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Idk if he's AGP or HSTS , but Katy is trans. And he's really horrible to GC/radfems on Twitter. Not sure which is more insufferable between him and Morgane Oger.

Here's a kiwi farms post on him, but swap out the asterisk for an 'a'.*nny-sideshows-on-social-media.33028/page-975#post-6142867

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Thank you for telling me. I suspected he was a he, but with so many libfems promoting the Trans Agenda, I couldn't be sure.

Looking through that link is really disturbing, to put it mildly.

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And of course, "don't want to take this abuse? don't be one of THOSE feminists". Which has also snowballed endlessly to this sad point.

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Who can control men if they won't control themselves? There aren't enough "good men" in the world to prevent bad men from dominating everything. Men are apex predators.

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The good news is that dude-bro-ish Left-ish men are starting to question this shit too.

Here's some really interesting twitter exchanges between Michael Tracey, former Young Turk/ Bernie Bro and Katy Montgomerie (and others).

Tracey, and some of his followers, are not having some of the trans BS any more:

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I do not get the logical dissonance. Woman claims she feels unsafe walking home at night on the streets, you'll definitely see libfems take up the 'don't tell women to stay home, tell men not to rape' rhetoric but as soon as the bloke puts on a dress then it's 'just stay home'.

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It makes no sense - a man who exposes himself on the street is considered a pervert, but in a locker room it's A-OK.

I point this out to everyone.

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That is what confounds me. The people who were were all about the #metoo movement a few years ago think you're histrionic if you voice your fears about violence from sharing spaces with men. How can they possibly reconcile the two ideas? It's like they believe the act of putting on a dress and lipstick instantly transforms men into eunuchs.

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HE is a real dickhead so I'm guess AGP.

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Thank you. I hate it. I hate the thought that the “urinary leash” is making a comeback and there are mindless drones cheering it on. Like: People, wake up! It will affect YOU. Ugh.

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Tell people it's not just TiMs that get to come into their locker rooms, but in the US in many states, and all states if the Equality Act passes, ANY man or ANY GROUP OF MEN, can /will be able to access spaces where women and OFTEN CHILDREN are naked or otherwise vulnerable.

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If they support men in women's bathrooms, why don't they use men's bathrooms? This bill makes it all the same.

You don't have to answer that, I already know why.

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I think you're spot on. This is where we are quickly heading, and too many people are too stupid/selfish/lazy/overworked/gaslit/tired/scared to see it.