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Ovarit and even Saidit very much get right-wing at times. Not everyone, of course, but enough users to make me pause and go "...seriously?"

I've gotten flack and downvotes on Ovarit for saying I can't fathom voting Republican (US).

Anyway, be yourself, GNC women are awesome.

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But all the top-rated comments on that thread totally agree with you!

I don't know what to make of this being up voted by 10 in under an hour, on a site that comparatively is no reddit when it comes to traffic. Granted, some may have not read the linked article in full, as I did. Suffice it to say, the article strays far from what I have come to understand is what the majority of gc and radical

Upvoting of a thread sharing an article doesn't necessarily mean agreement with the views in the article. Upvoting indicates the level of interest amongst site users who've seen it, not endorsement of the views.

The number of upvotes in an hour also indicates the number of users logged on during that particular time frame, not the collective views of all users of the site who log on in the course of a week...

I'm struggling to see any reason someone would want to promote this on a supposedly radical leaning feminist site.

I think a core issue here is that you are confusing posting an article with promoting the views in that article. Another issue is that Ovarit is a site for and focused on women, but it doesn't require everyone to be "radical leaning feminist."

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In my years posting articles on Reddit, I often posted articles I disagreed with because they were relevant and had new information or a different perspective on a topic, and upvoted for the same reason. And a lot of people either dont read the articles or only skim them. When there had been a lot of news in the old gendercritical subreddit at a time and I was too busy to read all the articles, I would skim the atricles and vote without commenting or make short comments in reply to general ideas in other people's comments.

And when concerned a child might be put onto the gender medicine treadmill, even someone who supports gnc can feel relief if their child changes in a way that makes them less of a target. Very gnc myself, I would feel conflicted if a young relative was as gnc as me because she would be at such high risk. I would try to be very supportive and educate her that being a girl is just biology and that her behaviors and interests are completely compatible with being female, but I know how strong peer influences are and would be somewhat relieved to see her embrace a more feminine style, hoping transition would be less appealing to her now. She wouldn't be immune of course. But the risk would be lower.

Similarly, when I used to see another gnc woman, I felt a sense of commaraderie, a positive recognition. Now, I feel stomach churning because there is a good chance she wants me to call her he or they and assumes by my appearance that I will not only enthusiastically play along but typically assume I have the same preference and call me they unless I say otherwise or outright ask for my pronouns. And the sane ones are usually timid and call me they or avoid pronouns until I tell them it's okay, unless we are at a sci fi confention I prefer to speak reality-based language. I used to expect to catch hell for that from the gendertologists but half the time they dont seem to get what I'm referring to.