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You realize that you are advocating for albeistic fascism?

The only kind of "ableism" I have no issue with

Spend hundreds of millions of dollars to test billion people to find a dozen "wrong" people and put them in prisons? This sounds very unreasonable, insane and vindicative.

Anything to know whether or not someone has a DSD

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That's what I am saying about overblown reaction and hateful albeism. Prisons for them and doctors treating them? And spend a lot of money, time, resources for no real reason, except you personally knowing that those 10 people in whole country are diagnosed 30 years earlier than they otherwise would. CAIS is not life-threatening, so there no hurry needed. Because of complete insensitivity to testosterone, they would be weaker than most other females as well. All those money and time could be rather spend on reasearching female-specific diseases and female-specific healthcare - as those are underfunded and underresearched. Even 1/10th of needed money on detecting DSD conditions in everyone would be already more than governments are spending on female health related researches.