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Actions speak louder than words

Like how r/Lgbt and AL refused to go private in protest of hiring a problematic admin but closed their doors as soon as said admin was fired.

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I feel also we need a new lesbian sub

They were created many times, but they all were banned. No lesbian space for general audience is allowed on Reddit if it is not centering men.

As far as I know only subs for women of color are neither banned nor infiltrated with TiM's. I suppose it is because most TiM's are white, very racist and they are often saying that "black women are like men, so why black women are allowed in female spaces, but transwomen aren't?!".

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Is this the one mod that was actually a woman?

We had other lesbian subs that didn't have pedo problems, but they got shut down for not telling lesbians they had to date men.

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Quote from the former mod's profile: "I am a trans woman who is a lesbian. I been on hrt for a long time."

They mod r/asktransgender, r/transpassing, and r/transexual (among others)

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So just another perverted man.

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So the r/actualesbians male mod team are either paedophiles themselves or paedophile-enablers.

If you're a paedophile, apparently you'll have an ally with TRAs, as long as you self-identify as an uwu anime cat girl, or whatever male weeaboos think a woman is.

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Al is back online now and the first reason they give is to protect members from those evil doxxing t*RFS. Then further down the post they speak a little about the mod drama but nothing to do with his and his husbands disgusting behaviour! It's been really telling how most other subs went dark in protest against but Al only went dark to protect the mod.

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Are there NO true female-only subs left?

Even /r/radicalfeminists has a fucking TiM as a mod. He doesn't seem to be as bad as other TRAs, though.

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There are a bunch of porn subs that only allow female posts and have rules against trans posts.

Which really shows what the reddit admins think of women.

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