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Eh, this wouldn't be surprising if you're a person of color. This is what white supremacists do to people of color. Teach them European languages. Does it not bother anyone that so much of the world speaks English even though England is a tiny ass country?? It's very similar to what TRAs are doing for a tiny percentage of the population. Colonizing.

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Very true. This explains why it seems everywhere considering trans people are supposedly a small portion of the population. They figured out whoever writes history is the winner. They are already rewriting history and changing dictionary definitions. Damn they evvviiilll.

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The genderists are truly some of the most sophisticated propagandists who have ever walked the face of the Earth. I find myself in awe of their stealth and their skills every single day.

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I created a fake language designed to get rid of Victorianism by combining morphologically words from only indigenous languages.

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Wow! Well done!

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This is beautiful I can't believe I've never heard of this. Bravo! Hats off to you!

Is it possible to learn this from the site alone? I'll browse more myself and may figure this out before you reply but hey it would be cool to learn some of this.

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Thanks. It's a lone work I started doing by myself a few years back. Finally some actual nahuatl indios in Mexico started helping me do it. It's not too popular amongst created languages, because I am negative to LGBT and reject European languages, as I saw how LGBT ruled Esperanto communities, so I intentionally put transgenders and such off. They banned from several language-creation groups. THey want a latin language to be the international.

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Okay, you've peaked my interest. I have some Esperanto books from way back, like I have Anne Frank's Diary and some old educational comics from the seventies. I have no involvement with any Esperanto community, however, so I had no idea about any Esperanto and the (is this a good way of phrasing it?) Pomo queer community (so like including QT+). I've never heard this before, I had no idea this was a thing. I don't hate Esperanto, but never delved into it much. I already know some Romance languages, so with a dictionary I can practically read it already. Anyway, this is really interesting. Is there a community, however small, of people who have learned Indio?

I have indigenous ancestry but it has been, well, suppressed in my family I guess is the best way to say it (my country is one of many that committed cultural genocide big time and in fact in the small town I used to live in the local Nation's language had one living speaker left, just one!). Learning more about indigenous vocabulary, even if it isn't all from where I'm from, would be nice I think.

Would you be open to having a language learning course based on Indio created on a language learning app? Sorry for inundating you with questions, haha.

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Thank you for your interest in Indio. I did make a Memrise course in Indio, but after I encountered some Nahuatl speakers who wanted to alter Indio, some of my old translations and the Memrise course became outdated. I should probably take it off Memrise. The spelling and such changed from the time period I made it. The Nahuatl speakers wanted me to get rid of the letters F and V from alphabet, because Nahuatl doesnt have them. As well, Navajo doesnt have fricatives, and many other languages like Korean lack them. Koreans turn f's into p's. So that's what I did.

I learned about Esperanto from reading library books, stalin's autobiography, then I learned it, and ordered a lot of books from Esperanto-USA website translated in Esperanto and picked through them. But the people who speak this Esperanto language are nearly always incredibly lame. Many of the speakers online learned about the language via the internet rather than personal library reading, and so they seem stupid, say dumb stuff, and support al the trendy causes like transgender. I really felt so disgusted with these people. Frankly, I can read Spanish and the availablity of books in Spanish make it much more appealing. In fact, I mostly only read Spanish books now, as English now seems extremely boring.

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I've been updating this course. I fixed the alphabet issues.

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So true. I was thinking about this as I was trying to figure out how to talk about the purported Equality Act. If we speak the truth and acknowledge people by sex, we will be accused of hatred and bigotry and our arguments will be ignored. If we concede as a matter of politeness so people will listen to us, it undermines the argument that we are trying to make. It is an impossible situation we're in.

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When I talk about the Equality Act and similar legislation, I only talk about women (and sometimes gay men) sex-based rights, sex-segregated spaces and sports.

I never mention the words "gender" "transgender," etc., I just stick to how the legislation affects women (and children because they are in some women's sex-segregated spaces).

So far, so good.

OMG - a horrible thought just hit me - girls would also have to have boys in their hospital rooms. Imagine the opportunities for abuse!

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Yup. Trans ideology and regulations that put "gender identity" ahead of sex mean girls such as my younger sister with cystic fibrosis who spent a good deal of her life in hospitals now have to share hospital rooms with male patients and can't refuse intimate (or other) care being provided by males who "identify as" female. Same goes for elderly and disabled women in nursing homes.

Similarly, girls and women who are dependent on care/assistance within our own homes from home health aides, visiting nurses and various kinds of assistants such as shoppers are being told we no longer have the right to insist or even request that the people we are dependent on and must admit into our intimate, private sphere be of the same sex.

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Just outrageous. Everyone must be told of this!

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Just to be clear, when I said "girls such as my younger sister with cystic fibrosis" I was speaking generally. My sister with CF died in 1984.

However, the circumstances I spoke of regarding girls with CF and all other reasons for being hospitalized today, and for female people who need home care and are in nursing homes as well, all hold true for 2021. There's a huge movement afoot to put pressure on infirm, disabled girls and women and elderly women to suspend all boundaries, and to depict anyone who resists as a bigot and phobe.

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I'm really sorry about your sister. I hope that you and your family have found some healing and peace.

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Thanks, BEB! That is so kind of you to say, and I do appreciate it.

Unfortunately, before my beloved younger sister died of CF at 24, my older brother died of CF in our childhood - and later on another sister died of cancer at 46. Our mother died young too.

My two remaining siblings and I have tried hard to find peace and healing, but we've discovered that these are hard to come by. On the upside, we are all very good at crisis management and gallows humor. And the humor has passed on to the next generation. At age 7 my oldest child remarked from the back seat of our minivan, "Mom, I've been wondering. How come in dad's family everyone lives till they're like 98, but in your family there's always somebody young croaking all the time?" I had to pull off the road for a moment coz this made me laugh - and cry - too hard to safely drive. "Out of the mouths of babes"...

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Then speak the truth.

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I always thought the language was a less major issue, but it’s the key to dismantling all of our rights. It scares me. Kill women’s language, and you kill any way in which we can fight the patriarchy.

All over the world throughout history, rulers, invaders, imperialists, colonizers, authoritarians, dictators, tyrannical states and missionaries have long been in the habit of prohibiting invaded, conquered, enslaved, subjugated and "inferior" peoples from speaking their own native languages and dialects - and from framing/discussing their own experiences, naming themselves, practicing their own customs, holding on to their traditions and so on. It's a pro forma part of the playbook of despotism.

Arabs, Europeans and Americans who participated in the practice of taking black Africans into captivity and enslaving them all forbade the black Africans from using their own names in their own language, from using their language to converse with other Africans who'd been enslaved, and from keeping their religious and cultural traditions. Europeans did the same to the native peoples in the Americas, Australia and New Zealand. And various Asian imperialists such as the Japanese in the mid-20th century and the Chinese today have done the exact same thing to all the peoples they've tried to conquer (including the Tibetans and Uigyhur Muslims who are being oppressed by the Chinese Communist Party at this very moment).

I personally know people from various North American native tribes/nations who attended religious and government schools in the US, Canada and Australia in the 1950s and 60s who were beaten or otherwise punished for using their native tongues.

Language has been used as a means of controlling the masses within cultures of the same race, ethnicity and heritage as well. Over the course of history in many different cultures the ruling-class elites have decreed that worship, prayers, understanding of religious texts and creeds and all "higher learning" in such fields as mathematics, astronomy and the other sciences also could not be conducted in the vernacular languages that "ordinary" people spoke - but only in the rarefied languages known and used by the small, select group at the top.

Hence, historically Roman Catholic services and sacraments, particularly the Mass, were conducted in Latin all around the world, with rare exceptions. This only changed due to radical reform by the Vatican in the 1960s, something that had a profound impact on my own life as a child who at the time was being raised Catholic and forced to go to convent school.

To get a better understanding of how key the control of people's language is to despotism, I suggest looking into the role of Latin vs vernacular European languages during the Holy Roman Empire. And to the way admission into many areas of "higher learning" in the West traditionally required literacy in Latin or Greek until relatively recently.

Also, look into why it is that when 80% of the world's Muslims today do not speak or understand Arabic, Muslims worldwide are nonetheless forced to recite all their daily prayers in Arabic - and Islam teaches that Arabic is the only legitimate language in which the Koran and Hadiths can be properly read, understood, appreciated and discussed. Millions of Muslim-raised persons around the world past and present were forced as children to show their piety by memorizing and reciting the Koran (or parts of it) in Arabic, a language they couldn't/can't understand beyond stock sayings like insh'allah.

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Destroy the culture of femininity and androcentrism that dominates our society? Sign me the fuck up!

Destroy language needed to define the physical reality of female bodies and the backwards attitudes and discrimination aimed at said bodies? No.