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I'm kind of amazed when I see toddlers with tablets and so forth. Having a kid glued to an electronic device nonstop can't be good for them.

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Every parent should be restricting their kid's internet access, regardless of where they stand on gender ideology. If they aren't they're failing as a parent. Social media and porn are both very damaging to kids.

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God I feel bad for the parents. You don't want your child to damage their body, get wrong ideas and reject their gender which they don't understand yet and you're somehow the bad guy. Childhood is full of sexist stereotypes and gender roles brainwashed into children. Of course they're gonna think they're trans. But those kids need to grow up. Something some adults still need a lot of work on.

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in case anyone underestimates just what a cesspool twitter is:

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I think us saying they are a cult is feeling too close for comfort for them so they are trying to flip it saying we are the cult locking up our children.

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So not wanting the trans cult to give kids dangerous drugs, sterilize and mutilate your child is cult-like?

Do they want ALL children to be permanent medical patients with wrecked bodies? What is wrong with the world?! It was gone mad.