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Let them throw that word around until it doesn't mean anything. Ignore it - don't accept it or try to argue with it.

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Yeah I think that would be good. I've already been called a "terf" a few times and I'm a guy Lol. It's like wanting to support women to have their spaces and rights is akin to being a Terf by association because God forbid you support a class that worked hard to get their spaces. I guess I'm just trying to brace myself because I will be talking about how I became gender critical on my YouTube channel and I just know I'm gonna be getting all these disparaging labels. So if I get called Transphobic, it's just best to stick to what I said and not address it at all?

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transphobic is the least of what you will be called. You will be called a racist, a bigot, a literal murder, and accused of committing hate crimes. Don't adopt any labels that aren't accurate. I'd suggest make a first video about being gender critical, make sure you carefully draw the lines on what you believe (of course people can dress themselves any way they want, but that doesn't change your. No, no one should be beaten up based on their beliefs about themselves, but also women shouldn't be forced to share intimate spaces with men no matter what those men feel). Then collect the comments from that video and make a second one about all the slurs and accusations you received and how stupid they are. Double the content, and controversy drives traffic. Also, if no one threatens to rape you to death you can point out the JKR received those threats and you didn't, because misogyny.

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You're right. I'm sure I'm gonna be put through the ringer though I'm gonna laugh if they call me a "racist" considering I'm black and with the exception of one video I did where race was kinda important, it was not a racist thing but I know that people will twist it.

I'd suggest make a first video about being gender critical, make sure you carefully draw the lines on what you believe (of course people can dress themselves any way they want, but that doesn't change your. No, no one should be beaten up based on their beliefs about themselves, but also women shouldn't be forced to share intimate spaces with men no matter what those men feel).

Yeah I was gonna do something like that. What I was thinking of doing is that since I am a gay man, I was gonna start with a video that highlights my top 10 unpopular LGBT opinions with the my not believing in trans ideology being one of them and give a brief explanation why. Then I was gonna make a follow up video where I go all in on why I feel the way I do about the transgender ideology. I'm not necessarily trying to become a Gender Critical channel but it's just something that I want to talk about because there are certain things that just aren't being said that I'd like to bring to the surface and add to the debate.

But I'm also trying to mentally prepare because after coming out as Gender critical last year and losing some friends, it really did kinda hurt since I don't have a large social circle to begin with.

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Well, you have us. And even though we can't go out for coffee, we are behind you.

Have you been over to s/LGBDroptheT ? Because you'll find LGB friends there in the same predicament.

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Thanks and yeah, I've perused there and it makes me feel even more sane that there other Gays, Lesbians, and bisexuals who feel the same way.

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Thank you so much for putting yourself out there. Will you be including the fact that Iran does the most sex reassignments in the world? For me this fact alone should have have everyone question what's happening worldwide as gay Iranians are executed if they don't undergo the surgery. The other jaw-dropping fact is that something like 90% of parents in the UK who visited Tavistock Clinic in the UK expressed homophobic sentiments

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I actually totally forget about Iran's views on Gay people and how the only options for Gays is transition or die. Thanks for reminding me of that, I'm definitely gonna be including that in my video. And yeah I was gonna bring up the Tavistock after someone shared an article of how a lot of doctors were resigning because of the children transitioning problem. It was quite eye opening and I can't remember what the young girl's name was but she was explaining how she was pushed into the transition thing and ended up regretting it.

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whoa sounds amazing!! could you whisper me the name of your channel? if you don't feel like announcing it here, for any reason?

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Oh my channel is Kai Decadence, pretty much the same name as my username lol

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Ignore my previous comment asking for your youtube then. Just subscribed - I just wanna say you are so cute! And goth! I'll be enjoying your channel.

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Aw thank you!

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You probably have no interest in dropping your youtube out in public but I really would be interested in subscribing. Any chance you could PM some of us your youtube channel or just drop it here?

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TERF aka Tired of Explaining Reality to F**kwits!

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Lmao that's actually pretty creative.

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It's not mine but I love it. I can't recall where I saw it. May have been on Mumsnet

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I stopped caring.

It' s not like that word still means something or anything. At this point, words like "transphobic", "TERF", "bigot" and even "nazi" just mean "you disagree with me and I don' t like it".

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Agree with you. Except in a professional setting, I'm happy to embrace the labels "transphobe", "bigot", "racist", etc. I honestly do evaluate each person individually based on their character, regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, or religion. But now the meanings of these words have become so corrupt I just don't care anymore.

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I'm 100% with you. These words have lost any power they might have had over me. As others have noted, they're just shorthand for 'I disagree with you, and am going to try and discredit what you say by painting you as a horrible person.'

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Anyone throwing such accusations around in a professional setting should be terminated immediately without recourse. Particularly given that the prevalence of "transphobe" always seems to coincide with the introduction of NSFW topics/situations by the accuser.

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That's a very interesting way to think about it but you're right, it seems like these words just became other words to mean "I disagree".

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I accept it internally, because by their definition of transphobic I am and I don't want to get upset when it gets thrown at me. If they throw abuse at me, and I react to it with emotion and not in a rational thoughtful way I've lost. I know I'm not though. Before I knew about the 'transwomen are women' battering ram and all the craziness, I had nothing against transgender people - I was even curious and read a book about a transgender person. Then I found out about the shitstorm~

But, I wouldn't actually state I'm a transphobe unless it was sarcastically. :P

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Yeah I guess just internally accepting it helps and it just deafens the more you get called it by others. It's like "Okay, and what?" type of thing since it's such a buzz word these days just like "TERF" is lol.

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They just glom onto words regardless of their meaning. I have severe arachnophobia. I damn well know a phobia is when someone can't even look at whatever the object of dread let alone being in the same space. I doubt any GC is phobic about trans people. I know I'm not as I had two friends in the 80s who were trans. I'm pissed off and deeply concerned with the totalitarian mindset that they want to inculcate.

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As somone who has bad arachnophobia as well, EXACTLY. We don't fear trans people, we just know the reality and have no problem speaking it. It's not out of fear, it's out of understanding.

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Did you lose contact with those friends? Did they fully believe they were exactly the sex they identified as?

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I did lose contact but I can tell you the trans mindset was so different then. Marie was the older one, in her 30s, had surgery and was very lowkey. Her being trans was not brought up. There was no ideology or cultish vibe to it. I knew her thru Tony who was in his 20s. He had had a number of facial surgeries and was seeing a psychiatrist but not yet taking hormones. I always had a sense that his being trans was something on the side. He referred to himself as a trannie but he wasn't totally identified with it. There was never any demand that anyone in our circle of friends had to refer to him with feminine pronouns or any anyway change how we interacted with him.He would though talk obsessively about Barbie dolls which he collected so maybe back then it was easier to express his feelings and aspirations through his Barbie monologues.

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I don't care. I don't go around making unprovoked attacks at people or calling people who are perfectly nice to me slurs but I'm also not buying into the mental illness that is transgenderism. I think "tranny" is fine if "TERF" is fine, I do not think the use of "tranny" incites violence although it is rude to use face to face with somebody. If not going along with what clearly are delusions make some people think I am transphobic then meh, so what? Transphobic is just a word people hurl at you when they're upset about something, it changes meaning a lot nowadays.

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Ultimately you're right. It's just a buzzword at this point just like "Terf" so it really doesn't mean anything. I guess it just annoys me because it's being used as a tactic to silence people from daring to speak the truth. It really is like 1984 where essentially they call you these things to try to alienate because you're engaging in their version of wrongthink.

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I read by someone who seemed to know what they were talking about that "tranny" started in Australia. IIRC it was just a shortened "transvestite" or "trans-sexual" and not meant as a slur per se.

I lived in Australia and they did seem to shorten many words. Mosquito = Mozzie. Bathing costume = cozzie It was cute.

Who knows, but I know even when I heard it used in the US for decades, it was more a teasing descriptive than a slur. Although even back then, most people I knew who dealt with what are now called transgenders thought they were mentally unstable men.

A long time ago, I worked near an LGB center and often had to get to work early in the morning. There would always be cross-dressing male prostitutes kind of lying around in a drug or alcohol stupor. I just felt bad for them and hoped they could access help.

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Priscilla, Queen of the Desert! :D

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Yeah, little did we know while watching Priscilla what horrors awaited us...

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Nup. I have a tendency of not giving an inch in an argument. It's really effective.

Explain what exactly I'm "phobic" of, and where I've shown that, or say you were wrong. Can't do that? Better believe I'm going to bring it up relentlessly until you do.

I throw definitions at them and watch my language. Saying people can't change sex isn't "phobic" it's factual.

Don't accept and say "well if believing men can't wish themselves into being female makes me transphobic, then fine i guess I am" because that will be just you admitting that you're a terrible bigotted person. Make them justify it.

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That's what I do too - argue. I just keep barraging them with facts. Usually what happens is they hang up with, "Well, that's YOUR opinion."

No, honey, biological sex is not my "opinion" it's the reason you and everyone else fucking exists (with fucking almost always involved.)

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It's a shushing tactic. The other side of the coin of telling women to be nice. To quote Magdalen, "Nah mate."

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Hell, even trying to mind your business and not say anything about trans people can get you called out for transphobia now that they stole the "silence is violence" rhetoric from the anti-racism people. Unless you join the choir and endlessly repeat TWAW TMAM you're an enemy.

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Eugh... Yeah you're right. It's just annoying.

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-phobia being used to describe a hatred, not an actual fear is Orwellian. Phobia was repurposed despite the existence of -ist and miso- because phobia implies the target is silly, abnormal, and irrational. There is gaslighting built into its new usage.

So ignore the label, but think about what this means for the people who use it. You aren't going to have many worthwhile discussions with them.

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So should it, in fact, be mistransist (after misogynist and misandrist)? Not able to use a Greek root in the middle because, uh, historically only two sexes.

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Anti-trans would work.

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Yeah I don't plan on wasting my time on people who will not even hear me out because it's a lost cause and a waste of time.

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I sometimes start the conversation with the definition of "phobia" Then go into how not wanting men with dicks in spaces where women are naked or otherwise vulnerable is not a phobia but rather based on actual rape statistics and on the fact that said man could be able to force most women between the ages of approx. 12-50 to reproduce.

Whereas said man, no matter how much he thinks he's a woman in his pretty little head will never be forced to reproduce.

He can simply change his appearance and his OPPRESSION (by other men) disappears, whereas women and black or other minority men cannot.

So women should not and will not be forced to be human shields for men who want to fly their freak flag in public.

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And see I think that's reasonable but to these people, what you said is heresy lol. And I love the "how would you know if someone is trans". Usually you can tell.

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I spent a lot of time in countries where gay men are forced or encouraged to transition and I can ALWAYS tell a TIM.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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Well I know that the middle east can be extreme with it pretty where a gay person's only choices is transition or death... Are there any other countries that aren't too keen on homosexuality and encourage transition? I know that Homosexuality in Africa is frowned upon but I haven't read if they push transitioning.

And sure thing. It's probably gonna be at least a month or two before I get to the video but just trying to brace myself lol

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India, Indonesia, Thailand and I think Pakistan all seem to prefer TIMs to gay men to varying degrees. Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

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I didn't know that about India and Indonesia, very interesting. For Thailand, I'm aware of the whole "LadyBoy" thing and how it even plays into the sexcation aspect of the area. I want to read up more on this but I feel like I'm gonna be bombarded with misinformation because of the whole belief that Thailand is like some Transgender paradise but I feel like there is a deep dark secret to this where the area may very well frown upon and discourage Gay men (especially if they are Feminine & gender nonconforming) and try to pressure them into being that.

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Yes, I would read up on all of it if you're going to do an episode.

In India, the transgenders (TIMs) are called hijras. In Indonesia, waria, and in Thailand I only heard them call Lady Boys, but I think that's the name Westerners gave them.

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Yeah I'm really trying to read all I can. I was actually reading about the Waria of Indonesia and how they are not seen as shameful compared to homosexual men and even it being disgraceful if a family has an effeminate son. Of course it's a little synopsis but connecting the dots, you can say how an effeminate young gay boy living in Indonesia and being considered disgraceful to his family and have to endure gay bashing and verbal harassment while in school, he can grow up thinking that there must be something wrong with him and thus that he must be trans...

I'm still reading on India and learned that homosexuality was punishable by law until about 2017 and 2018. I'm reaching a roadblock with the Hijras though. Like I'm not sure if it's encouraged over being homosexual like what happens in Indonesia. And I haven't gotten to Thailand yet lol.

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At first, I found it really annoying, but now, sometimes it's bordering on laughable (it would be more amusing if we weren't in such a mess in this point of time). Stating that a man is not a woman is "transphobic". Stating that a man cannot have a period is "transphobic". They keep throwing the word like confetti to anyone who has any type of criticism. I'm not offended if someone were to call me a transphobe and the last time I was called transphobic, it was whatever to me. When I'm called a terf, I usually point out their misogyny (which they don't seem to understand). I don't mind being labelled a terf, but I don't like seeing others called a terf (maybe because I don't know how that person is internalizing the label?). I don't like when the terf label comes with "shut up" or things like "silence terf!", etc. I notice the sexual /violent threats are more accompanied with "terf" than "transphobe" though, now that I'm thinking about it.

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I just say that it does not make me Islamaphobic to not believe in Islam.

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Oh wow. How do they respond to that?

[–]-thedarkhorse- 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

Huffing and puffing usually.

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It very quickly lost any meaning, its their reflex word so I'm unfazed by it. It's like a filler word like "so, umm" that you don't hear

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That makes sense. I guess I'm just not used to being called that. I'm used to getting called a "terf" but not that so I suppose it's just a matter of getting used to it.

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The feeling is disgust, not fear.

I'm not transphobic.

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Fair enough

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Just clarify for them - "I'm not transphobic, I'm trans-aware."

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To know them is to not love them.

And I am sorry for the men with genuine dysphoria caught up in this mess even if I will never allow them into our spaces no matter how nice they are.

We all have to make choices in life. They choose to dress as women outside the home, they can work to make other men accept them, they can't put women in danger.

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Haha I like that. I think it's accurate since I've read up on Transgender and heck, I'm GNC myself so I think I would know a little more of it then the average person who doesn't really look into the ideology.

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Yes, always. They can call me a Trans-Exterminating Reactionary Fascist for all I care.

I will never have sex with a female (TIF) not because I'm bigoted but because I literally cannot. What are they going to do, tell my employer that I refused sex with someone?

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I'm not entirely sure what they could do. I've heard stories of some TRAs trying to get women fired from their jobs but I'd like to think their attempts were unsuccessful.

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Everytime on twitter when someone calls something or me transphobic which clearly isn't i post this gif

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Lmao I mean you're not wrong. Everything is transphobic to these people.

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I'll say "If the definition of 'transphobic' is such that I must either be wildly sexist and homophobic, OR be 'transphobic', then sorry, I'm gonna pick the latter"

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Right, I mean to these people if you don't believe that men can become women and women can become men, you're "tranpshobic".

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I would fight against that label. I don't hate trans people and never have. I believe wholeheartedly in equal rights and protection from discrimination. Adults should be able to do what they want with their own bodies. My fight is with people who seek to deny biological sex, erase single-sex spaces, and transition minors.

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My fight is with people who seek to deny biological sex, erase single-sex spaces, and transition minors.

And see I think that's the thing most of us gender critical people are about. We're not saying that you can't adorn yourself a certain way or in the more extreme cases, have your penis inverted or wear some phallic prosthetic. You can do whatever you want but we're just saying that doing all that stuff doesn't make you the opposite nor should you infringe on rights that were taken a long time to fight for.

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I told a guy to shut up because he was distracting me from studying, can you guess his response? "I'll rape you". When it comes to cases like these, I never hold back so I said "You're too gay to rape me" (I don't believe that, sexuality does not dictate action, just incentivise/deter action). I was called homophobic after that, but I honestly don't care and really, I don't even care if someone attacks someone back with a stereotype of my ethnicity or gender, because they're within their right to defend themselves (I just hope they don't believe what they themselves are saying). I'm not homophobic and I know that, but I'm not going to let him bully me, I've had that way too much and I don't care if people call me bad labels because of my actions. I try to apply this concept to how I go through life. It's very helpful.

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I've accepted it but only internaly. I have nothing against actual trans people, who actually transition. I do not believe in 'gender identity' and all that 'non-binary' bullshit. As long as people are sane about those things it's fine.

It is not ok to suggest that clothes and roles indicate your gender.

It is ok not to wanna have sex with a transgender person or not want to date them.

It is ok to be concerned about your children and not let them transition until they are an adult.

Gender identity and being gay are completely separate experiences and have nothing in common.

Your gender expression doesn't create a new gender.

Womanhood and Manhood cannot be defined. Transitioning should come from right place and not your clothes or what toys you want to play with.

You should think about defying bad stereotypes about men and women before you decide to exclude yourself from them.

No, changing your pronounces is not "transitioning".

Stop. Using. 'cis'. As. A. Bad. Word. Fuck. Off.

Your sex is just who you are. It's not offensive to "assume your gender", it's just a biological statement and a fact so stop crying about it and go to the real world. Let's see if you get paid more becouse you're 'not a woman' and let's see how you get money if you refuse to work somewhere becouse your boss used "incorrect pronounce" (I'm not kidding, people are like this even if the boss is trying)

See, I would be called 'transphobic' and it's fine becouse it has lost it's meaning anyway. If you're (actually) trans then that's ok. You're not a woman/man, you're a trans woman/man and that's your business.

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See 100% correct and there is nothing offensive at al labout what you said. It's just the truth and it's more a case of these people just cannot accept who they are for various different reasons but it is what it is and instead of complaining, they should try to find themselves, really find themselves and accept reality. Once they do that, their lives will improve. There's a reason why the suicide rate of trans-identified people is so high and it's ultimately becasue they are chasing an unobtainable goal.

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honestly, yeah because I truly believe the entire ideology is batshit crazy and insidious at the core. fuck gender norms all you want, but as soon as you think you're the opposite sex trapped in your body - I believe you have a mental condition akin to anorexia and you need help.

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I think the comparison to anorexia is definitely a fair one. I mean anorexic people see themselves as fat which is why they don't eat and try to make themselves look skinny not realizing that they already are skinny to the point of looking malnourished and we don't tell these people that what they see in their head is real. How is this any different?