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I have seen what you're saying and I think I have an explanation for this. Obvious reason is that many of these TRAs are huge geeks (I don't mean this in a bad way, I'm a geek myself lol). This trans bullshit has infected geek fandom/culture (gaming & anime especiallly)and I'd say it's where you'll see the trans crap the most.

Now if we're talking about the TRAs who are actually trans-identified? My suspicion is that a lot of these TIMs see themselves as these anime characters. I feel like this has become much of a thing ever since mainstream gaming has went online and in the wake of avatar culture where you're able to create your own character. The most common example being Final Fantasy 14 where you see a large sizeable population of these TIMs. But aside from that, you also have the TRA TIMs who just simply latch onto their favorite female character and want so badly to be them which is what makes them fall into the delusion of thinking they can become them.

But that's just my own theory of course.

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I get seeing yourself in anime characters, but seriously, I see myself in anime and gaming characters all of the time, but I goddamn know that I'm not them. I just badly want to be like them or I relate them in a very unique way that I haven't been able to relate to another character before (e.g. similar nature in family relationships, housing).

Also, for a while, I was surprised that males want to be female characters, I thought they'd want to be the male characters because they tend to be more 'active' or 'stronger'. Maybe they "feel" (i.e. imagine) the pressure to be a "masculine" male too much.

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That's a fair point and to ad to the TIMs who want to be anime characters, I think part of it also has to do with fetishizing the character if the TIM in question is straight or bisexual. They want to skinwalk the character and be sexual.

And funny enough I tended to relate female characters a lot more than male characters growing up. In Pokemon I liked Misty. In Digimon I liked Sora. In X-Men I liked Rogue and so on. Though I think it's mainly because a lot of male characters just didn't have personalities I related with compared to female characters. Like the closest male character example I could relate to was Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh (the good guy, not evil bakura lol) and Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho lol.

And I'm sure that some guys do feel like they have to be a masculine man by peer pressure (from other men). I think this is what can explain when some ex-military men come out as TIMs and do a 180 on their life.

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The live in a fantasy world. A real picture of themselves would disrupt the illusion.

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Autism and the fact that the vast majority are either proudly or helplessly non-passing (but don't want to advertise this fact for fear of being ridiculed).