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I just saw that the top comment is a one star review saying if you read the book, he will unfriend you as you are a hateful transphobe. The comment had over a hundred of (that I saw) supportive comments.

I am absolutely terrified of the close-minded, self-righteousness of these young people. We are in for some illiberal bad times.

Young people

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if you read the book, he will unfriend you

The comment had over a hundred of (that I saw) supportive comments.

...Are these 7-year-old children? "I WON'T BE YOUR FRIEND ANYMORE!"

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Well, Caidyn, that little ray of sunshine, is very obviously a TIF, raging mad that she will never be a real boy/man, and I guess that is the answer to all of your questions there. :)

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That's in part social networks' fault. People live in a bubble and even a little disagreement could be unbearable. It happens here on GC too.

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Social media is but a tool. The responsibility lies totally on the individual (and parents, if a minor). People make decisions. If someone is "influenced" or "brain washed", that person was open to let it happen. We've seen cults before. It's sad, but not necessarily irreversible. Why has society allowed the abdication of personal responsibility? Why are there so many super special snowflakes in our faces?

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I think it's because people are having fewer kids at an older age, so each kid is EVER SO special.

As opposed to like when I was young and many families had 4+ kids, or my grandmother's time when families had 10+ kids, so if they lost a few kids along the way it wasn't such a big deal. I'm only partially kidding.

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Yes but it is easier with social networks. Every time you log they feed you posts and articles that confirm your point of view creating an echo chamber. I mean, it's their business model, you have to become addicted to it.

If you don't want to listen a different opinion, you simply tell the SN to stop showing it. At the end of the day, you could be very vulnerable to other people's opinions because so far, you ignored them and you cannot cope with them anymore.

A noticed that a lot on Twitter, people block other people so frequently that it is really easy to become brainwashed. This happens within every faction.

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"CAIDYN" (LOL) is getting ripped a new one and mocked from what I can see.

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I will flag every single one tomorrow when I am awake again.

Shared on Spinster also.

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The biggest the controversy the highest will be the book's sellings

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Really hope so. I actually had never heard of Robert Galbraith before this whole controversy kicked off so you might be right.

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She has a base, and the books were already selling. It'd be a shame if the general public found out the people hounding her identified with the plot.

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They're doing the same thing to The Ickabog. Multiple one-star reviews near the top.

Here's one by someone named Ava, with 29 likes.

I DID NOT ACTUALLY READ THIS!!!! Boycott JKR, no transphobia!!! We stand by our trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming siblings!!!!!

Why do they insist on dragging GNC people into this? I am a masculine woman, not transgender.

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Because half of the TRA's handbook is to use marginalized groups as a shield. That's why they love claiming intersex terms like AFAB and AMAB, that's why they tried to make BLM into Black Trans Lives Matter, that's why they have turned liberal feminism into even more of a joke.

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They are really embarrassing. Ah well, show the world how dumb and silly you are, TRAs.

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I think JK and her book sales will be a-OK. I'm more worried about Gen Z. They are a generation in crisis. I thought we Millennials were in crisis due to the economic collapse that hampered our growth, but it was nothing like this. Gen Z is beyond fucked. I know this is partly because of who the loudest representatives of the generation are, but I really just cannot imagine them living stable, enjoyable, and productive adult lives. They are one big mental health crisis and identity voids. They are hypersensitive, traumatized by basic things, lonely and isolated, have little to no understanding of or connection to their bodies, not having sex, and living mostly virtual lives.

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And they don't have humour. All they have is simple bland memes, nothing more complicated, because anything more complicated will offend someone. You can't joke about anything, else someone will lay into you about how it's offensive to a certain group of people.

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It's true. Humor and pure political correctness are mutually exclusive. I've been offended by a comedian's jokes before. Even by comedians I like. I might grumble or turn off the program or role my eyes or whatever, but try to get them canceled or write to the comedian to guilt them because I'm feeling sensitive? No. Who has time for that? It's not about me.