foundations supporting Democracy Now! (US "independent" news) and I'm pretty sure NPR.

And then pharma/medical-affiliated corporations have outright bought media companies, which then spew pro-gender ideology non-stop. Looking at you, Teen Vogue.

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Here is the link to the wonderful speeches:

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Interestingly enough, all people who struggle with mental illness have an increased risk of suicide. And you know when that risk is statistically exponentially worse? When the mental illness remains untreated.

And in my opinion, proper treatment of gender dysphoria is basically illegal now. Any therapy exploring why a person wants to transition is now seen as "conversion therapy" and treatment feeds into the delusion by giving them a bottle of pills and a clinic to cut their non-gendered bits off at. Trans people have truly nowhere to turn to apart from a bunch of butchers making money from their suffering. It's like leading an anorexic to a liposuction clinic. Truly sick, and I really do feel for them.

But since when do we blame individuals for the suicides of others? We've learned not to blame magazines for the suicides of people with eating disorders, because there's more to it than that. When someone kills themselves, they were fighting their own demons and it's nobodies fault. When it comes to trans people this logic goes out thr window - they killed themselves because you, specifically, are gender critical and refused to gender them correctly. It's ridiculous double-think.

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Then they have face feminising surgery and maybe bottom too, and are mystified to find that straight men and lesbians don't really want to date them and it's going to be near impossible to have a normal relationship.

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Probably they mostly passed as women in every day life but not in this setting. It was a stark difference and the crowd gave lots of space.

It must have been rough for them to realize they don't actually pass. They probably thought they could show up in complete stealth mode. It's important to get reality checks though.

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They were way over dressed for a Sunday afternoon in the park. Very coordinated outfits. But the thing that made me notice them was the way they wore their handbags (purses). None of the real women had brought a bag. We properly dressed for the occasion. I had my phone, bank card, keys and some emergency cash. In my pockets. These guys had designer handbags. It looked like you just gave your boyfriend your bag to hold and he put it on his shoulder. They were very upright and tense. They noticed when I clocked them.

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I think many TIMs seriously hate that women can go out in cargo shorts, no makeup, a plain t-shirt, flat sandals, with a ratty canvas sling instead of a purse, and STILL NO ONE WILL THINK THEY'RE A MAN.

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Exactly. Because women are simply women. They don't need to try to be women. mindblowing.

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And what some TIMs don't get (the ones that think that they are showing women up with their designer handbags and shoes) is that many women are all for men dressing like (male) peacocks.

I kind of love the fact that TIMs deck themselves out like they're going to be on the cover of Vogue when they're only going to Costco. As I sit here in an old t-shirt and shorts (sadly, it's my COVID WFH wardrobe) I'm glad someone is making the effort.

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many women are all for men dressing like (male) peacocks.

for real! bring back the days of heels, white breeches, colorful vests, and powdered wigs. all for it. men were still men back then.

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I love it when men wear pastels.

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They really do, this is such truth. I dated one for awhile and whenever she went out in a sports bra and cargo shorts she got clocked. You can’t hide much in that kind of outfit. She has a pea coat she got clocked in that she now refuses to wear ever again.

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If you spend all your time having to think about everything you do to make sure you aren’t an asshole, you might be an asshole. Likewise, if you have to devote that much energy to not being and looking like a man, you might just be a man.

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Sort of on topic: I had an interesting experience the other day. I'm usually someone who's not completely convinced that I can clock any TIM on sight, but I had one on the bus with me, and even though he was wearing a COVID mask (and was one of the young TIMs who otherwise pass fairly well, and while dressed 'feminine' wasn't dressed like a caricature) I could clock him just by the eye and forehead area alone. It was kind of fascinating.

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Men have thicker brow ridges than women. That's why so many TiMs are obsessed with getting their skulls shaved.

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Posie is too amazing for words. She knows exactly what she's doing and she's prepared for everything.

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I wish I had half of her confidence to face down a screaming mob.

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I was honestly afraid to get hit in the face. The reason I turned tail and ran was because I have a huge presentation at work tomorrow to all the Directors. It's the culmination of two years work. That was what was going through my mind. I didn't want to have to explain away a black eye. Looking back, I could have said I was out protesting with Black Lives Matter and they would have salivated all over my feet and handed me a raise and promotion. To someone at my level of the company getting beat up for marching with Black Lives Matter would be the most exciting thing that had happened this year.

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As someone who also worked for a WOKE, Inc., I wish I had thought of that kind of excuse...

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LOL, great potential excuse! I'm glad you got away unscathed, though.

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9/10 trans people commit suicide? Quick, we need to encourage more children to be trans to fix this issue.

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BLM activists are starting to get on my nerves...

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"9 out of 10". Well, it's a good thing we don't treat trans identification as a mental health issue.

I heard about an incident with BLM at Speakers Corner but couldn't find details. Both BLM and gender ideology have become wings of authoritarian men's rights activism.

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Will try to go next time.

13th September.

You will know me by my massive eye lashes.

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Thank you, I was very interested in hearing about this!

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I really wish BLM protestors would stop alienating black women who care about feminism.

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I saw so many people on Twitter calling Posie racist on this video. I don’t get it. If a black woman says transwomen are women we are just supposed to agree? Because she’s wearing a BLM shirt?

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There seems to be a bit of infighting among UK feminists, which is very sad - it's like, we are surrounded by enemies, why fight amongst ourselves?

Apparently, Posie is blunt and not PC on this and other issues and that irritates and angers other UK GC feminists.

However, I personally love that Posie is fearless, highly visible and gets things done. I don't have to be with her on every issue to be with her on this one.

In good and bad news, there are too few American feminists raising their heads above the parapet for there to be infighting. And I'm not criticizing any Americans; for one thing, unlike Brits, Canadians, et al., many Americans are dependent on our jobs for health insurance.

But I just read a thread on WoLF's Twitter explaining why WoLF was thankful for Posie's help and why WoLF wishes the same British feminists who criticize Posie would understand why WoLF does what it does and with which allies.

This is a really fascinating thread for anyone who is interested in why WoLF has been bashed by some British feminists and why it doesn't deserve to be - WoLF gets things done, at great risk to themselves, and for that, IMO, they deserve every American woman's gratitude.