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Another reason to oppose these surgeries is that a great deal of pressure is being put on gynecologists to provide the lifelong aftercare for males' fauxlvas and fauxginas, and with this comes the insistence that gynos prescribe and monitor TIMs with their CSHs and do other such care such as performing prostate exams too. At the same time, TIFs demand that gynos to be in charge of their medical care as well, expecting specialists in female health care not only to endorse and be party to the self-harming behaviors of girls and women who reject and and want to destroy their female body parts, but also to be the ones these girls and women turn to clean up the mess when the ill-effects of taking exogenous T lead to health crises such as what Buck Angel went through.

Not coincidentally, gynecology is one of the few medical fields where the current practitioners and those still in training are predominantly female. Most women who go into ob-gynecology do so coz they want to help other women and improve health care for girls and women - and in the case of those who do ob as well as gyn, to help bring new human beings into the world and and aid women as they navigate conception, TTC, infertility, pregnancy, childbirth, new motherhood as well as miscarriages and abortion.

These female physicians did not go into their chosen field to provide health care and "validation" for mentally ill males with sexual fetishes and identity issues - in fact, many of them do not want to have to deal with males as patients ever. I personally believe that the expectation that female ob-gyns provide intimate care for these males constitutes a novel form of mass male sexual abuse of female physicians.

Similarly, most female ob-gyns did not go into their field with the idea of having to kowtow to girls and women who look down on their own sex and are so in denial and full of loathing of their own sex that they insist ob-gyns call them men, and call vaginas "front holes," clits "dicks," breastfeeding "chestfeeding" and healthy female breasts "unnatural structures" or birth defects.

Health care for bog standard women is woefully under-researched and underfunded. Specialists in female health care need to be looking at problems that affect females - endometriosis, menstrual-related problems, childbirth injuries, the high rates of childbirth deaths amongst black women, the differences female immune function that benefit women but also cause us to develop auto-immune diseases at a much higher rate than men, the many serious but under-treated health problems that women have during and after menopause because of the enormous, under-researched changes that menopause brings... and so on. Instead, tons of funding and attention in "female health care" is going to the iatrogenic conditions of "trans" males and females who are turning to medicine to help them self-harm.

Recently, a person studying for a master's degree in gynecology/women's health care said on Twitter that 20% of the course she's enrolled in is devoted to the special medical issues of TIMs, and 0% to the health issues of post-menopausal women.

This is fucked up.

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Ugh, without its accompanying faculties to function, the prostate is really just a ticking cancer time bomb, too.

And then what? Its back under the knife again, and again, and again...

That being said, the prevalence of

mentally ill males with sexual fetishes and identity issues insist ob-gyns call them men, and call vaginas "front holes," clits "dicks," breastfeeding "chestfeeding" and healthy female breasts "unnatural structures"

and other such secular blasphemous rantings have always been the prime red flag for me that this has all always had to do with SUCH a broader scope of mental illness beyond gender dysphoria.

A childhood/teenage friend of mine transitioned in his early 20s; he was constantly picked on in school, an outsider, maybe not a full-blown outcast, but it became clear to me that the commonality between his and so many other trans cases was a deep, prolonged wound to self-esteem - not unlike a narcissistic injury, but one that manifests inward and eats away at the self, as opposed to the psycho-sociopathy of the NPD, which seeks to overtly do the same to others.

In a sense, it's almost like many of these affected people seen transition as a bridge of hope to carry them out of this abyssal self-perception into a new persona, with the gender switch providing the implicit "explanation" for why they were never "worthy", "fit in", etc. - this would also explain how (but not quite why) so many are indeed lured into and desensitized to the reality of they're doing to themselves with SRS, as if the physical, external maiming is nothing compared to the internal, leading them to rationalize it as a manifestation and sort of catharsis.

In my mind, this makes for a much more rational, humanistic explanation than "I was born in the wrong body" and the other trite lines of cult programming used to counter.

On a lighter note, you learned me a new word.


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Glad to be of service. IMO iatrogenic is useful word, but an even more useful concept.

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Gender deformation surgery.

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"pre-emptive Lupron"

You know...because "puberty is a cancer" (and other raving hyperboles)

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Good post. It’s hard because ultimately men who think they’re women are out there and I would prefer for them not to have dicks if they’re in my space, it’s my last thread of compassion to these people that I don’t tell them to just go get their dicks cut off.

Lots of TIMs I’m noticing, especially the AGPs, like their genitalia and seem to really want women to like it as well. Strange that! I heard a male lesbian the other day talking about how his relationships “had the benefit of male genitalia without the confines of patriarchal masculinity” ... like what, WHAT. That’s right ladies now you can have men who are free from being men because they forgot they were actually men, like WHAT.

I don’t want to feed the trans machine, sex changes are just a lie, propagated by the media, enforced by our current social climate. But yeah SRS is the rare choice, most of them still have weenies, people forget.

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I can't imagine anyone being happy after getting "bottom surgery", having seen the results of these procedures. It's just insane. I'd rather these types of surgeries were not promoted at all. Plastic surgeons who perform these don't have a conscience.

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I've talked about the (mostly male) sports board I'm on. Well I got invited to their private chat server, used the identical handle, and everyone's like, no way. This can't be her. Your avatar is neutral so it must be fake.

I got a little pissed and just posted the first jpeg that I had at the time. It was from Jonathan Jessica Yaniv's Twitter showing his coin-slot pussy.

The room went silent. You could feel them moving away.

A day later, I replaced it with a flower and apologized to the person who invited me for doing that.

But "you can't tell...not even gynos can's exactly the same..."