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Statistics are transphobic!

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I saw the thread before anything got deleted, it was 90% people strongly against (transwo)men in women's prison.

Weird how the TiMs are supposedly so fragile that the mere mention of their maleness drives them to suicide, and yet somehow they have no problem taking over and completely controlling all these online spaces. They see themselves as the victims of unkind speech and yet have grabbed so much power that they're controlling the conversation entirely, anything they don't like vanishes. You can't have it both ways, TRAs!

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Easy to play a victim, when you have so many privileges and you are holding so much power.

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Those TERF's are so much opressing transgenders everywhere, to a point that TERFs have no place to voice their concerns, banned from big sites, they are fired from jobs and they do not have any media representation, and those transphobic homosexuals are pushed out of their places! Damn TERFs, so much opression they are doing against transgenders! Poor transgenders, they can't kill TERFs legally and ban any opposing view from the internet, it is literally transphobia to not give TRA ultimate power! :D

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Just shows how much civil discourse is being manipulated online. We can't trust what is real public opinion anymore. This one's pretty obvious when it's a subject that every real person you know agrees on... but then think how many other topics are legitimately debatable but are quietly getting skewed for someone's personal agenda.

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This may explain various politician's actions and statements : They genuinely believe they are taking the most popular stances and that they are doing what their constituents want, but in reality, they are being misled(deliberately or otherwise) by their aide's misreading of the public, thanks to Big Tech censorship.

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What bullshit. The comments were up for a lot of hours. I hope people see that comments with thousands of upvotes and multiple awards have all been removed, and make their own conclusions.

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I still got upvoted in the half hour they stayed up.

I was referring to my posts. I was kind of late to the game.

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ooh I guess my comment sounds a bit misleading, I mean it's bullshit that the comments got deleted at all. The top comment (which was critical) and a lot others were up for a day or so. So I feel like deleting them, after plenty of people had time to read them, just makes reddit look worse and could make people suspicious.

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(in response to someone saying the gender critical subs were banned) "You’re having this discussion right here and now and are not banned." COMMENT REMOVED.

"The responses to your comment are really eye opening. People can’t even tell you what happened to those communities without being attacked by sycophants. Wtf is going on?" COMMENT REMOVED.

I hope it leads to more people peaking.

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Goddam I never thought that reddit would be the epicenter of gender ideology. But I also didn't know that computer bros would be embracing this lifestyle in such great numbers.

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I think the computer bros are ‘woke’ in every sense but secretly hate women. Many were ‘nerdy’ in teen years and hold on to the resentment and rejection.

They may not have had to interact with minorities so they can claim to be woke from afar while keeping systems in place. But the hatred of women can remain visceral. There is a lot of schadenfreude from watching women’s hard won sex based rights being used against them

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being used against them

I remember few guys complaining that anti-rape laws are men-hating laws. And that TiM from Canada who was sought to defund Vancouver Rape Relief - he was saying that "sexual offender list" is transphobic.

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People who get killed in the act of self defense get no opportunity to re-offend. No need for a list then is there?

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When I was in tech a lot of them were married. This does not preclude a hatred of women! Especially if the women had young children--they did it all while their husbands worked constantly.

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Oh, a lot of them hate their wives. I have stories.

Most of them will paint their current wife as the most abusive, terrible. horrible human being in the planet if she does not support enthusiastically every thing they want and every kink, every change with no demands for herself.

I've watched them turn on wives and call them leeches for not having a job, when it was the wife who gave up 4-5 jobs in a row to move for the husband's career- and destroying her own. but that sacrifice doesn't count because it doesn't fit the TiM narrative.

It's to the point if anyone you know has a husband considering becoming transgender, tell them get the lawyer and get it fast. I promise you the husband has one laying in wait to pounce the unsuspecting wife and try to bleed her dry.

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Best part were the comments with people saying that censoring doesn't happen. And then they got censored

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Nice research

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They removed a lot of comments in the post about this in r/feminisms as well:

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/r/feminism is a lost cause.

You can't even post questions on this sub. It's incredibly heavily modded to push the idea all real feminists support TWAW to casual readers. The point is to make it appear that we are the minority, when we aren't. It's part of the ostracism process.

I've noticed discussions about men and sex offending have dropped dramatically now as well. Can't victimise all men just because so many of them have offended that virtually all women know a friend or relative that was raped.

It's been infested by MRA and TRA (same diff) mods.

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pretty much every "women's" sub on reddit has been infested by mra/tra mods.

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Ya, I had some fun on that thread as well :D

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Feel free to post some things here for other users to post slightly modified versions of :)

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The very first comment: "where are the feminists?"


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And my reply to that was one of the "removed to soon to archive".

As I said, Reddit kicked them out by shutting down/r/gendercritical.

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They even remove posts that try to tell people about the censorship. There seem to be automatic filters for many words and phrases related to censorship, my posts get deleted instantly if I try. But I can get them through if I misspell and rephrase things. Posting about deleted comments gets removed, talking about vanquished comments and send sore ship goes though, for now.

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Feel free to post some things here for other users to post slightly modified versions of :)