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Bernie Sanders, who actually cares about people.

I'm not from the U.S. but good luck with your "senile grandpa fight" (also known as elections) in November. And yeah, Sanders is old as heck as well but at least he still has all his marbles.

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Not american but i'd be writing in Bernie too.

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Upvote here for Biden, even with the equality act because there are other issues that affect your choice.

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Trump, since he knows that women are real and not a feeling in a man's head.

Biden is senile, sniffs and gropes girls and women, and says he will pass the "Equality Act" in the first 100 days he is in office. FUCK NO.

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PSYCH, I'm not voting.

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Biden. The lesser evil is not getting worse every day, whereas Trump is constantly looking for a way to go lower.

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The Republicans have their own version of the Equality Act that's in the US House of Representatives. It's called the FAIRNESS FOR ALL act.

So if you're voting based on the Equality Act, you are shit out of luck, because both parties are going to take our rights, our safety and our sports.

Every time I call a US politician's office I tell them that every person I've spoken with about the actual ramifications of the Equality Act ends up vehemently against it as the attack on women and gay rights it is. (And science, and free speech and children's mental and physical health, and parents rights...)

I also tell them that, as Americans wake up to the reality of the gender lobby, in their schools, sports, and workplaces, Democrats support for the Equality Act and similar legislation on the local and state level, is losing them a lot of Progressive women and gays.

But here's the thing, Trump is not a team player, whereas Biden is, so despite them both seeming senile, Biden is not going to haul off in the middle of the night and launch a nuclear weapon at Syria because Assad made fun of his bouffant.

And the Democrats might preserve some semblance of health care, might have a comprehensive plan to tackle COVID, might get average Americans some COVID relief instead of it going to corporations, might restore clean water and air standards and food safety standards, might tackle climate change, might fund education.

And Trump and the Republicans won't. They are hell-bent on selling this country out to the 0.1%

So again, the Republicans are using women by appealing to our anger, the Democrats are just throwing us away. But after the election the Republicans will also throw us away, and possibly blow up the world.

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:0 Omg I didn't know that BOTH sides were doing that crap.

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The Democrats have really fucked up their image if people now view them as the party more destructive to women than the Republicans.

The Republicans economic and healthcare policies are disasterous towards women. IIRC some pregnancy-related issues will become pre-exisiting conditions if the Republicans have their way. Birth control will not be funded, much less abortion. But Viagra will.

The Republicans have not been good to women during my lifetime, and I'm relatively old. The Republicans were the party that tried to stop the Equal Rights Amendment. The Republicans were the party that wouldn't allow abortion or for women to simply get a credit card without a man signing.

PLEASE if you want women's rights and healthcare to be secure, call your Congresspeople and say NO to the Equality Act. If you are a Democrat tell them that many liberal women you are in contact with (some of us) are now considering themselves politically homeless because of the Democrats desire to put the feelings of men over the rights,safety, privacy, dignity and sports of women. Tell the Democrats to lose gender ideology before they lose women's votes.

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Upvote here for Trump, because women's rights is your issue and you know that once they are lost we will never get them back.

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The wording is awfully biased, don't you think? When has Trump ever fought for women's rights?

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Upvote here if you're just a huge trump fan regardless.

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Third party or just not voting.

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This! Third party: the "hell, NO" vote.

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Biden, because I'm not a one-issue voter and I'm still angry about the Access Hollywood tapes. But I'm not pleased.

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I honestly haven't made up my mind.

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I hope that biden will appoint decent people with experience. My bar is pretty low.

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Too many pictures of Biden sniffing little girls. I don't think my vote counts anyway. The Powers That Be announce whatever result they want. What happened to Jill Stein? Is she pro-trans too? Is there any third party that is not on the Trans Train to Hell? I'd like to at least register a protest vote, but not if that party turns out to be all Trans. Is it true the Greens in Germany are a pro trans demands party now? Is the American Green party too? Is there ANY party that acknowledges biological reality? Serious question. I'm scared to vote third party and then learn they are TWAW. Not that they would gain power, but I don't want having voted for TWAW on my conscience.

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Upvote here if you're a huge Biden fan regardless.

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Biden. Trump hates women and is terrible for natal women. Additionally, I care deeply about my Black, Latino, and gay friends and you can’t support Black Lives Matter and vote for the KKK’s presidential choice.