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This generation is gonna be so fucked. I mean, I guess we are already seeing it with TRAs. Their sense of identity is gonna be so messed up, built in the virtual world, untethered from reality. So easily ~oppressed~.

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And it looks like this generation will have at least third of gay boys and half or more of lesbian girls less, as they would be sterelized, mutilated or mentally broken.

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Feminists lost their own movement when they came up with intersectionality, because they let feminism be co-opted by people that couldn't care less about feminism. Now feminism must be "inclusive" of "transgenders" which makes no freaking sense.

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My work has a special slack channel for women and there's a whole discussion about being more inclusive toward non-binary employees. Why does this fall on the women's slack group? Non-binary people are not women, according to them. Why does the group for women have to provide this inclusivity but not a group for men?

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Non-binary people don’t champion women’s rights, they champion rights for themselves. Women shouldn’t have to bolster selfish demands.

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"Non-binary" people are against women's rights. They demand gender discrimination, status quo and female oppression, and a special exception for themselves. Women can find more common ground with Men Going Their Own Way than genderspecials.

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Maybe that is a way forward to help with fighting the growing gender fascism of the farthest left?

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Agree, once women started breaking off into tribal groups, feminism was no more.

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To be fair, we barely fought. More of need to be braver and louder.

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Most people, including most women, are still in the very confused stage.

We've been prepped by years of entertainment and media telling us that gender specials "Just wanna pee" and then all the stunning-brave portrayals of TiMs in media, so most people THINK to themselves that they're the only one missing how a man can be a woman just by saying so, but are now too afraid of being called "transphobic" to speak out.

Once people wake up, and more and more people speak out, the Democrats are going to be in deep shit. They just lost a huge amount of political ground to the GOP in this election, to some extent because of identity politics. If the Dems don't learn their lesson, they're going to lose a lot more.

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No words just ☹

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You know when super religious people pull their kids out of sex ed (in favor of abstinence only in their case) b/c they don't agree with its teachings?? I don't have kids but if I did I would look super closely at their sex education their schools are offering and consider doing the same. Homeschool or find a class that will teach only actual sex ed and not sexism. Imagine a child being taught human biology, human history, and gender theory in the same curriculum. Bonkers.

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I fully intend to pull my kid from sex ed if this madness is still happening when he’s old enough for sex ed. This is ridiculous. Sometimes I can barely believe this is really happening.

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Watch out for "anti-bullying" classes too. Obviously trans-identifying children should not be bullied but TRA teachers will also treat this as an opportunity to teach gender ideology without the kind of scrutiny that sex-ed lessons have.

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In Washington, the curriculum starts in kindergarten. So 5 year olds, maybe even 4 year olds (because I started school early), will be brainwashed.

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In California, the gender identity indoctrination is filed under their "anti-bullying" course, so look out for that. I believe you can pull your kid from sex-ed but not from anti-bullying courses, so if you're in Cali (or somewhere with similar policies) you'll have to take it up with the teacher/principal.

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Even if you pull your own kids from the selected courses, they'll be getting the rhetoric from their brainwashed classmates anyways. There are a number of reasons why people are fleeing Cali and Wash. Now if they'd only stop voting the same way once they move elsewhere.

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There are a number of reasons why people are fleeing Cali and Wash. Now if they'd only stop voting the same way once they move elsewhere.

It's like they can't grasp the concept of "cause and effect".

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Wouldn't it be funny if the right took it to the courts over separation of church and state? Unless GD diagnosis is required which it isn't, transgenderism is a religious belief (female essence) or neurosexism (female brain in the face of neuroplasticity). Since it seems mostly supported by the religious belief element, it'd be cool if we could ban the state from teaching it as fact.

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I wouldn’t put a kid in public school if it’s woke.

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Opting out of these courses and homeschooling don't really solve the problem though. Your kids will have to interact with other kids, and who knows the misinformation that will come at recess time. Anyone remember when little girls used to mispronounce menstruation and say ministration? They're kids and will not fully understand the subject matter, and they will tell all the kids who parents took them out of these classes all the stuff they learned.

You can only protect your child so much from this, and when they force it through the education system where the majority of kids will grow up speaking gender language, your child will be an outcast. Your child will be bullied and demonized for growing up gender critical in a state in which the majority will now be gender "cynical".

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exactly, we have to be part of the society we are part of - if we are just going to exile ourselves, then we need to go become amish mormon cultist hippies or whatever, and seriously opt out. But if we are part of a society, we have a responsibility to help shape it. It isn't just something that "has an impact on" us or our kids. It is also something we have an impact on. It's as much an obligation as a right to help decide what the next generation learns and how our citizenry understands itself going forward.

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Nothing is lost. It's a defeat but the fight is not lost, damn it! Now the real fight BEGINS. Do not lose heart. Do not lose faith.

I hope people start to get together and really try their best to do the "lobbying" (ugh, hate the word and the concept but in this case I will let it fly...) with their representatives, or however you call them in the U.S. Starting from the grass root level as a bigger movement should work way better than getting one single person in the house/senate, for example. It has to be a mass of people - not just one. I must admit the U.S. voting system is absolute bonkers to many outsiders - myself included - so if I misinterpreted some very crucial points, please let me know.

Heads high! Keep fighting!

Best regards, A Person From Outside Who Also Cannot Believe Almost 50% Of The Votes Are For DONALD TRUMP*

*What the fuck?!

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There were many grassroots organizations that tried to stop this. One was called Informed Parents of Washington. They focused more on the fact that kindergartners would be getting taught sex education than anything that had to do with gender ideology. This wasn't a vote for a politician. It was about voting on a referendum.

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Don't stop the fight regardless.

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Yeah, it sucks. I don't think there was a realistic way to prevent this from happening right now, though (60% voted yes).

As always, when you disagree with the state's education, you have to supplement it with your own lessons.

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Most of that shit comes from peer to peer infection imo (new gender generation)

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Washington the same state that had that male expose himself to all those 7 year old swimmers? Wow their lobby is strong and they have a short memory

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Ref 90 was the only time that the pastor at my church has ever said anything about how to vote. Even though his reasons were likely different than ours, this is really disappointing to so many people.

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Homeschool your children and don't expose them to "woke" media.

Public schooling is over-socialization of children. It isn't healthy for them. It's like a prison where they have to do social battle every day. The stress of that for 13 years causes lasting damage.

Find a group of homeschooling moms and have your kids play together once a week. That's all the socialization they need, especially if they have siblings/cousins.

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Not everyone has the means to homeschool children. Some families will suffer under one income, and some already do if they are a single parent household. This burden always falls on the woman. You are basically proposing gender critical women all be stay at home moms. While I am sure some women may not have a problem with that, there are some women who would. And as someone who was not homeschooled and got to experience sports, clubs, proms, and other parties with my peers, I would want my children to experience the same social events.

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Not everyone has the means to homeschool children. Some families will suffer under one income, and some already do if they are a single parent household.

Yes, it's very sad. A combination of 1) women spending much more of their lives in the workforce, and 2) mass immigration, drove wages down and prices up, and now two incomes are often needed to take care of a family instead of just one. It's one of the greatest heists Big Business ever pulled off.

This burden always falls on the woman.

If one of the parents is going to stay home, it's most logical that it be the mother, because 1) the best food by far for the baby is the mother's breastmilk straight from the breast, and 2) since #1 has been true since the dawn of man, women have evolved in all ways to be more suited to caring for babies and young children and tending to the home.

as someone who was not homeschooled and got to experience sports, clubs, proms, and other parties with my peers, I would want my children to experience the same social events.

You can organize those things on your own or use already-existing private organizations. Anything that the public school system does better than you and your homeschooling network can do is far outweighed by all of the things they do worse.