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I am mix-raced with white combined with a black-haired, brown-skinned race, and my family runs the color spectrum. I am so fucking fed up with accusations of "white feminism" and "Karen" and Bill Burr's fucking bullshit.

I was around for 2nd Wave feminism and there were many of what are now called "women of color" (who just used to be called "women") involved at every level of feminism, including the sheros. My own feminist university group was probably 80% women of color, and the leaders were women of color - and this was in the 1970s.

Karen is a meme to silence women, but specifically white women, because some white women have advantages in the US, and as such, might have an economic cushion that enables them to speak out against misogyny and gender ideology.

Other women (including white women) might want to speak out, but might not have any resources to fall back on and be terrified of losing their job, which also probably means their health insurance. And we don't have much of a safety net in the US, which might also mean homelessness too.

And I have heard Bill Burr do stand up before. He is a creepy, unfunny, angry, misogynist trying to deflect minority anger away from himself and his fellow white bros.

I wouldn't be shocked if there are #MeToo accusations against Burr soon. I am just speculating and I might be completely wrong about him, but that type of visceral hatred of women is often accompanied by sexual and physical abuse.

Pete Davidson is a mess. That is all.

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I was around for 2nd Wave feminism and there were many of what are now called "women of color" (who just used to be called "women") involved at every level of feminism, including the sheros. My own feminist university group was probably 80% women of color, and the leaders were women of color - and this was in the 1970s.

Thank you for saying this. That was my experience too.

Also, in the late 70s, early 80s I attended a number of weekend-long workshops run by American black feminists to give women of other races insight into the particular issues African American women in the US experience, which put special emphasis on black Americans whose ancestors were slaves in the US. These were very instructive workshops, free of the cant that typifies today's "anti racism training" the like.

The constant accusations of "white feminism" are attempts to distort the reality of what happened in the second wave - and to "white out" the racial (and other) diversity of the women who were involved in it, and supported its overall views and aims.

Castigating second wave feminism as "white feminism" also is way of "denying the existence" of enormous numbers of women, including prominent black feminists such as Florynce Kennedy, Shirley Chisholm, Barbara Jordan, Maya Angelou, Ntozake Shange, Faith Ringgold, Audre Lord, June Jordan and so many more. It also overlooks all the other women who were involved, such as women of Asian, Middle Eastern, Latino and indigenous heritage, and all who were mixed race. Apparently in the eyes of such experts on women's history like Bill Burr and Pete Davidson, the role of such women in second-wave feminism isn't "valid."

And it seems that in the view of all the people rewriting history willy-nilly nowadays, the "lived experience" of women like you and me who actually were there at the time doesn't count.

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It's like the gender lobby insisting that TiMs were behind Stonewall (the event) - TiMs emphatically were not behind Stonewall.

Transgender activists attached themselves very deliberately to the gay rights movement in the late 1990s, so this nonsense that it was always LGBT, with T leading the way, is just that, nonsense.

And 2nd Wave feminism being rewritten as "White Feminism," like the genderists taking credit for Stonewall, is yet again an attempt to rewrite history to sew division, this time between women.

And it worked. I was watching MSNBC and some young black woman (author? college professor?) was talking about how white women had so horribly harmed black women and it was payback time (or something).

And I'm thinking - hey young lady, you do not know what you're talking about. Look at newspaper articles of the time. Talk to women who were actually around for 2nd Wave feminism. Read the books written by feminists of color and look at their achievements. Women across the color spectrum united and were effective because we were united.

That comedy duo, Two Dope Queens, two black women, also do this. They are very funny and seem to be really great women, but they go on about "white feminism" and again, I want them to look at the historical record.

In fact, it's borderline racist to deny the importance of black and other minority women in 2nd Wave feminism, because they should get credit for so much of what was achieved.

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In fact, it's borderline racist to deny the importance of black and other minority women in 2nd Wave feminism, because they should get credit for so much of what was achieved.

I'd say it's outright racist, not borderline racist.

The second-wave movement involved a huge number of women of all sorts - saying it was "white feminism," and middle-class white feminism to boot, is in effect centering and prioritizing white women who grew up well off.

It's akin to claiming that none of the diverse peoples in Asia, Africa and the Americas had a clue about biological sex and sex differences until about 500 years ago when white European colonialists starting showing up and introducing and imposing the idea that sex is real, and it's binary.

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I know - the "White Feminism" thing is bullshit - you and I were there during the 2nd Wave and we saw firsthand that women of all colors, and also socio-economic class, were behind 2nd Wave feminism.

Trans, Inc. wants to rewrite feminist history and divide women in any way they can, because they know that united, women are unstoppable

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You know, I used to think some radfems were exaggerating that some people are extra hateful because we're women. I was thinking, "nah, it's because of our views, TRAs would be just as mad if we're male." But now I'm starting to think it's actually true.

Imagine if JKR was a male author...I can't see this level of backlash happening. I feel like people would get over it much more easily.

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I’ve noticed recently that the large majority of Youtubers who consistently produce GC content tend to be male. On the one hand, I’m glad that there’s channels out there that debate and critique the illogical concepts TRA circles are trying to push. But on the other hand, it does sadden me that the only way a GC channel can survive (i.e. not get brigaded with death/rape threats, doxxed, or deleted by mods) is if there’s a man in front of the camera.

And the whole Joe Rogan thing? The only episode these Spotify employees seem to have an issue with is the Abigail Shrier episode, even though he’s had multiple episodes with men criticizing the trans movement.

And let’s not forget Ricky Gervais or Dave Chapelle. Both of their recent stand up routines have trans jokes and both of them explain how their jokes aren’t transphobic because... comedy. I don’t recall SNL EVER calling out Gervais or Chappelle. In fact, Gervais got to host the gold globes just a year after his “transphobic” remarks and everyone applauded him for “sPeAkInG tRuTh To PoWeR” (Hollywood celebrities being out of touch with reality? Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave?)

Meanwhile, JKR gets attacked for pointing out that the co-opting language and changing the original meanings of words is harmful to biological women.

But no, that couldn’t have ANYTHING to do with the fact she’s a woman, right?

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She isn’t even simply being criticized... she’s being torn apart and considered worthless. I can only think of similar levels of hate being directed towards true monsters like Epstein. Yet this for a woman who has consistently fought for minorities for decades.

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When the whole R Kelly stuff came into the public sphere for the second time (let’s be real, we knew for well over a decade he was abusing girls), I clearly remember Pete Davidson doing a bit on Weekend Update about how it’s fine to still listen to R Kelly’s music even though he’s raped multiple women and girls.

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Anthony Jeselnik (a comedian known for horribly dark humour) had a bit where he said that trans people are the current "untouchable" group of comedy. It's kind of nice to see that that seems to be changing just a little bit.

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I heard Merrill Markoe being interviewed a few years ago. You young ones won't remember her, but she was a prominent prominent US writer for a long time and IMO genuinely very funny.

In the interview, she was asked about what comedy subjects were untouchable and of course she said, transgenders, and the way she talked about it, it seemed to me she was thinking of TiMs. She was indignant at how hard their lives were.

And I just thought - seriously? Look around, lady.

TiMs choose how they appear to the world, they can lose their "oppression" simply by changing their appearance. Can women?

Can Yazidi and Nigerian girls in sexual slavery lose their oppression? Can girls in Saudi Arabia or the women being killed in Mexico? Can American women forced to ride a bus late at night terrified what will happen when they get off?

Merrill Markoe can fuck right off with her Men's Rights Activism.

OK- Just looked Markoe up - she's got an audio book just out and guess what it's called?!?!?

'The Indignities of Being a Woman.'

This women, who think that TiMs are the most oppressed "women" on Earth has the nerve to write a book on the indignities of being a woman.

Hey Merrill, TiMs CHOOSE their oppression. We don't.

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Women's voices are a greater threat because they speak from experience. It's similar to when black people inconveniently speak out of step with current politics.

They must be silenced more strongly because they might have an irrefutably valid point and are not so easily dismissed.

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Who are the GC male youtubers?

This is kind of surprising to me because all the ones I follow are women - Kellie-Jay Keen, Maria MacLachlan, Not the fun kind, and Radical Responses.

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Benjamin Boyce is one, he just had Donovan Cleckley on but I haven't watched the episode yet.

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I wouldn't characterize Boyce as "gender critical." He's become skeptical of the extremes of trans activism, but he believes that the vast majority of humans are innately wired for sex-linked personality traits, interests, behaviors and roles in the personal sphere and broader society that are markedly different for males and females. He believes that these differences are innate, and that they are beneficial.

BB's concern seems to be with the authoritarian, tyrannical nature of extreme gender ideology and the threat the trans movement and wokeyness pose to free speech - not with the sexism, sex stereotypes and misogyny that is "gender."

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Mario Lopez (guy from Saved by the Bell) got some hate for saying you shouldn't trans kids but it blew over in like a week (he caved and apologized). John Cleese gets no hate besides some angry TRAs on twitter. Joe Rogan... well, angry TRAs are trying to get his trans episodes banned on spotify but he himself is not getting backlash in the news the way Rowling is despite having the same positions and views as her. Dave Chappelle... crickets (although in his last comedy special he said he was semi-retiring due to all the people quietly trying to cancel him).

edit: Here are Mario Lopez's comments. I'm sharing because it's nice to hear sanity from celebrities every once in a while.

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Joe Rogan also just recently spoke out about Spotify's employees' attempt to cancel his Abigail Shrier/ trans kids episode, and sort of compared the transing of children to a cult.

I posted a link to Rogan's remarks (he does go out on a limb a bit) so if you're interested please scroll down.

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How idiotically tone def do you have to be to go on a rant denying that white women experience ANY oppression in the EXACT SAME week that a plot was uncovered to kidnap and kill Gov. Whitmer? Last time I checked, Gov. Whitmer was white. And last time I checked, protesters with assault rifles never barged their way into any of the other state houses in the states that created mandates designed to keep their asses safe from a freaking pandemic. Seems like they ONLY pulled that shit in a state with a WOMAN governor....

Do white women experience white privilege? Absolutely. But white women are STILL oppressed for both their sex and gender. Having privilege in one area doesn’t magically cancel out not having privilege in another area.

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And as a very gnc white woman in a mostly male field (whos also bi), i can tell you it hasn't always been a picnic. People probably look at me now and think I'm a "karen", but my background is single mother/horribly abusive stepfather, trailer park, the list goes on.

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Also, even white women who grew up in, and now live in, financially well-off households and have never stepped foot in a trailer park aren't immune from sexism and sex-based oppression. Lots of upper-class and middle-class white girls and women have experienced verbal, physical and/or sexual abuse by their fathers, boyfriends, husbands, male partners and/or brothers and by other powerful men in their lives such as clergy, medical doctors, coaches, college professors, bosses, as well from strangers too. And they've experienced tons of other kinds of sex discrimination and exclusion simply for being female as well.

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It's just a fancy way of denying that sexism exists.

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Well, if they admit to sexism, they would have to also admit that women are historically disadvantaged compared to men... meaning that they would have to acknowledge that many of these trans women are coming from a power position into an oppressed class and telling them the new rules. And we can’t have that.

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I left a comment on the YouTube. There were more supportive of JK than I expected given it is an American show so most comments were from the USA. Things are changing slowly but surely.

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I really think that most Americans, especially men who haven't been to college, think gender ideology is absurd. They might be too scared to answer a poll with their real thoughts, but they're not buying this shit. IMO the silent backlash is one of the reasons why we got Herr Trump.

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Men realize that gender ideology is absurd because they understand men do weird and sometimes morally/legally unacceptable shit for their boners.

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Exactly. Men know what evil other men are capable of.

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It’s such a disconnect between the privileged and powerful and the people. How many people even know what girldick, cissexist, trans misogynistic, TERF, mean?

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No one, and I mean no one, in my life knows that any of these anti- women/child/gay man/parent/free speech/biology laws exists until I tell them.

Except for conservative media, there has been a complete blackout in the US on the laws Trans, Inc., has managed to pass in the US from the local to now the federal Equality Act pending in the US Senate. Except for when they frame it as lgbTQ rights, leaving the effect on women etc., completely unmentioned.

So until it affects them, Americans don't know, and that's the way Trans, Inc. wants it because they know full well that rank-and-file Americans would reject gender ideology.

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NYC has been captured by TRAs. Unfortunately, because so much of the media is based in NYC, gender ideology is being disseminated to the rest of the country and world as the norm even though it is not representative of the perspectives of most people outside NYC (or probably even within it, for that matter).

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Comments have been turned off... I guess that means they weren't very happy with the responses they were getting. Easier to silence people than debate them.

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That's the trans demand activism method: censor and deplatform.

That's what they did to Graham Linehan - cut him off his 600,000 + Twitter followers. And also to hundreds of GC tweeters.

And also to r/gendercritical.

We make way too much sense, so we can't even be allowed to be heard.

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The true irony is that both sides of this debate are dominated by upper middle class white people. Most of the non-binary and trans people I know are white. You could argue that relatively wealthy white feminists allowing trans women by self ID into women’s prison are doing “white feminism” because they will not know the fear of letting any man who asks for it into a women’s prison... most of the fear will come to women who are more disadvantaged such as poor women, disabled, racial minorities. But only when they disagree does it become “white feminism”

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That's a very good point. Most of these issues hurt disadvantaged girls and women. Which is exactly why JKR is so focused on it, because these are the charities she supports and sees the potential problems first hand. Most of these advantaged people neither see nor care about how it affects 'lesser' people.

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So incredibly true: trans demands activism is an elitist, primarily white, movement - rich white autogynephiles with rich white lib fems, allied to punch down on all other women.

And as you said, these mostly white elitists, especially the autogynephiles in charge, very deliberately use DARVO tactics to accuse the rest of us - poor, disabled, minority included - of "white feminism."

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How does anyone believe this... yes, white women had MORE power than say, Asian women in western countries. But they were still oppressed and legally seen as property, similar to a child.

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Pete Davidson

Hasn't overdosed yet?!

In all seriousness, from the "Imagine" acapella montage to the "Naked Ballot" ad, this has been the year that I've really come to realize that celebrities are really just a type of highly-paid prostitute (both sexually and culturally). Of course they're just going to be used as megaphones to amplify whatever the elites' latest message is (in this case "Author lady bad." instead of the usual "Orange man badd!!")

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It's honestly crazy how many celebrities I've unfollowed on instragram after seeing how many of them hated on JK Rowling or posted TWAW ad nauseum. It's to the point where I was following over 100 celebrities, and now I follow maybe 3 mainstream celebrities. Everything else is GC content or related to hobbies, and I'm much better for it.

I saw a meme on twitter saying "what this pandemic really taught us is that celebrities are non-essential"

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All in all? A very positive development for humanity, to be sure. Leisure-class smut merchants are all that the vast majority will amount to, and if you're one of the lucky males, you might spend 2-3 months engaged to Arianna Grande or some other gal who makes 2-3 orders of magnitude more income than you.

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I also genuinely want to know, who are these Gucci-booted white women supposedly taking over the woke movement for their own benefit? In my personal bubble, all the woke white women I know are all posting in support of BLM and are pretty well aware of their white privilege.

I know there are the stereotypical “Karen’s” who call the police on black people minding their own business, and that’s completely wrong on their part— but I don’t think these women are “woke” or “feminist” to begin with. They’re typically the ones pushing FOR stereotypical gender roles, not fighting against them.

I got the impression that this rant was just a safe excuse for Bill burr to shit on women (since it’s not like he really lays out WHAT exactly is wrong and how white women need to change).

But BIPOC people, I genuinely want to know— is there’s something I’m missing?

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The Gucci-booted white women (who I don't think exist, but I think Burr means rich white women) are the lib fems, who are actively working as Kapos for the Transtapo.

So if these women are indeed taking over WOKE, they're not doing it for the benefit of other women.

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Yeah, I know what he meant, LOL. But "Gucci-booted" struck me as oddly specific. And it rang totally false. There's no indication that Gucci boots - or Gucci anything - have become the must-have footwear for white women in the US of any political persuasion.

For reasons having absolutely nothing to do with feminism or Bill Burr, I happen to be on the Gucci mailing list and follow Gucci trends, so perhaps I am more attuned than most to how rarefied, ridiculously pricey and incredibly ugly Gucci fashion and Gucci women's boots are. Maybe I've been in lockdown too long and have imbibed too many "locktails" over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, but I really find it hard to believe that American women of any political persuasion are rushing in droves to spend $800 to upwards of $2,400 for boots like these, particularly at a time of great economic hardship, LOL:

Gucci boots don't show up in any search of either the most popular women's footwear trends, or specifically the most popular women's boot trends, in the USA or anywhere else.

Gucci boots don't rank among the most popular boots worn and favored by today's female fashion editors (many of whom are presumably white and libfem woke):

Fast forward a few years, and I bet Bill Burr will be revealed as a foot fetishist with a thing for wearing Gucci boots himself, or who fantasizes about having sex with white women in Gucci boots who who walk all over him. LOL. No doubt in his formative years his erotic imagination was influenced by media like this:

BTW, the Gucci brand does feature in a number of popular songs. But seems to me these are songs by American black male rappers about their own tastes and subculture, and thus aren't really relevant to white women:

Then again, perhaps Bill Burr is suggesting that the 2011 internet sensation Kreasyshawn of "Gucci Gucci" fame and infamy is the model for American white women in 2020, LOL:

The point is, nothing Burr said in his misogynistic diatribe rings true.

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I also genuinely want to know, who are these Gucci-booted white women supposedly taking over the woke movement for their own benefit?

The Gucci reference really threw me. Everyone I know thinks most Gucci stuff is quite quite tacky, and wouldn't buy it even if they could afford it.

The only people I've ever heard of to be head over heels for Gucci are hip hop starts and the writer Buzz Bissinger, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the book "Friday Night Lights," and the excellent article "Shattered Glass" that led to also excellent movie of the same name. In 2013 at age 59 came out publicly as suffering from a self-described "Gucci addiction."

Buzz B loves Gucci coz Gucci men's wear feeds his admitted leather fetish and makes him feel edgy, hot and rock 'n' roll rather than like the portly, short, balding, middle-aged married man and father he actually is. Also his flamboyant Gucci leather gear provides him with "the cinematic excitement of engorging flesh."

And Buzz B says Gucci women's wear especially makes him feel "sexy" and "liberated and alive." From his 2013 "coming out" article:

I have an addiction. It isn't drugs or gambling: I get to keep what I use after I use it. But there are similarities: the futile feeding of the bottomless beast and the unavoidable psychological implications, the immediate hit of the new that feels like an orgasm and the inevitable coming-down.

It started three years ago. I have never fully revealed it, and am only revealing it now in the hopes that my confession will incite a remission and perhaps help others of similar compulsion. If all I buy is Gucci, I will be fine. It has taken a while to figure out what works and what doesn't work, but Gucci men's clothing best represents who I want to be and have become—rocker, edgy, tight, bad boy, hip, stylish, flamboyant, unafraid, raging against the conformity that submerges us into boredom and blandness and the sexless saggy sackcloths that most men walk around in like zombies without the cinematic excitement of engorging flesh.

I own eighty-one leather jackets, seventy-five pairs of boots, forty-one pairs of leather pants, thirty-two pairs of haute couture jeans, ten evening jackets, and 115 pairs of leather gloves. Those who conclude from this that I have a leather fetish, an extreme leather fetish, get a grand prize of zero. And those who are familiar with my choices will sign affidavits attesting to the fact that I wear leather every day. The self-expression feels glorious, an indispensable part of me. As a stranger said after admiring my look in a Gucci burgundy jacquard velvet jacket and a Burberry black patent leather trench, "You don't give a fuck."

I don't. I finally don't.

Some of the clothing is men's. Some is women's. I make no distinction. Men's fashion is catching up, with high-end retailers such as Gucci and Burberry and Versace finally honoring us. But women's fashion is still infinitely more interesting and has an unfair monopoly on feeling sexy, and if the clothing you wear makes you feel the way you want to feel, liberated and alive, then fucking wear it. The opposite, to repress yourself as I did for the first fifty-five years of my life, is the worst price of all to pay. The United States is a country that has raged against enlightenment since 1776; puritanism, the guiding lantern, has cast its withering judgment on anything outside the narrow societal mainstream. Think it's easy to be different in America? Try something as benign as wearing stretch leather leggings or knee-high boots if you are a man.

Not surprisingly, Bissinger is good friends with Cailtyn Jenner and has penned Jenner's official bio about Jenner's "journey to becoming a woman."

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What an ignorant fuckwit. May as well have been hosted by Bill Barr. Never heard of Florynce Kennedy?

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Pete Davidson is a Nazi. Anyone who compares feminists to antisemites is a Nazi. Don't forget, NBC would be bankrupt if not for rapist Bill Cosby.

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I (used to) love Bill Burr. His comedy has always had a chauvinistic bent, which I took to be an act. I know he's married to, and has a child with, a black woman, and I know has received some blowback for it from his fan base. I wonder if that's affected his perception of the woke movement? It's certainly true that liberal white women are a big part of the woke movement (look at all the gender handmaidens), but I have never seen an argument for them being 'oppressed'. They're working against their own interests.

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Guess they don't want females to watch them anymore.

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(he's usually very hateful of women, nowadays), basically saying white women aren't oppressed and insinuated that white women and men had the same power throughout history, unlike POC. He also says white women have made the woke movement about themselves and how oppressed they are (that's not even rooted in any truth...the woke movement has been anti-WW from the jump). This is just the beginning of the show.

Later in the show, Pete Davidson says JKR is transphobic and compares her to anti-Semite Mel Gibson

I think that sometime around 2015, SNL became full propagandists, They fired one of their longtime impersonators for someone who abuses his daughter. The person who was fired was so effected over their dropping him, he cried over losing that job.

And Pete Davidson - he made fun of a republican congressman (who was deformed because of his service in the wars), and only apologized "because he was forced to".

The unfunny fetus has also joked on SNL about replacing his fiance's birth control with candies... they eventually broke up.

IF there werent such a lack of real comedians on SNL, dave pete wouldnt even be a blip as the background cast for a skit.

There was a time when SNL wanted to hire funny comedians