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When I was at university in the US, lesbians called themselves '"DYKES" very loudly and proudly.

Years later, post- Judith Butler, I was working with a young lesbian and I said the word "dyke" and she looked shocked, as if I'd slapped her. I asked her what lesbians liked to be called and she said, with this kind of coquettish smile, "GIRLS. We like to be called GIRLS."

I had no idea at that point that "Women's Studies" had become "Gender Studies" (and then later Queer something) and that women's liberation had morphed into the Men's Rights' Movement called 3rd Wave Feminism, but I remember thinking how sad that the fierce proud wimmin I'd known in school, the DYKES, now wanted to lose that edge and be called something soft and immature and powerless like GIRLS.

tl;dr Shut up, Judith Butler

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Oh, I did not know "dyke" was okay. In my country, if you say that word, it is extreme offensive. :(

But I think as long as your group claims it AND only they use it, it's fine. If a straight person tell you "dyke" they are not being nice or if they try to correct you on your verbiage, than they are being dumb.

I had a similar instance as you---I was explaining to my white american roommate at the time, years ago, about being called a racial slur, just a story of my time here and how I was treated, and she got offended and told me "DON'T SAY THAT!!"...okay?? But, I am not using it in offensive way, I am merely describing a story where people used that word against me based on my skin colour, and anyways, I AM that race, I may be 'mixed' as some may say since both parents are from different countries/cultures, but that word is VERY offensive to my paternal side, so why are you correcting me? Is my skin not "dark enough" like my father's for you in order for me to say word used as offense against me?

Anyways, I digress but I think I can sorta relate.

Also just wondering, but that word is typically used by/for lesbians NOT bi women, right? I see other bi women use it, but I do not. I do not know exactly the English connotation to it so I stay away from using the word.

I had straight people say "Oh, I thought you were a dyke!" Instead of just...saying lesbian...Though I am bi, I am not offended by being called lesbian, lesbian is not offensive word. I just happen to be another GNC women that they're surprised to hear I like men too...

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Thanks for sharing! I love hearing the perspective of non-Americans living in the US. It really exposes how much SJW crap young Americans have been indoctrinated into.

I was at university decades ago, and, at my school at least, everyone used Dyke.

Bisexual women did not call themselves dykes, unless they were four-year lesbians. Those were bisexual women who were heterosexual before and after university. Most of the bisexual women at my university tried to bury their lesbian past once they graduated. It was sad, but bisexuality wasn't considered cool back then when I think it is very trendy now.

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Same here. I don't have any living GNC role models because I figure there's no point. They'll just abandon womanhood eventually.

I don't even want to meet other GNC women in real life because it would be destructive to my mental health to see them end up calling themselves men.

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I'm so sorry to hear you don't have any living GNC role models, worried19.

But maybe I dunno what "GNC" means nowadays? Do you not consider women like Patti Smith, Joan Armatrading, K.D Laing, Tracy Chapman, LP (Laura Pergolizzi) to be GNC?

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For me personally I am referring to my peers. Early 20s and teenagers.

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I had to google some of them. The last three you mentioned I would consider GNC. Probably K.D. Lang is closest to the type of woman I would feel some kind of affinity with, based on presentation.

But I worry that any or all of these women might decide to transition. I realize it's less likely with the ones who are older, but you never know.

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I remember seeing kd on tv in the early 90s. My jaw dropped. I did not know you could go on tv and sing with buzzed hair and no makeup. I was so happy.

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I interacted with her at the height of her popularity. She seemed the real deal.

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Woooow! No /s

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It's, like, soooo empowering fucking eyeroll

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At least they can't take the dead away from us. Mary Edwards Walker was pretty badass.

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They're doing their darndest to, though.

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True. They've already claimed Jennie Hodgers and James Barry and will attack anyone who says otherwise.

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Yeah I miss them too. So many girls who would be tomboys today are busy calling themselves trans men and nonbinary. Sigh.

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Yes. So much yes.

I am 24. I grew up with conservative parents so I missed any young age Queer community stuff. However, since middle school I have always been friends and apart of queer community as much as I could in a small southern town in the USA, Ieven peeked the Atlanta scene for a bit!

I hate what it has become.

I dont remember all of this gender stuff when I was in highschool about five or six years ago. I feel like cis identifying lesbians are becoming a rarity. I've yet to meet a single GNC girl who does not identify as 'They' or a straight up man. This sucks for someone who very attracted to the GNC look. My attractions hit null when I discover this beautiful woman is identifying as a man and taking hormones or demands every calls her They/Them.

Idk how many others are around my age on this forum, I mostly lurk. But I live in a house with four queer people, all of which say they are trans, and I've seen the focus of LGBT shift from LGB to strictly T. More and more people are falling into the trans cult and it makes me sad. I wish I could go back to how the community was when I was in Highschool or go back to,like, the 90s or something. When gay was gay and GNC women were just badass hotties who would sweep a femme,like myself, off my feet. It really feels like you cznt even be a 'Tomboy' anymore without people trying to say your actually a man.. sigh

I keep hoping one day I'll luck up and meet either a Cis GNC girl or at the very least GC peers. I am so tired of the trans cult. It is suffocating, especially when you live with them.

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I weep for all of you.

Growing up when I did, most girls wore "boy's" clothes, quite a few also wore makeup, and a lot of girls did tomboyish things as a matter of course, even very feminine girls. And not one of us ever even began to think that we were actually boys, nor would anyone have put that thought into our head.

Big Pharma/ Trans, Inc., has really fucked young people. I hope young women like you lead your peers back to sanity; I think that you will!

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holy shit actually saying Big Trans unironically what a fucking meme. anyways tomboys/gnc women are still a thing you just have confirmation bias since yall just hang out on the internet and gawk at tranners all day so of course youre gonna focus on them. toodles, since i know youre gonna ban me even though the purpose of this site is supposedly to have a version of reddit without safe spaces

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GNC women are women (females), and GC feminism is all about supporting them and abolishing gender alltogether, so any woman can be anyhow she wants, instead of putting women into "gender boxes" and expecting women to look and act in a particular way, and if women don't act like that - then "they are something else but women, non-binaries or transmen". That is one of main points of Gender Critical Feminism, to abolish those gender stereotypes, so women are always women and not some set of stereotypes. Second point of GCF is that transwomen are still males, and that changing sex-based protections and rights into gender-based protections and rights is just wrong, because women as a class becoming defenseless and abusing women (especially GNC women) is no longer against the law. So all female rights and protections for which feminists were fighting hundreds of years are not revoked. Especially in a world where in many countries women still have no rights and are "men's property" by the law in those countries.

And as it was said above - it is not debate sub, but there is one for debating.

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Most of the people who are posting are seeing it in their real lives, not just online.

I don't know if this sub will allow your post, but you can always visit the debate sub: But heads up, words like "tranners" are not allowed.

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confirmation bias is a hell of a drug; the people who do end up being transmasc stick in your minds more since youre so focused on your anti-trans agenda. i dont even use this site regularly i just wanted a drop of sanity in this cesspit of a comments section. also dw im only saying shit like "tranners" as a nb

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So the people who don't know any GNC women who still call themselves women are lying? There are women here who have no masculine female friends or acquaintances who accept they are female. Not a single one.

youre so focused on your anti-trans agenda.

I think you're misunderstanding what this sub is about, but by all means, please visit the debate sub. You'd be welcome to discuss these things there. We have a mix of trans and non-trans people.

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Heya, I'm your age too. I'm not sure how many of us younger people make up this forum, I would imagine a good chunk since we are the ones mostly seeing this stuff first hand.

Thanks for your comment, it feels good to vent. I'm bi, I agree with you that something about the hottest gnc woman ever identifying as he or they just kills it for me. I love women who love being women. What an unfortunate fucking rarity today.

Have any stories about the 4 ppl you live with?

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It makes me angry that it has come to this. I'm your age and "oh you're not feminine so you're not a girl/woman" is literally the same rhetoric my grade school bullies used 15 years ago but now it's ~proggressive~

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It just occurred to me, if their were to be a remake of Petticoat Junction, the youngest daughter would be trans. And maybe the doctor too.