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Oh yes we’ve joked about the ridiculousness in lesbian spaces. How is anyone supposed to know their own sexual orientation based on their stupid rules? Who knows what lunacy everyone you’ve ever been intimidate with has bought into at some point and why should that affect how you view yourself? The effect is that everyone ends up “pansexual” whether they like it or not. Why is why I always think “spicy straight” when I hear pansexual.

That’s why I hate identity and reject sexual orientation as inherently an identity. Sure, you can identify as a lesbian, as long as you’re actually a homosexual female. Otherwise what are you possibly identifying as?

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That is very funny and insightful. Gender identity would probably one of the worst ideas ever, even without the implication for women and children's freedom.

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They revel in this logical incongruity too. In Mr. "Julia" Serano's speech "cocky" (b/c LOL creepy men never miss an opportunity to talk about their cocks), he gloats that his ex-girlfriends have now all "slept with a lesbian!" Some of these people know how ridiculous it is, but they revel in pushing it on others.

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Facebook used to offer 50 or so gender identities in the US and 70 or so in the UK.

In the US, a law, the Equality Act, is being pushed by the Democrats that would have gender identity trump biological sex, which begs the question:

What does that make "same-sex" attraction? Would that mean that only two people with the exact same gender identity can be referred to as "same-sex" attracted?

And why does the UK get extra gender identities?