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I never peaked trans because I never believed in gender theory. Furthermore if "gender identity" is subjective as gender theory claims, then whether someone is a man or a woman is purely an opinion, and "identifying" as something doesn't change the fact that other people don't have to agree, since gender identity is an opinion.

It's the same thing as belief in religion. The fact that someone believe in Islam or Christianity doesn't make the existence of their god a fact that can be imposed on other people just because the followers claim god exist. "gender identity" is like god, it's unfalsifiable, therefore no science.

Gender identity is, at best, a collection of sex stereotypes, why would any feminist want to accept sex stereotypes at first place? Nothing but the sex she is born with makes a woman a woman.

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I never peaked trans because I never believed in gender theory.

Same here. I peaked in the sense that I once thought the concept of transgenderism was inconsequential, and then realized how dangerous contemporary trans activism is.

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Men wanting in to women's toilets. If you really are a woman you understand this problem immediately. Extensive YouTube interviews with some of the practitioners who left GIDS or American equivalent. Mr Menno, love Mr Menno Actually no, it was looking up what terf meant, that was the beginning!

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Tumblr in action being banned from Reddit. I was losing patience and pretty much done with it all anyway, but that pushed me over the edge.

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It didn't take much. I never believed in gender ideology and didn't think that anyone else seriously did either. In high school I knew one trans-identified person, a gay man who went by a woman's name and put a lot of effort into looking feminine when he went out to clubs. No preferred pronouns, no discussion of queer theory, no using the women's restroom, no insistence even that he had been born in the wrong body, though perhaps he felt that way. That was pretty much the extent of my exposure to "trans" people until some fifteen years later when unhinged straight men started popping up on r/actuallesbians and talking about girldick and shit. I was never okay with that and when I spoke up, got banned, found my way to r/GenderCritical and learned the full horrific extent of what was going on, that was it for me.

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A combination of stuff like Riley J. Dennis, the demonization of J.K. Rowling for her diplomatic essay, mainstream gay media outlets suddenly focusing on trans and gender crap and the "Super Straight" meme where TRAs argued that not dating trans people of either sex was bigotry.

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Mostly friendships with trans people.

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I need to know more about this. I don't know any actual trans people IRL. What were those friendships like?

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Pretty much all of them have been fairly mentally unstable and have significant Cluster B traits/structural dissociation. Most are also autistic/ADHD in my experience.

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How did that go?

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Pretty dramatically, in most cases. I do have one trans friend who seems okay but the vast majority have been extremely unstable, e.g. having dissociative episodes, and engaging in a lot of unhealthy behaviour. Lots of emotionally abusive behaviours in the majority of cases, though there are some exceptions. Some trans people are fine as casual friends but then start acting out if you become closer to them, as it seems to trigger their mental illness more.

[Edit] I would also add, none of the drama is a result of my GC views, as I have never told them.

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Well you're more patient and open minded then others because where i am in live, i could never be friends with a trans-identified man or woman because I refuse to validate their delusions.

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Fair enough, most are people I knew before I peaked.

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I grew up in a very leftist family, though I was always fairly apolitical (I don't like the tribalism and groupthink of politics).

I always assumed that American 'bathroom bills' were in bad faith, because I imagined transwomen as the pop culture 'Blaire White' stereotype and assumed that they were materially different from men. And to be fair, back in the day, 'trans' implied sex reassignment surgery or the future expectation thereof and was more strictly provisioned by medical experts.

Gradually I started seeing 'trans' in the news more and more, and felt disconcerted. I chalked that feeling up to some sort of suppressed bigotry or conservatism.

I read a flowery article in the CBC about a stunning and brave transactivist named Jessica Yaniv and had a WTF moment.

Some time later I was at a restaurant with my bf and we were seated next to two very large, very masculine men in dresses, fishnets and pounds of clown makeup. When 'Zelda' disappeared to the bathroom for an inordinate amount of time, the other one (never did get a name) started trying to convince me to come to a drag show, told me all about how he couldn't find a job, ignored every social cue and generally threw up every red flag. I was starting to perceive by this point that this wasn't benign, and I was pissed off that these men were appropriating womanhood, but I also knew it was too dangerous to say anything. By the time I left I was committed to figuring out WTF was going on.

Then later Meghan Murphy's presentation at the Toronto Public Library was being heavily protested, and I wanted to understand more. I listened to discussions on the radio and read articles in the news about the event describing her as a bigot, etc, but no one was interviewing her or describing what she had said or done that constituted bigotry. I wanted to know more. I reluctantly watched a YouTube video of one of her events, expecting it to be cringey or boring, and was surprised to see women talking about the impact of policy and ideology on women's lives. I later found Meghan's interview with Heather Mason describing the situation in women's prisons in Canada, and realized that this was not merely an academic issue.

From there, I found r/GenderCritical, which felt like the only refuge from the misogyny on the rest of Reddit. The rest is history.

I felt isolated IRL for the longest time. I don't talk to most people about this. However, now gender ideology is making it's way into my workplace I've been pleasantly surprised how many people have confided in me that they're pissed off. These are people who I'm sure never thought about this stuff two years ago. Many are men. Canada is in a much worse position than the UK right now, but I suspect the tide may be turning. At least there's a critical mass of awareness that wasn't there until recently.

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Listening to transgender people. Every single one told the same story that boiled down to “I don’t like the stereotypes I was handed so my body is obviously wrong”

Also multiple people from qt leaning places insisting that I must have some sort of gender problems purely because I’m autistic/adhd and choose to not perform femininity as my culture defines it. Grown women so determined to not think critically that they’d incorrectly try to inform me about my own existence, and justify it by dismissing my insight as an autistic person.

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Yes, so much this!!

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This maybe played a part.

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So for me, it was a gradual build up. Even back when I was drinking the trans kool-aid, there was a part of me in the back of my head that felt something was off with the ideology was off, especially as a gay man who had no interest in trans-identified women/females no matter how much they "passed". But I kept it to myself because you know, that's what "they" say you have to do, don't question the ideology and just go with it if you don't want to be a hateful bigot. But then I stumbled across a Magdalen Berns video in early 2016, the one she made on that Alok guy about Nonbinary bullshit and the thing is that even though I was a TRA back in that time, I NEVER believed or bought into Nonbinary. To me that was ridiculous the notion of "not being a man or a woman", it was absolutely stupid to me, especially when the people calling themselves that just looked like butch women and effeminate presenting men. Of course later I would learn that these people were just victims of thinking gender roles/stereotypes define sex and that they believed that since they didn't have interest in conforming, that made them neither sex. So naturalyl I agreed and applauded that video Magdalen did but then I came across her video "There's no such thing as a lesbian with a penis" and I remember being very nervous to watch it because she was comitting the cardinal sin (lol) that TRAs push onto people of people not playing along with their ideology and calling it out because it's just "transphobic".

Needless to say, I watched it and felt very conflicted because on the one hand I did think the guy was being ridiculous calling himself a lesbian even though the other part of me was saying "Don't go there, you're being transphobic. But I was intrigued by Magdalen, she was the first person I had come across saying this kind of stuff and I had to hear more and long story short, the video that cracked me was her "why do you hate Transwomen" video along with that consutant teaching men how to be more feminine. Now while I was bordering the peaking thanks to Magdalen, what made me peak fully was watching more gender critical videos, namely the ones from Mancheeze the Great as well as discovering Gender Critical and ThisNeverHappens subreddit before they got taken down. Also learning about John Money, the creep/groomer who was responsible for gender ideology to begin with.

I was appalled and disgusted at the misogyny hurled at women fro ma lot of the TIMs as well as when I saw how some were trying to push feminine gay men and masculine lesbians transition, they even tried to get at me saying I was "trans in denial" because of how I choose to present myself and my admitted, frustrated venting of my difficult dating life in the gay world.

The thing that made me become outspoken about my stance against trans ideology was the Maya Forstarter case and JK Rowling in 2019 who came out in support of her. The amount of hate and lies being spread about them in my own social circles annoyed me so much that I couldn't take it anymore and came out in support of them and I finally came out saying what I truly felt about trans ideology.

So yeah, technically I peaked in mid-late 2016 but kept quiet about my views until 2019 lol.

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Never 'peaked' b/c I always viewed it as nutty, but it was confined to its boundaries so I didn't think much of it or harbor any ill feelings towards the people or the ideology. Now that it has turned into what it has with the brainwashing of kids, social media contagion of teens and young adults and a relentless assault on everything they do not like, they can go fuck right off.

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I posted my answer to Ovarit so I'll put it here too. There's a few things that peaked me, so I'll put the most impactful ones here.

  1. Like most others, I wasn't bothered about transgenders, I even knew a TIM at university, and helped him get his name changed on the system before he started, so that no one would know his real name. I made a big effort to support this guy as he was clearly mentally unstable. Fast forward a few years when I'd graduated and moved to a new area, I was using dating apps to find potential partners and I was constantly getting 'superliked' by TiMs, and being a lesbian I was not interested, so I specified that in my bio, to save me from having to see TiMs popping up on my phone, and to save them from wasting their superlike on someone who's not interested. Immediately I was getting hateful messages from other women on the apps, calling me 'transphobic' for specifying female only. So I took to social media to ask my friends "is this transphobic? it seems homophobic to claim that it's transphobic", my friends on there at the time were on my side because I can't change my sexual orientation, it's not a choice. I'm homosexual. That TiM I mentioned from my university popped up in my private messages wanting to talk about 'the elephant in the room', and sent me the videos of the TiM youtuber called Riley, who was basically being woke-homophobic. Comparing not dating trans women to not dating disabled people or people of other races. I found this a disgusting claim to make, and I told him he was being homophobic, and in the end I had to block him because he wouldn't stop harassing me about it.

  2. I wanted to make an online community for women in my line of work (I work in tech and it's dominated by men), and when I was creating there was a huge deal made about "oh what about gender minorities?", and I was pushed into accommodating them so as to not have my reputation ruined. So I allowed it, the server was aimed at women, but also open to the LGBTQ community. The vast majority of people who joined were women, so I was mostly happy. However I noticed some people talking about JK Rowling being transphobic, and so I decided to search for the offending tweets, and couldn't find any. I had to have someone point them out to me, and I was absolutely shocked because she had said nothing transphobic, and I agreed with everything she said. To this day I still don't understand why people got so upset with her.

  3. Being an online gamer, I'd met many people in games that told me that they were also female and lesbians (over text chat), and they'd flirt with me and I might flirt back, and eventually I'd discover their lie, they'd come out to me as trans and try to play the victim after they'd been catfishing. I've lost count at how many have done this. I simply don't trust anyone online anymore without hearing their voice.

  4. On international lesbian day I decided to make a facebook post about the fact that lesbian/bi spaces were being taken over by the trans community, how women's spaces in general were being shut down unless they included TiMs, and I shared my personal experiences on the woke homophobia I've been a victim to in the last few years. Very quickly I'd had responses calling me a transphobe/TERF and how one of them (an ex of mine too) had been so disappointed after my first post about the dating scene and how I was not attracted to TiMs, she was utterly disgusting to me. I took the post down and blocked one of them.

  5. The Olympics and that large male weight lifter competing against females. I made another Facebook post this time about women's sport, and how biology makes this an unfair game if males are to compete with females. This post caused me to lose 200 contacts and countless friends who I'd known for years, some of them I was very close with. They dropped me in a second, and wrote disgusting things to me. I continued to receive hate messages months after from various people from my university. This changed me. It's not a nice experience to be hounded and vilified. They pushed me so far and created the biggest TERF in the process. I'm fucking proud to stand against idiots who would deny physical reality, biology, and those who seek to destroy women's sex based rights.

I'd better finish this post with something positive. I created a Discord server last year during the SuperStraight movement, I made a server for gender critical lesbians and bisexual women. This server has grown to 200+ members and I've spoken to so many interesting people when vetting for membership, and I've made some life long friends. The space has been a big deal for me, it's helped me get through a lot of the hardship, and I know it's done a lot for the others who are in it. We need more spaces and it's up to us to create them and protect them. (P.S. if anyone was interested in my server DM me for details :))

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realize that all of the parts of the ideology are flawed and come to harm people. things like, "if genitals have nothing to do with gender why do you want to change your genitals to fit your gender?". also realized how much trans "women" acted like violent incel men. in fact, many of them were incels before they became trans.