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If you're in the US, and can speak or type, you could spend the day contacting US Senators regarding voting NO on the Equality Act.

Start with Republican Senators, and start with the more liberal and/or powerful and/or relatively sane ones (Murkowski, Collins, Ernst, Portman, McConnell, Scott, Thune, Blunt, Barrasso, Rubio, Cruz, Hawley, Sasse, Braun...)

Dear Senator Corrupt:

I am a liberal feminist (Democratic party supporter?) writing to ask you vote NO on the Equality Act as written. By changing the legal definition of "sex" to include the undefinable term "gender identity," the Equality Act is an attack on women's sex-based rights and the laws protecting women (and gay men) on the basis of sex.

The Equality Act will allow any man, or group of men, to self-identify as women and access spaces where women of all ages, and often children, are naked or vulnerable. This will throw open the majority of American women and children to an ever-present threat of rape and sexual assault. No female wants a male TSA screener touching her intimate areas.

The Equality Act will also destroy women's sports on every level.

By voting NO on the the Equality Act as written, you can help save the rights, the privacy, dignity and safety, and the sports of close to 170 million American women, and also our children. Please vote NO on the Equality Act.

Thank you for doing your part to save America's women and children!

Felicity Feminist

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BTW: International Women's Day is March 8th, a Monday, so if you can't write call the US Senate because you're working, call the weekend before and leave a voicemail saying NO to the Equality Act as written.

The Misogyny Act has to be stopped or we lose everything. Thank you to everyone who takes action!