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I was kinda sad seeing the billboard being... covered up or whatever they did. But now, it's doing really what the point of the billboard is/was - getting people to notice.

Gender ideology is really batshit insane. It can't last, though the quicker it's over, the better, for all us, but especially those who might decide to change their bodies and go down a medical route for life and the lesbians who think they are 'transphobic' and must sleep with transwomen, dick and all.

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evil laughter

Well, this was bound to happen. Deep down the TRA's MUST know that the vast majority of regular people think their whole ideology is batshit crazy. By covering up the billboard, for example, they just made more and more people curious: what is going on, why such hatred towards JK Rowling, isn't she that wizard lady...? And then they go online, google a bit and ba-dang.

I hope they keep making idiotic things like this in the future. It massively helps our cause. :)

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This is exactly what Kellie-Jay (Posie Parker) said in her interview with the guy who put up the billboard! People will get confused, look up her views, and hopefully peak. And (even better) some of the news outlets in Canada have included Rowling's own quotes about marching with trans people for their rights.

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This finally puts TRA's between a rock and a hard place. If they keep doing this they will inevitably peak more and more people, which I'm sure they're aware of; if they don't keep doing this they are accepting "terrible violence and their right to exist" or whatever. Silence doesn't seem to be an option for them, yet they know the gigantic, gaping loopholes in their own ideology; and that if the normal folks start taking interest they'll be screwed.

Curious to see how they will go about this in the future. Maybe they'll invent a few more woke words to describe the horrible exclusion and mass deaths that occur whenever someone mentions JKR's name?

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I don't think TRAs have a concept of peaking people. They just see it as more and more bigots coming out of the woodwork. That's quibbling over semantics, sure, but I don't think they see their actions as connected to the consequences.

It's the same with all sorts of woke bullshit. I'm going to smash up Chicago, Donald Trump wins a second term what how could he why is everyone so racist

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more bigots coming out of the woodwork

You might be right. Nevertheless, they will eventually start seeing there are far more people opposing their nonsensical ideology than they may have originally thought. And these people may start speaking out as well, to their chagrin. I personally don't much care if TRA's think of me as a bigot or TERF or whatever - it's the end goal that matters.

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Hahaha so true about that last bit

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The pushier they get, the more they peak people. The vast, vast majority of people think the trans thing is complete nonsense. Even most SJWs and libfems had, at best, a "live and let live" attitude about the whole thing, but now they're seeing that "live and let live" doesn't work with transgender people. TRAs aren't compassionate about REAL women's needs at all, and I can already see a lot of people peaking because of that.

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Yeah "live and let live" really does describe it. I've noticed a few times when I've gone into libfem spaces and asked what a woman is if adult human female is exclusionary, and when I start to poke holes in the "anyone who IDs as a woman is a woman" nonsense and they can't refute my points, they ALWAYS wind up being like "why can't people just identify as they want, they aren't hurting anyone, just let people be themselves".

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It's amazing how little regard the TRAs have for women and children's concerns and safety! Whenever I bring up the issue of women's rights or concerns, it's either dismissed and they change the topic or I get no reply. It never fails.

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The apocalyptic smoke in the background of that news photo really adds to the imagery. State of the world, right there.

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I've watched tumblerinaction peak over the past year. They've always made fun of "sjw" stuff, but I remember a few years ago trans topics were almost untouchable on there, and comments defending gender ideology would be highly praised and upvoted. Almost all of the people they've peaked used to be "allies" or supportive.

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i think of all the reddit subs, that was the easiest and first to peak outside the old r/ Gender Critical and maybe some of the lesbian subs (wouldnt know on the last one. not a lesbian, wasn't my space so didn't tread where it would be kinda silly for me to go).

TiA has been..really on the trans topics lately and they get some troll TRAs who pretty much get shut down and hard. it's fun to watch. tbh.

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I'm still on reddit for nosleep and the Elder Scrolls related subs, and every so often I go to TiA to have fun shutting down TRA trolls. One of them got mad and told me to get fucked because I told him that sex-based stereotypes hurt women. lol Nice username, btw. Turkish coffee (and tea) is the best!

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Thank you! :) I'm a coffee lover so. r/coffee and some hobby forums are still relevant to me. But i'll launch at the "i'm going to fix TiA" posters who show up there sometimes too for shits. I'm not actually familiar with turkish tea i'll have to look that up , but i have made coffee almost every way i know of (haven't tried the dalgona thing) and turkish is up there as excellent. Kurdish is too. And espresso with a machine i cannot afford but got to take a class on. ahh. if i was rich....i'd own a coffee shop post-covid. but..anyhow.

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A friend was gifted a Capresso EC 50 espresso maker but didn't want it so gave it to me a while back. It is now pretty cheap (like < $100 in the US) because the model is old. I am by no means a coffee elitist, so it does the trick for cappuccinos. Very easy to use and I love it.

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I have a cheap little espresso machine I got a few years ago during a sale. It's only big enough to make one shot at at time, and has a tiny steamer attached to it. It still turns out pretty well, in my opinion. Have you ever tried Vietnamese-style coffee? That's one of my favorites.

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Oh i have a dehlongi espresso machine, but i'd love to own a coffee shop and a simonelli class machine. the dehlongi does just fine for me being the only coffee drinker in the house.

And yes! my boyfriend bought me a vietnamese coffee maker as a surprise and we made that one day and vietnamese egg coffee another. Didn't have a hand mixer so chucked a whisk into the cheaper of the two drills and had at (it works great). I like both, but to be utterly truthful prefer vietnamese with some milk and sugar. :)

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Hmmm if only other groups of people would realize where it would be silly of them to tread....

It didn't hurt a bit, did it? To just not insert yourself into those spaces.

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R/stupidpol is for the most part sensible on this as well.

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What is TiA please and thank you?

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used to be "allies"

croaky Celine Dion voice

...Those days are goooone...

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Ah yes, when they awaken the straight men who don't fap to sissy porn, this will get interesting.

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Just going to post a comment thread that I thought was pretty funny

Major difference is gay people weren't vandalizing and nailing dead rats to rape crisis shelters in protest. These people have lost their minds and even progressives are sick of it.


You too can make anything sound absurd if you leave out literally all context! Find out how today with these instructional videos! Only $19.99 plus shipping and handling!


I don't need to make anything sound absurd, those are just the facts. What context is needed to justify doing that to a rape crisis shelter?


Nah, I've had enough of bad faith argumentation from TERFs in this thread. You know how Google works if you're actually asking that in sincerity - but I know you're not.

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a comment thread

That's pretty fucking hilarious. The insistence that this cannot be happening and it's JUST that redditor...yeah sure. carry on. my IRL partner knows i visit some more "terfy" subs and finally i told him what i think. we're mostly in alignment (tehre's real trans people who know how to behave themselves, and there's the wokesters i wont tolerate. as long as i'm not an asshole to the former, my partner doesn't care...and i'm not inclined to be an asshole if you're just trying to live your life)

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They didn't even bother denying that it happened, they just said that the other person hadn't provided context and when asked for context called it "bad faith argumentation".

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I got this gem of a comment while interacting with the trueoffmychest thread: "Additionally, unless you're pulling down the pants of everyone you meet, "adult human female" is unenforceable, and very vague, meaning that it only serves to harm women who don't conform to femininity, who are mostly cis. Ironic"

Fucking lmao.

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And to think, I've gone my entire life and only been momentarily confused about the biological sex of one (female) person. Never thought to pull down anyone's pants!

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Glad to know that being female is "unenforceable" and "very vague". But isn't it strange how men always seem to be able to figure out who the females are whenever they want to rape someone without even having to pull down the pants to have a look first. What a riddle. /s

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Honestly people who say that either are terrible at pattern recognition, or want to pull pants down. :/

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meaning that it only serves to harm women who don't conform to femininity

Especially since this is me, and guess what? People are still able to figure out that I'm a woman, even without me pulling my pants down! I'm still not sure how me not conforming to femininity "harms" women, but I just have to keep reminding myself that TRA's don't use any logic.

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Holy shirtballs. The true off my chest post has comment threads massively upvoted that I'm shocked the mods and the against hate subs crew haven't gotten banned.

Shit like the LGBT community is toxic in not letting people have sexual preferences (and OP is straight - solidly) and calling them out on their hypocrisy. HOLY SHIT. I tangled on another reddit sub about trans women in spaces they dont belong and other than the one TRA i was arguing with, others were like "uh, no, turkishcoffee has a point...."

If reddit is peaking, thank fucking god and i hope it continues to the point we get some backlash about the shit that that site has become.

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The mods on /r/news had a censorship party though.

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Well, I can only thank them for being counterproductive to their own cause.

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Damn, they're fast. This was the one deleted comment I was able to see, and didn't really sound that bad

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SocialJusticeInAction is another sub where people complain about ridiculous demands and behavior by social justice activists, including TRAs.

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They've got folks in the LGB wanting to give them the boot and why should they include the T when the T is actively attacking them. And those many people have a good point considering that the T is trying to get rid of sex, and by extension, same sex attraction. That is quite literally the basis for gay sexuality.

It's good to see that with GC getting booted off it may have ultimately helped the cause too, kind of like the billboard.

Some of the users in that Vancouver link are just so emotional and aggressive in their replies. And to think that they got to stay on as reddit citizens. Fucking annoying the shit out of people, accosting them left and right for non conforming wrongthink lol fuckin hell the majority of people did not care before you attacked them

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grumpycat.jpg GOOD.

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They already know taking benign billboards down for "hate speech" is not the best play, (we saw the outrage years ago from posies 'woman' billboards) yet they keep falling for it.

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Y’all really need to archive these things. You can’t trust reddit jannies to not delete fucking everything that offends them on sight.

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I don't see a lot of peaking in the comments. I mostly see a lot of TAW as women are being driven out of sports because men are breaking their bones and commenters being okay with that.

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There was a lot of widespread peaking. Maybe the comments have been deleted by mods? I mean I got a temporary ban from reddit for posting something factual and innocuous about my experience as a lesbian so I assume there was retribution for others too.

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Not its mods, especially on the biggest subs.

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Huzzah! The woman who announced she made the billboard is getting some love too (and a lot of hate :( )