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I commented but deleted it. I don't know that the politics or political parties of today are really on topic here. I also think people can legitimately come to any number of views politically and different views for themselves in their own lives or for those around them, depending on how you see individual freedoms vs collective duties. Abortion debates often ignore the disregard the economy has for mothering even if you want to only differentiate mothering from parenting by breastfeeding and pregnancy. How many families had a traditional grandmother that was the glue holding the whole family together? Is that even possible anymore? Was she only oppressed and only lacked liberation-- and liberation into what? Coal mining?

I think the issues you raise are cultural and social first, and political last only after being properly ordered in the first too. Making them political first has not served anyone well. So, to hell with politics and politicians, and maybe pull them out of the fire when everything else is sorted out. They manipulate us. We do not come to the political versions of these issues, instead the political versions of these issues are served to us by manipulators and dividers manipulating and dividing us.

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I didn't vote at all in the recent VA election due to all the trans crap in this state. I was a lifelong Democrat. I'm not going to vote Republican because they're no better, but I have no energy for the Democrats anymore. No more votes or money from me.

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Absolutely not. Republicans are no friend to women's rights. On a political level, trans stuff is such a minor concern to me compared to things like climate change and health care.

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I don't know if I will vote Republican, but I definitely will not vote Democrat anymore.

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I have considered voting R, but so far I’ve not had to. That’s because for presidential elections I write in Democrats whose ideals and actions are close to my own - there are Dems who don’t buy this TRA b.s., and are open about it! And they’re also aligned with traditional Dem values when it comes to economics, healthcare, women’s rights, LGB rights, etc. Of course the main Dem party either ignores them or tries to smear them because they don’t drink the TRA kool-aid, but I think it’s worth seeking them out and supporting them.

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I would consider voting non-Democrat if a 3rd party had a good chance of winning and I wasn't splitting the ticket, but I would never vote Republican. I disagree on too many of their policies and issues to want them in power. Generally I agree with Democrat policies and values, but I would prefer more emphasis on protections for women, universal healthcare, less military spending, free education and healthcare, universal living wage, etc. Republicans don't want the same things I want and I am deeply suspicious of their olive-branch with trans stuff.

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I'll admit I'm considering voting GOP for the first time in my life over the vaccine mandates.

It's true the transgender issue is a very good wedge issue for the GOP at the moment. It's certainly necessary to repair our institutions to be resistant to this madness.....but it's less important than stuff like universal healthcare, abortion rights, prison reform or drug decriminalization.

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I walked away 20 years before Brandon Straka did.