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The Trans Lobby is cracking the whip. Erase women NOW!

I feel like women need to do some sort of "Occupy" action and camp out in DC until it makes the news. The legal erasure of half the country is being ignored.

I CLING to the hope that come early 2023, NEW people will be sworn in and overturn all of this insanity. However, Dems are also pushing their elections bill which would put an end to fair elections. It's a Woke One-Party Rule Totalitarian State. I don't think that's hyperbole.

I'd like to see Dr. Jill go into a changing room alone with this guy.

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American women, get on the phone to the Senate, call EVERY senator but start with the power Republicans and the Republican fence-sitters:

McConnell, Thune, Crapo, Ernst, Barrasso, Blunt, Murkowski, Rubio, Braun, Portman, Toomey, Collins, Scott, Sasse, Hawley, Cruz + KEEP GOING!!!


"I am a feminist (also mention Democrat or Independent if you are one) asking the Senator to please vote NO on the Equality Act because the Equality Act as written redefines the legal meaning of "sex" to include the undefinable term "gender identity."

This will erase women and gay men - more than half the US population - as distinct and coherent legal categories and also throw into limbo laws that protect women and gay men on the basis of sex.

By allowing ANY man, or any GROUP of men, into traditionally sex-segregated spaces where women and OFTEN CHILDREN are naked or vulnerable, the Equality Act will destroy the privacy, dignity and safety of around 170 million women as well as that of our children.

Finally the Equality Act is an attack on women's sports, which women fought for and which keep women mentally and physically healthy.

The Equality Act sets the rights of women back 100 years and endangers women and children so again, as a feminist (and a Democrat or Independent if you are one) I ask the Senator to vote NO on the Equality Act.