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He looks like a former "male feminist" who stanned for JK Rowling before she revealed she's a tərf. That's why I don't fuck with liberal men. They are wolves in sheep's clothing.

There's already a post about the trans takeover of TwoX...

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Thank you, I hadn’t seen it yet.

I’m honestly just so fearful for my children’s future. I dread when they start school and I have to start explaining to them that what so many people think is nonsense.

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Liberal men are the biggest pervs out there. I knew one dude in uni, so obsessed with feminism it was the only subject he’d read books and watch films about. Well, he ended up asking me aggressively when we’d have sex. Get the fuck outta here.

You can see how liberal men love to defend their porn and prostitution, calling it female empowerment, defending it more vehemently and openly than their conservative counterparts, since all the religious doctrines on morality and decency are stripped from them. Conservatives tend to be more quiet on the matter, because they’re ashamed and they know jerking off in front of a screen makes you look only more pathetic and weak, as opposed to actually seducing and womanising.

Both are trash, but there’s more danger when the wolf is wearing sheep’s clothing.

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His transition: he shaved.

Is there like an Applause sign on there that signals all the others to chime in "oh you look so happy!" ??? Men in raincoats watching little girls on the playground also smile.

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Why do some guys look like they've lost their teeth when they transition?