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It's real. The former mods of r/GC built it. I am a mod and admin there as well.

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Ovarit is real and imo better than Saidit. More active. Fewer blatant trolls. They've got an invite system, whereas we're forced to exist surrounded by alt-right and MRA types too edgy for Reddit. Probably a bad bias for a mod to have, but having spent time on both sites, I'd rec Ovarit before Saidit.

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I think Ovarit is also more stable than Saidit.

Saidit's gone out twice within the past month. I like having this space, but I fear it disappearing altogether one day.

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thanks. i guess it is real. is there some kind of application to fill out to try to join?

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Flaps is a mod who has given out codes in the past. I have codes as well, but I don't usually give them out to users without an established post history. The invite system is to limit bad actors.

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You just need to ask someone for an invite code. If you make a post asking, someone might give you one. Idk tho, I haven't gotten one myself, just seen posts like that.

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I don't know. I like both. I do feel that people who are disappointed with Biden (Equality Act) and like some things the GOP did (like being against Equality Act and presently the most prominent defense against TRAs) should have a voice to say they feel that way when it comes to this issue.

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They let men post there.

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There are very few men, though.

And some circles are female only.

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Few is still too many on a woman’s site. They will inevitably take it over in time. I like that Ovarit exists but the OP needs to know it’s not the oasis she might be looking for.

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They don't really have a way to keep men out.

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Of course they do. Block them and delete their accounts. And they can stop inviting them to join, as I’ve seen some members do. The ones that slime their way in could get blocked upon discovery. I’m not talking about TIMs, I’m talking about men who admit they’re men openly in their posts.