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This is just my interpretation so take it with as much salt as you like, but from the way they wrote the article I think they do not see him as a woman, and the pronouns were just a way to try and seem 'politically correct' enough to escape too much backlash.

Just look at the article, he's never referred to as a woman or even a trans woman, they use 'trans person' instead. Then they 'deadname' him, and his new name is framed as if it were a nickname.

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I agree. The title itself is very telling. If they were woke they would have used "`woman" instead.

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As far as I know the Post Millennial is a conservative-leaning page, but since it’s in Canada they probably have to bow down to the woke-ism to a certain extent or risk getting “punished” in a serious way (since Canadian TRA laws seem much more punitive than in the U.S.A.).