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Your title for this thread: If (questionable, faulty, and reduced to an absurd) premise, then what about this red herring?

Your first sentence in the post: Someone says something that in this sentence may or not may not be accurately represented.

Your second sentence: Something according to (edited) my your interpretation of that source can perform a specific task (a transformation into a different or more specific thing) so an even more specific transformation you propose is EXPECTED (note you are not saying possible now but expected. You've moved the goal post from talking about things that are possible to what is expected).

Your third sentence: Taking this unsupported expectation as a new premise concerning cells transforming into very specific cells, you offer a begging of the question about a wholly unrelated question that is not about cells but about coherently organized human bodies, and you then offer your unsupported expectation as a mechanism for the specific answer you pose in your begging of the question.

There is the idea of cherry picking evidence, but you are not doing that because you are just stringing together empty musings.

You also pull a bait and switch with the "everyone is" part by then throwing in the "all that's needed" part, where "all" is a very convenient assumption you expect to be accepted.

Learn about what cells are. Realize that a cell can do none of the things that a human can do, so the categories of man or woman do not apply to cells even if there are analogous aspects of the ideas or if there are correlations between specific types of cells with being a man or a woman.

Also, there is no real clarity in what you're asking because you are too busy filling your bs with faulty assumptions and bad rhetorical tricks. Are you saying a man or a woman can potentially be grown via technology and laboratory (your bad syntax, not mine) from the same stem cells? Are you equating all cells or all our cells or all your cells ("But if all cells ...") with with stem cells?

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Thank you because I did not have the patience for the inanity of this thread...

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wrong sub. you want the debate one.

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You really think this one wants to debate?

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The debate one always deletes this user's posts.

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Cause it’s a self confessed spammer who asks the same disingenuous question, just phrased slightly differently each time.

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I know. It's weird behavior and I'm admittedly fascinated by the potential motivation behind it. How long has this been going on? Were they on the reddit sub?

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I don't know about reddit, but I started browsing the debate sub on saidit about a year ago and this person was already posting their questions. Though, it's hard to tell exactly when they started doing this since this person deletes their old threads (according to them before saving the answers they got for their own use) so people don't notice it's the same person asking the same questions. As for the why of this behaviour, they have admitted they enjoy playing devil's advocate for some unknown reason. I think they just like trolling people.

Source: I tried to reason with this user for probably way too long.

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Dunno if they were on the Reddit sub but they’ve been at it for over six months at least iirc.
In a direct message to me, they admitted they were doing it because they find it funny somehow so we just kind of accept that they’re a weirdly dedicated troll.

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I already answered this guy

That does not matter to this user in the slightest. I have come to accept the likelihood that this person will keep posting the same ridiculous questions over and over again for as long as saidit exists.

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This post has been reported for breaking the "not a debate sub" rule but I am leaving it up because it got some good responses.

u/UwUness2, going forward, please don't post here if you can't follow the rules. You can always ask your questions on s/whatever or s/AskSaidit.